Uncle Wicked’s Christmas gifts! These are perfect for the holidays~

Friends who love to go to the supermarket, raise your hand o(*^▽^*)┛!

Every time I visit Uncle Bade, I always find something inside.Weird, cute gadgets(The price is not expensive), especially suitable to buy with family/good friends to share the joy of discovering new things~

The team leader recently found some little things at my uncle’s house that can be used for personal use or given as gifts to add atmosphere to the festival. I can’t wait to share them with everyone!


Mexican style pumpkin cocoa balls

 Price: $5/4 pieces 

First of all, no one can resist a cup of hot cocoa in winter; secondly, no one can resist such a cute melting ball!The plump pumpkin-shaped white shell has small pieces of marshmallow and milk chocolate inside.Add it to hot milk and melt slowly, and you'll have a cup of Mexican spicy cinnamon-flavored orange hot cocoa.


Gingerbread man cup hanging

 Price: $2.99/5.47 Oz

It's not an ordinary gingerbread man, but a gingerbread man that can be hung on a cup - who designed this kind of cute gadget that is both useless and practical? ?It goes perfectly with hot chocolate, coffee, and milk. You can soak the gingerbread feet and eat them in one bite. It is also full of atmosphere when used to place on plates and take photos at Christmas!


Caramel Cocoa Marshmallow Scoop

 Price: $0.99/1 piece 

The wooden mixing spoon comes with salted caramel flavored chocolate + marshmallows. You only need to take out a cup of hot milk (or other hot drinks) and put the spoon in to stir, and you can enjoy a cup of rich milk chocolate and salted caramel. Combined, hot cocoa with marshmallows floating on the surface!


chocolate passport

 Price: $9.99/12.8 Oz

Even chocolate has a passport these days? !Just like wine, the characteristics of fine chocolate are greatly influenced by where the cocoa beans are grown.This "passport" of my uncle's family collects chocolates from 8 cocoa origins, including Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. It is paired with exquisite packaging and takes you on a terroir journey into the world of cocoa cultivation.


cinnamon broom

 Price: $5/1 piece 

When I first saw it, I thought it was a small broom used to sweep away excess flour when making pasta at home when I was a kid. But it turned out to be a Christmas decoration?This small cinnamon broom from my uncle's family is handmade from raw pine wood and soaked in pure cinnamon oil. When hung on the doorway/mantel, a warm and cozy cinnamon scent will hit your nostrils.


Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Greeting Card

 Price: $2.29/2.1 Oz

Chocolates with built-in greeting cards + card slots, a small box of four, rich dark chocolate plus silky buttery caramel, sprinkled with crunchy sea salt particles on top, delicious and beautiful, perfect for greeting classmates/colleagues An occasion for handing out small gifts.


Homemade bubble milk tea bag

 Price: $4.99/9.2 Oz

You can drink milk tea at home, and this is not milk tea brewed with instant powder!There are four bags of pearls boiled with rich brown sugar in one pack. Just heat it in the microwave for one minute, add milk or other dairy products, and you can get a cup of authentic brown sugar pearl milk. (It also comes with a straw~)


mini succulent

 Price: $2.99/1 tree 

The vitality of succulents is tenacious and does not require careful watering. Even plant killers are easy to maintain. Placing a pot on the table is particularly healing. It is suitable for raising yourself or giving it to a friend.Each one is only $3 and comes with a simple and cute little clay flower pot.


Sugar plum flavored sparkling drink

 Price: $3.99/750 mL

The concept of sugar plum originated from Clement Clark Moore's poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", which said "the sugar plum fairy dances overhead", and then gradually became a unique flavor of Christmas.My uncle's seasonal limited-edition sugar plum sparkling drink is a mixture of soda water + plum juice + white grape juice concentrate. It has a light, crisp, fruity taste and a beautiful light red color. It is garnished with fresh cranberries/mint after being chilled. , very suitable for festive drinking.


Peppermint Cream Liqueur

 Price: $7.99/750 mL

This liqueur is added with cream, sugar, peppermint extract and natural cocoa to imitate the creamy flavor of peppermint cookies.It's delicious whether heated or over ice. Add coffee to make a mint latte, pour vanilla ice cream to make a mint milkshake, a drink that's perfect for Christmas and full of atmosphere!

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