$1 Korean pot stickers, 1 cent of Greenland Cod, 75% off Hong Kong-style noodles!Realize the freedom of sticky rice chicken, custard buns, and shrimp dumplings at home in Los Angeles

After the epidemic started,
It’s been a long time since I had morning tea...
I miss the aunt pushing the trolley,
Wherever I go, there is the warm fragrance of dim sum.
I miss the refreshment that was just baked,
Steaming steamingly.

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I tried the take-out morning tea, but when I delivered it to my home, I had already lost the hot and soft mouth that was just baked, and the warm refreshments felt like they lost their souls.

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Luckily I found Weee,
Rice rolls, glutinous rice chicken, custard buns, shrimp dumplings...
Steam it at home, or heat it in the microwave,
It tastes exactly the same as the morning tea shop

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and also75% off for morning tea and BOGO discount!
Now you can buy value for only $1$3.49 
1 pound SURASANG Kimchi Pot Stickers

Still$0.01 exchangeGreenland Cod with fresh eyebrows!

What are you waiting for?
Let's take a look at how this wool is gathered together?

75% off Hong Kong morning tea

Doll dim sum shrimp rice rolls,Outer skinSoft elastic, Accompanied by a touch of rice fragrance.There are large fresh shrimps wrapped in it,Full and fresh.Served with the soy sauce bag that comes with it, straight up the freshness of the eyebrows.

The doll dim sum pearl sticky rice chicken, the mini version of sticky rice chicken, is especially suitable for one person.The glutinous rice is soft, sticky and fragrant, accompanied by bursts of lotus leaf aroma.

Guangzhou restaurant custard bag, the chubby white fat man is very cute.The outer layer is very soft and has a slight sweet milky fragrance.Gently bite it open, and the golden custard will flow down, and the fragrant fragrant will be full.

Guangzhou Restaurant Likoufu Xiaohuamun is a bite of soft and cute ~ rich and creamy, with a hint of tenacity in the fluffy taste, and a touch of wheat scent lingering on the tip of the tongue.

There is also Guangzhou Restaurant Likoufu Bean Paste Buns that are soft and delicate, with a strong bean flavor~

Fluffy milky bombs, small milk buns with Likoufu~

(Picture from Weee official website posted list)

Fresh to the tip of the eyebrows, bouncy and tender doll dim sum shrimp dumplings and shrimp wontons~

There are more and more pastry dim sum,
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New products are coming

In addition to authentic Hong Kong-style morning tea, Weee also brings you many new products~

Jinle sweet taro steamed buns, taro lovers can't miss it!The fragrant and soft skin is wrapped in thick and thick taro mud, and one bite is like eating taro mud in an empty mouth~

ORANGE mini cream puffs, the crispy outer skin contains rich and silky fresh milk filling, which will burst in one bite~

Eat it after freezing, the flowing fresh milk filling solidifies into ice cream, the outer skin is still soft and scum, the inside is delicate and thick, and the ice is cool and sweet~

Zhiweiguan Xuemei Niang Red Bean Egg Yolk Pastry is wrapped in bean paste by Xue Mei Niang, and then wrapped in a large Gaoyou large egg yolk. Layers of deliciousness are blended together and hidden in the golden oily pastry.

The puff pastry has a light milky aroma, the bean paste is dense and sweet, and the egg yolk is a fat bomb. The soft and glutinous Xue Meiniang is a finishing touch~ the layers are distinct, and the lips and teeth are scented.

The gorgeous Nagasaki stewed cakes are baked on top and steamed at the bottom to make the cakes light and soft.Take a bite, and the tender cake melts in your mouth, like eating a cloud of milky fragrance~

There are more and more delicious baked goods,
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Just watched the HD Qing Ya episode on Netflix,I knocked Zhao Youting’s face once again, the world’s best French nougat sugar village nougat,ExactlyThe designated wedding candy for Zhao Youting's Gao Yuanyuan wedding!There are now7% off special priceOh!

Select imported high-quality raw materials, strictly useNormandy milk imported from FranceMade of natural cream, with plump and crispyCalifornia Almonds, And fragrant and deliciousNew Zealand milk powder.Every nougat hasNo additives, Let the mouth fall in love with this taste.

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Of coursePineapple Cake from the Hot Hills~Selected from French butter and Taiwan native pineapple, it has a rich flavor and a combination of sweet and sour.

You can smell a faint roasting scent when you open the bag.The milk is full of fragrant, the filling is smooth and sweet, not to be fussy.The thickness of the outer skin is moderate, and the ratio of inset and outer skin is perfect, which is absolutely affordableHermes of pineapple cake, The classic taste, you can never go wrong.

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A glass of bayberry juice is best in the hot summer. Weee brought Yangbaili concentrated bayberry juice. A bottle of bayberry juice requires ten catties of bayberry.Drinking on ice is an artifact to relieve heat and heat.

What's more cooling and thirst quenching than drinking coconut milk while holding fresh coconut?It's a pity that the outer skin of the coconut is too hard to open after buying it.

IQ Coco invented the fresh and easy-opening coconut greens in response to the characteristics of coconuts that were difficult to open and drink in the past. Just use the included coconut opening key to align the circled coconut eye position on the package, and you can enjoy it immediately Sweet coconut milk.In summer, blowing the air conditioner at home, drinking with coconuts, watching TV and chasing dramas, what could be happier than this?

(Picture from Weee official website posted list)

And more drinks,
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Speaking of chasing drama, how can there be no snacks on hand?The gorgeous phoenix roll can smell the rich custard aroma when you open it.With a click in the mouth, it's very crisp, very crisp, and very fragrant!

More new products, all inwww.sayweee.com~
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Weee! Los Angeles restaurant hot delivery service has expanded its territory, and your favorite Los Angeles hot restaurants are available.

Happy friends who live in Irvine, torrance, santa monica, yorba linda, chino chino hills ranch eastvale and other cities.Deliver food to home from Monday to Sunday seven days a week. No handling fees, no service fees!

Friends who live in Los Angeles are no strangers to Hao Kee’s private kitchen. Hao Kee Roasted Duck-said to be the best duck king in LA, grilled duck in the open oven, Royal Chicken and other specialties. Now there is a 9% discount on ordering.

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Every day there are wool stalks,
Lying at home being fed,
The life of a happy home depends on Weee~

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