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Mother's Day is coming soon. How can I prepare a surprise for my mother in the days at home?


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The team carefully selected and helped everyone count the restaurants that will provide delivery or roadside food on Mother’s Day in Toronto this year.Limited time packageSummary.

The house still frees hands and eats a big meal!

Homestay eats delicious world

Free Times Cafe

320 College Street, Toronto M5T 1S3

Reservation phone: 416-967-1078

Restaurant official website: https://www.freetimescafe.com/

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As a petty-bourgeois restaurant that has been in Toronto's Downtown for 39 years, Free Times Cafe focuses onJewish,middle East,andCanadaGourmet.

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To celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, Free Times Cafe will launch for a limited time this weekendBrunch Special Package.

A crepe + specialty potato pie + kosher specialty French toast + 1.5 ounces of smoked salmon + bagels + 3 salads + various side dishes =$ 39.95.

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The dishes are novel but never stepped on thunder. As a Mother's Day surprise for the "Chinese Food Stomach" mother, it could not be better!


The restaurant also announced that it will launch a special dinner on Mother’s Day. Interested friends, don’t forget to squat on the day~


Kanto by Tita Flips  

707 Dundas St W, Toronto M5T 2W6

2986 Dundas St W, Toronto M6P 1Z3

Reservation phone: 647-595-5000

Order URL:


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Pure Filipino-style cuisine, barbecue has always been his most proud signature.


To celebrate Mother’s Day in this special period, Kanto has launched a great value meal for 2-6 people, as long as$ 50!

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Homemade sausages, rib-eye steak, Kanto’s Mother’s Day meal this time are definitely a boon for meat lovers.


On Mother’s Day on May 5, Kanto will also continue to offer special meals for 9-2 people on that day.For $ 55, Hurry up to place an order on his official website~



433 King St W, Toronto M5V 3M4

Reservation phone: 416-260-9993

Order URL:https://www.labora.to/

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with a paella. There shouldn’t be anything better than this, right?


The package price is$ 78-122 between,Lobster, truffle, chicken, As well as seafood, you can choose the main ingredients according to your personal situation.

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In addition to paella, the set meal also includes an appetizer salad and tiramisu dessert.Vegetarians can also choose vegetarian meals.



642 King St W Suite 102, Toronto M5V 1M7


Reservation phone: 416-479-4414

Order URL:



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Celebrate the holidays and want a romantic atmosphere?Was just ratedLapinou of Toronto's Best Brunch Store in 2020 You will never be disappointed.


According to the store owner, the chef has worked in many star-Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. Both the presentation and the taste are professional.

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The brunch for two includes snow crab legs, French oil-sealed duck, and pancakes.$ 80.Dinner for two includesSteak, smoked salmon, and handmade French cheese ballsOf$ 150.


In order to fill the romantic atmosphere, all meals will also come with cocktails and handmade bouquets, giving mom a thoughtful surprise.


The Oxley

121 Yorkville Ave, Toronto M5R 1C4

Reservation phone: 647-348-1300

Order URL:


Source: the oxley


The unforgettable red building, coupled with 100% British cuisine, this is the deepest impression that The Oxley leaves to everyone.


Due to the temporary closure of the epidemic, the loyal fans of The Oxley, don’t rush to take advantage of this year’s Mother’s Day to order a special set meal from his family to review the familiar taste.

Source: the oxley


Signature grilled Ontario rainbow trout, with English pea soup and toffee pudding,$ 48 You can enjoy food at home.


The store also intimately included instructions for heating the takeaway to ensure that you can have the same taste at home as in the store.


Rodney's Oyster House

469 King St W, Toronto M5V 1K4


Reservation phone: 416-363-8105

Order URL:


Source: trip advisor


Rodney's Oyster House, which relies on fresh ingredients to stand firm, may be affected by the epidemic and launched for the first timebrunch special package.


Including his most distinctive oyster platter and Lobster Fort, we will meet you at super discounted prices on May 5th and 8th.


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In order to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, guests need to place an order online in advance, and choose to pick up the food on the 8th and 9th, from 10 am to 1 pm.



1214 Dundas St West, Toronto

Reservation phone: 416-535-8888

Order URL:



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Where are the friends who like vegetarian food?The Toronto vegetarian ceiling Ufficio is ready for youFeast with fake and real vegetarian food.


The basic ingredients include dozens of ingredients such as asparagus, mushrooms, green beans, etc., combined with the chef's creativity, and nearly 10 different flavors of delicacies have been made.


Source: ufficiorestaurant


Total package$ 80 And$ 100 There are two options. You can log in to Ufficio's official website to place an order and choose the time to pick up your meal.


The most familiar taste of China


314 College St, Toronto M5T 1S3

Ordering phone: 647-347-2993


Source: Sweetheart Xiansheng


As the first ice noodle shop in Canada and the second in North America, Sweetheart Xiansheng relied on the stewed vegetables and ice noodles that Sichuan locals call "Bashi", which set off a wave of "Sichuan flavor" throughout Toronto.


Especially his white snow black glutinous rice ice powder has captured a large number of diehard fans.


Source: Sweetheart Xiansheng


This Mother’s Day, Sweetheart Xiansheng directly brought out his specialty dishes, a signature Sanxian + a white snow black glutinous rice + a braised pig’s trotters.$ 19.99 Take home.



530 Dundas St W, Toronto M5T 1H3

3225 Hwy 7 Unit 2, Markham L6G 0A5


Reservations, please call:

905-604-7166 Markham shop

647-344-7997 Downtown Store

Source: Shanghai Shikumen


As the oldest Shanghai restaurant in Toronto, if you want to experience the local cuisine, don't miss it!


Sweet but not greasy braised pork, the eel paste must be ordered on the table, One meal in Shikumen, one second Shanghai is not a dream.


Spring breeze

359 Spadina Ave., Toronto M5T 2G3


Reservation phone: 416-593-6265

Source: Ten Miles of Spring Breeze


As the old saying goes, there is no problem that can't be solved by one barbecue. If there is, then two meals.


Stick to charcoal grilling and let every skewers sizzle on the charcoal fire. This is the right way to start the night.


Source: Ten Miles of Spring Breeze


Price$ 41.95, Signature beef fat and thin, sizzling squid, lamb skewers, kung pao chicken, ice powder...


The 8-course meal for 2-4 people satisfies all meat lovers' desire to feast on.


Wealthy Palace + Gorgeous Palace

7301 Woodbine Ave, Markham L3R 3V7

2301 Brimley Rd #128, Scarborough M1S 3L6


Reservations, please call:

905-940-2888 Furama Palace

416-299-1622 Ornate Palace


Picture source: Fuli Palace


The old Cantonese restaurant in Toronto includes all the well-known Cantonese dishes, and it is the white moonlight of Cantonese cuisine in the hearts of many gluttons.


Maggi Baked Lobster, Sea King Fish Maw Soup, To prepare such a table for mothers on Mother’s Day is definitely a perfect configuration.


Picture source: Fuli Palace


There is a limited supply on Mother’s Day, and a variety of value packages are available for a limited time. If you want to show your filial piety, don’t you hurry up to arrange it? !


Hong Shing

195 Dundas St W, Toronto M5G1C7

Reservation phone: 416-977-3338

Order URL:


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One of the first Chinese restaurants to be acquainted with Torontons, Hong Shing (Cannes) has become a representative of the hometown flavor in the hearts of many Chinese.


The dishes are complete, the dishes are served quickly, and the business is late, so that many people living in the city center can taste the taste of China at any time.


Source: hongshing


This year’s Mother’s Day, the two-person set of Cannes Restaurant includes:Typhoon lobster, garlic beef, truffle fried rice, freshly fried seasonal vegetables.


Plus after-dinner strawberry cake, two cocktails,$ 100 The price can be said to be full of sincerity.

Do you still know which restaurants offer value-for-money set menus for Mother’s Day?Welcome to leave a message and share with us~

Finally, I wish all mothers all over the world a happy holiday and good health. During special periods, please pay attention to protection when taking meals!



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