This may be the best salted egg yolk fish skin I have ever tasted!

Salted Egg Yolk WindIt’s probably not less than a year,
The proprietress used the egg yolk to control, from the egg yolk crisp
Salted egg yolk crisps/cooked rice are all essentials at home 

Several online celebrities in SingaporeSalted egg yolk potato chips are all delicious
But arrivedThere is a gap in the fish skin
The salted egg yolk fish skin has not been delicious.

Even Xiaohongshu is often called
Costco on saleOf salted egg yolk fish skin,
I also think it’s a bit unsatisfactory,
FishyMore obvious than Singapore

Some people in the small team find it delicious
Some people like me think the fishy smell is too strong and the egg yolk is not fragrant
Different taste
Maybe it’s the Southeast Asian flavor that I’m not blessed with...
I slapped my face as I said,Recently, there was a new brand,
Finally let meUnlocked the deliciousness of salted egg yolk fish skin

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chYum salted egg yolk fish skin

FoodieTasting spirit, Did not expect too much
结果chYumThis bag of fish skin is really my first time
Can't stop eatingSalted egg yolk fish skin.

Crisp and crisp, just the right thickness;
The salty and sweet flavors complement each other, withSlightly spicy.
Fully mobilize the taste buds around the mouth.
The fish skin is wrapped with salted egg yolk,
Tangy, Salty and fragrant,
However, the thin layer isJust right.

You can taste the faint fragrance of fish skin,Not fishy;
You can taste the burst from the oceanfreshsweet.

The key is to produce a specialUnique fragrance.
It's definitely not as simple as salted egg yolk + fried fish skin
in factThe essence of salted egg yolk fish skin.
The common spices in Southeast Asia——Curry leaves.

In India, actuallyCurry is a general term for spices.
The red and yellow curry stew that we imagined in our minds,
I just used the curry seasoningtip of the iceberg.
Image source ILifePost

Curry leaves are one of so many spices.
It has a unique fragrance and smell of citrus,
A bit like star anise, a bit like lemongrass;
In Southeast Asian recipes, fried rice with curry leaves, baked shrimp,
That stockSpecial and not overbearingThe fragrance will always make people move their index fingers.
Image source, etc.

Curry leafFragrance of vegetation
Perfect neutralizationThe thick and greasy salted egg yolk.


Compared with several other brands,chYumThe seasoning is actuallyMore lightIn contrast, the flavor of other brands of spices can be said to be twice that of chYum, but it still can’t conceal the fragrance of the sea that comes with fish skin.Fishy.

So my personal opinion,chYum is more suitable for the delicate taste of the Chinese.如果你和我一样,并没有从市面上其他的咸蛋黄鱼皮获得过快落,我会If you are like me and have not gotten too fast from other salted egg yolk skins on the market, I willrecommendYou have a try.

And it’s salted egg yolk skinDeep LoversFriendschYumThisWorth having onceopportunity.However, personal tastes are different, so the proprietress’s opinions are for reference only.(Your editor A Chu whispered: The lady boss is good at eating, you can trust her!)
If you want to give it a try,
The canteen is on sale now

Poke the two-dimensional code exactly the fairy salted egg yolk fish skin

About the chYum brand

One inSan FranciscoNewly established emerging brands,
Co-developed by three Asian founders.

Most fish skin ingredients on the market are from salmon.
chYumUse isBetter quality cod skin.
Cod skinMore collagen content.
Free of MSG and glutenAnd other additions, no burden on health.

Before and after the team spent 2time,
CorrectHundreds of peopleTaste tested
Some of them have never eaten salted egg yolk fish skin
Some people have been accustomed to eating this kind of snack since childhood
It can be said that during the development processTakes into account a variety of flavors

And the teammates who have in-depth knowledge of Singaporean cuisine
Successfully balanced the United StatesLocal taste and raw material supply
While retaining the salted egg yolk and fish skinNanyang Essence

Although there are no large-scale advertisements,Good taste and good quality.
Word of mouth has been passed on from ten to ten,
Many diners have become theirdiehard fans.

Poke the two-dimensional code exactly the fairy salted egg yolk fish skin


Taiwan Dajiashi Taro Cake

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Receive a box of Taiwan Dajiashi Taro Liuxin Cake by the way!

The puff pastry is soft and creamy
InvaginatedTaro sticks and sticks.
The egg yolk is oily and has a light salty fragrance,
Take a sip,Rich tasteI'm absolutely satisfied

Natural flow at room temperature after biting
The taro mash is solid, dense and sweet

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