Xishan red leaves are good, and the dew is thick and thick—California Autumn Viewing Guide

Xishan red leaves are good, and the dew is thick and thick—California Autumn Viewing Guide

In the autumn of October, I may think of the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain, and I am sighing in California, which is like spring in all seasons.The autumn sky in the sky is nine, and the Yingying Maple is as bright as a rainbow, Then you can underestimate this livable place in California. Maple viewing is not a privilege in the east. From the small town of California, a few hours' drive to the mountain lake, there are still intoxicating autumn colors open to you. Whether you are with your family, friends, or close loved ones, whether you want to enjoy the autumn scenery, or just want to find a place to climb the hair dryer, the team will try to satisfy you. Stunning red leaves, looking for autumn by the lake, this "California Autumn Viewing Guide" is worth having.

【Northern California】

1. Napa valley

Autumn leaves time: mid-October to early November

The most beautiful place: winery

As one of the most authentic colors in California, autumn red is a beautiful scenery that you cannot miss when passing by. When the winery began to harvest grapes, the green leaves quietly changed from the background of flowers to the protagonist of the beautiful scenery. When strolling to the winery, stop and taste the precious wine. The mellow red wine is in the mouth, the red leaves dancing in the wind, and the light redness on the cheeks.

In Napa, you can visit Sterling vineyards and take a tram to watch the red leaves of the winery. Take a look at the golden vines, have a meal in French Laundry, or visit nearby well-known wineries such as Smith-Madrone and Silverado. If conditions permit, stay at the winery for one night at night and have a glass of red wine with a beautiful food. A full weekend is planned. At the winery, you can enjoy the red leaves. Of course, the tree type is not as good as the nearby Yosemite or East Sierra. However, the accommodation is comfortable and there are Michelin-star restaurants for you to enjoy.

Squad's Napa Gourmet Guide PokeHere.
Accommodation can refer to:http://napavalley.com/lodging/

2. South Lake Tahoe

Autumn leaves time: mid-October to early November

Best Leaf Spot: Fallen Leaf Lake

Lake Tahoe, north of Yosemite, is the largest alpine lake in the United States, and its charming lakes and mountains have made it a famous wedding venue. Autumn is getting stronger, and Lake Tahoe's southern section of water on this side of California is the best place to see the red leaves. According to the experience of previous years, Lake Tahoe has many visitors after the fall, and Fallen Leaf Lake, which is less than 2mile from the southern end of Lake Tahoe, is a good choice to avoid the crowd.

It's also quite close to Taylor Creek. You can see all kinds of small fish with red leaves on the walking path beside the stream! At the southern end of Fallen Leaf Lake, there is a small waterfall called Glen Alpine Falls.

Taylor Creek Visitor Center, Visitor Center Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Camping base camp: Fallen Leaf Campground (opens from May to October every year, this year only opens until October 5th, I want to hurry up!)
Details are on the official website → Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

3. Alpine County

Autumn leaves time: mid-October to early November

Best place to enjoy leaves: Hope Valley


In Alpine County, south of South Lake Tahoe, the county is famous for its red leaves (the official website also provides intimateAutumn leaves ornamental map). The most famous is the Hope Valley in Alpine County (listening to the name is hopeful and I want to go there).

In Hope Valley, one of the Red Lake Creek is an attraction with a high rate of photographers. Now the red leaves in Hope Valley are nearing their peak. If you want to see the red leaves, let's go.

Camping: Hope Valley Campground
For more questions and information, please call (530) 694-2629 or email info@hopevalleyresort.com
Address: Markleeville, CA 96120

The other is Sagehen Summit, Mono County:

【Reminder】Now entering October, many state parks and camping sites will soon be closed, but do n’t be sad, because almost all of the red-leaved forests on the slopes and yellow roads can be seen along Alpine Coutny along Highways 10 and 88 The beautiful North American poplar trees and black oak trees are hidden in it.

[Central California]

4. Rock Creek Canyon

Autumn leaves time: early October to early November

Recommended Maple Spots: Trails

Rock Creek in Rock Creek Canyon is a great place for a modern escape. Hidden in the mountains of Rock Creek, there are many fun activities for family members, such as mountain climbing, fishing, camping and so on. Climb up the Little Lakes Trail. You will find many small and large lakes along the way. The surrounding environment is constantly changing. Walking towards the mountains, the season around you is slowly changing from summer to autumn. The luxuriant branches and leaves turned into ardent red leaves.

If you don't want to walk, you can actually see Rock Creek Lake when you park your car. If you are interested in hiking, a few trails up to 10 miles will make you a fulfilling and fun day. If camping and carrying food, equip a bear box. Bear boxes can be rented at the National Forest Information Center (here is Inyo National Forest).

If you are interested in camping, please call the park : 877-444-6777 or Recreation.gov.

【Reminder】Everyone who goes there should be careful. Because the mountain is high in altitude, the weather is changeable, and people with strong altitude sickness should be prepared. It is recommended that students who are prepared to bring thick clothes and first aid kits.

5.Twin Lakes

Autumn leaves time: generally from mid-October to mid-November

Address: 10316 Twin Lakes Road, Bridgeport, CA 93517

Twin Lakes is 11 miles southwest of Bridgeport, California. It is the first lake encountered when entering the Lake Basin and has the lowest elevation. The four seasons at Twin Lakes are fascinating. There are fireworks in the mountains in spring, which is a good season for fishing. In summer, you can hike with lake views, swim in the lake, row boats and catch fish. Autumn is naturally looking at red leaves. In particular, the red leaves of Twin Lakes are not maple leaves, but are poplars (Aspens).

The colored leaves of Twin Lakes are not very stable every year, usually in mid-October, please go before travelCalifornia Fall ColorWebsite confirm it. It was good to see it at the end of October last year. Twin Lakes Resorts runs from the last week of April to November 10 each year. There are cabins and RV Park can book accommodation.

For information on the cabins, please pokeTwin Lakes ResortsIn addition to online bookings, reservations can be made by calling 9 am-5pm seven days a week: (877) 932-7751. The scenery here is good. Some people live in the cabin and have deer to feed in the morning (the deers are smart and lazy, knowing that the potato chips brought by tourists are much better than hay).

6. Mono Lake

Picture fromdigital-images.net

Autumn leaves time: usually in the 10nd and 2rd weeks of October

Address: 51365 Highway 395 Lee Vining, CA 9354

Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes in North America, 13 miles away from the east gate of Yosemite National Park in the Lake District northeast of California. Mono Lake is a salt water lake. Its salinity is twice that of ordinary seawater. Chimney deposits formed by calcification in the lake area are very special.

Mono Lake is rich in bird resources, and bird watching is also one of the most distinctive activities. In addition, hiking, hiking, boating and watching the sunset (South Mono Lake) are also reference activities for vacations in Mono Lake. Mono Lake recently surprised his friends in the Kuju Bay Area, see[Meeting California in Mono Lake].

Mono Lake area is suitable for viewing autumn leaves, it is recommended to go before travelMono Lake official websiteOrCalifornia Fall ColorWebsite confirmation. Lee Vining is the closest town to the Lake District, with around ten accommodation options. Details please poke Lee Vining website  .

[Southern California]

7. Big Bear

Autumn leaves time: Mid-October to early November, the second week of October is the most beautiful

Recommended Maple Spot: Aspen Grove

Big Bear has always been a god-like being in Nanjia, with snow in winter and red leaves in autumn. Big Bear Lake is in the San Bernadino Forest. There are evergreen and deciduous trees in the forest. From autumn to autumn, the leaves of the mountains and mountains are mottled from green to red, and they look colorful at a glance.

The most beautiful Aspen Grove here is a little east of Big Bear. Get off the Heart Bar Campground on Highway 38 and drive along Forest Service Road. You can start enjoying the red leaves almost as soon as you walk into Aspen Grove. For photography enthusiasts, please do n’t hesitate to take out your camera phone!

Best routes around Big Bear Lake: Mill Creek Road, The Pine Knot Trail and Castle Rock Trail
Accommodation please pokeHereAnd one more useful2014 Big Bear Lake Tour Guide

8. Mount Laguna

Autumn leaves time: Late October to early November

Best leaf viewing route: Sunset Trail(4 miles), Noble Canyon National Scenic Trail(10 miles)

Mt. Laguna is a mountain range in San Diego that stretches to the Arizona border. The mountains are dominated by pines and oaks, so it's really lively in autumn.Usually here is a frequent place for hiking and mountain enthusiasts. The routes listed here are best for autumn leaves, but there are many more interesting routes in Mt. Laguna. You can ride or ride. For more route information, please pokeHere


Laguna Mountain Lodge & Store

10678 Sunrise Highway, Mt. Laguna, CA 91948
Phone (619) 473-8533

Pine House Caf and Tavern

9849 Sunrise Highway, Mt. Laguna, CA 91948
Phone (619) 473-8857

Blue Jay Lodge

Located on Sunrise Highway

People are not as good as the sky, and the power of nature cannot be underestimated. Even the viewing guides provided by the official website are predictions.

As for when is the most beautiful and where is the best, it all depends on the mood ~

And send the latest California Autumn Report this year:


Finally, the team wishes everyone a happy holiday and a happy family. Take this guide to enjoy the autumn scenery ~

CHIHUOOriginal, pictures from the Internet, please contact info@chihuo.org for reprinting]

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