[15% off all snacks] Only gourmet food and big promotion can't live up to it!Hundreds of Hokkaido-limited snacks are freshly airborne!

2021 has arrived

The development of the epidemic has not improved at all...

special period

The editor still recommends that everyone try not to go out as much as possible!

Be safe, healthy, and healthy!

When you are bored, you may wish to visit the treasure shopping app below

While eliminating the shopping addiction, it can also reduce the possibility of going out to purchase.

And often airborne surprise SALE activities!

No matter how many troubles and difficulties in life, there are foods that can be cured~

If it doesn't work, then you have to get a special discount!

I heard there are still15% off all snacks!

Featured in Hokkaido

Hundreds of limited delicacies from Hokkaido, Japan

Every bite can tender your tongue and amaze your taste buds~

Direct mail from Japan!Fresh arrival!

Limited quantity!The second is short!Eat and cherish!

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All the delicacies that are limited to Hokkaido!

Great value!stockpile!share it!

Based on COMBO priceAnother 15% OFF!

Don't forget to go to the APP to unlock and checkAll snacksOh ~

I believe everyone is familiar with this shopping app

After all, I found that all the friends around me were using it on Xiaohongshu!

Facial mask, skin care, make-up, snacks, beauty equipment, cosmetic contact lenses, mother and baby, enzymes

There is also a BRUNO multi-function pot provided by Internet celebrities!

A closer look reveals it is incredible!

It's homeBRUNO is the only official authorized online platform in North America!

The list is also full of praise!

I'm basically talking about itGood prices, everything is available, and delivery is fast!

Not only that

Connected to the ``central nervous system'' of e-commerce-warehouse

They are all generous to show you!

During the epidemic, safety regulations were even more extreme!

Tens of thousands of Japanese, Korean, and domestic products are neatly stacked in a XNUMX-foot warehouse

Under the epidemic, you can easily get your favorite things without leaving home!

The only e-commerce company in North America with collaborative autonomous mobile robots

Small body and big energy

Equipped with goods to accurately and efficiently combat strength lever drop!

Special period, to the greatest extentContactless delivery!

Make every effort to ensure the safety of the package during the distribution stage!

The packed parcels are brought to the final sorting area by automatic conveyor

Waiting for the courier company to pick up the goods

The warehouse staff carefully loaded the express parcels onto the truck one by one

The whole process of touching the package strictly follows the hygiene requirements

Wear protective masks and disposable gloves

Finally taken away by UPS

From now on, the packages embarked on a journey and finally came to the hands of the students!

Don't know

It turns out that online shopping on this e-commerce platform during the epidemic is so reassuring!

From then on, you can buy and buy at home with confidence!

The most important thing now is of course

Go to the App Store/App Store to download the App

Take advantage of the fact that the event has just begun

Take the delicacy home first!

Don’t be afraid of the food house after the stocking!

* The above pictures are allProvided, all interpretation rights belong所有

Newly opened fried chicken shop!Travel back home in one second

Spike Popeyes and Church Chicken

❤️ Hope everyone bodyHealth
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