Sharetea, which made my way to fans, went public, and a milk tea stock?

In the United States, as long as you love milk tea, even if you have never ordered Sharetea, you must have seen a Sharetea store or signboard.

When I passed by, I felt that this was one of thousands of milk tea shops, unremarkable and high-end.

But who would have thought that in mid-January this year, the parent company of the Sharetea rest pavilion was officially listed, anditsConfidence expects to have 131 stores in the U.S. in the first quarter.As of the end of last year,Sharetea has 355 stores worldwide.

Before we start talking about Sharetea, let's talk about how I became a fan of it.

Of course, I also have my favorite milk tea shops, including chain stores and independent stores, but there is always a regret that it is rare to buy reliable milk tea without fresh milk ingredients.

Lactose intolerant patientsThe pain and helplessness of wanting to drink but not being able to drink can only be experienced by people of the same physique.

But Sharetea can do it for me, for example Okinawa milk tea (Brown Sugar Zhen Milk) usesnon-dairy creamers, taro fresh milk can also be replaced with almond milk and coconut milk.

Don’t underestimate such a simple replacement. In a dairy free audience like the United States, if you can drink milk tea without milk, it is equivalent to doubling the niche market.

In addition, most of the time, the production has been stable, so it can be said: Sharetea is not necessarily the best drink, but it is the best to adapt to the habits of North America, so as to capture the hearts of local customers.

This may explain why it can be listed.

A Brief History of Sharetea's Overseas Expeditions

In 1992, Sharetea was still a small tea stall on Nanyang Street in Taipei, but it was also the first milk tea shop to enter the market with take-away bubble tea and bubble tea.

Subsequently, Sharetea began to slogan, with the concept of "simple sharing, happiness extension", jumped out of the business model of the traditional tea industry, and also attractedelectronic technologyto manage the product and successfully expand itself into a transnational tea drink of Taiwanese bubble tea.

Now, Sharetea is blooming everywhere overseas, and its milk tea is available in 15 countries and 50 cities.The United States is its main revenue battlefield.

21 states, 124 stores, Sharetea used these numbers to establish itself as the largest Taiwanese hand-cranked tea brand in the United States.If no one knows the US market better than Sharetea, there should be no objection. It is expected that there will be more in the US this year.40 branchesopen.

Able to understand the huge cultural differences and take the time to understand the US market in depth, Sharetea has succeeded in realizing the ideal of "the world is so big, I want to see it".

The unit price is more expensive than Starbucks.

How to do it to occupy the US market?

As we all know, in the United States, many milk teas started in Chinatown, mainly sold to Chinese and Asian customers who are familiar with milk tea and fruit tea.But don’t forget, Americans are actually more willing to spend and build brand loyalty.

When Sharetea came to the United States, it specially adoptedsingle store franchisemodel, exclusively for local U.S. customers.The advantage of this model is that the income is direct, it does not need to go through an agent, and it can receive immediate feedback from the market.

Another good time for Sharetea to catch up is that milk tea is gradually overtaking carbonated beverages.At present, more than 70% of the store owners are not Chinese, and half of the market consumers are Americans and locals.

Even if it is going to be listed,

Sharetea remains ambitious

Although the listing is imminent, Sharetea has not stopped its expansion in the United States. In addition to continuing to increase the number of stores in the United States, it is also actively engaging with oil giants.Kuwaitcontract, attackMore gold and high gross profitmarket.

That is to say, perhaps after the midsummer this year, the Kuwaiti people can also enjoy the first cup of milk tea in autumn.

European and Asian countries are also within the development map of Sharetea.Especially in Southeast Asia, which is closer to Taiwan's eating habits, imagine how harmonious it will be when trendy drinks such as Mango Mojito and QQ Family Milk Tea spread all over the streets of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Even during the two years of the epidemic, Sharetea could not stop making money. The revenue in the first nine months of 2021 reached US$9 million, a year-on-year increase of 2220%, of which the market revenue of the United States and Canada accounted for the total revenue. 31%.

The record of Asian milk tea can be said to be very brilliant so far.The global market for hand-cranked tea is still very large. When it goes public, will it be okay to buy this milk tea stock?

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