Finding a home in Los Angeles | Mom cooks in baos and waits for you to go home

A person isforeign landAmerica is us第二 个Home

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But sometimes, no matter how many friends there are and how colorful life is, there will always behomesickwhen.

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I think it ’s not the American home, but the other side of the Pacific Ocean, even if weThen laterGo back there will always beA bowl of hot soup waitingThe home we drank.

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In Los Angeles, where there are many restaurants, you can find all kinds of dishes, but the only one that is the hardest to find is"Taste of Home"It's a feeling of comfort and ease. It's the feeling of your mother cooking for you at home.

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Night Owls Cafe By Baos Is a family-run businessAsian Fusion CuisineIn the restaurant, the owner's family has immigrated to the United States for many years, and the three sons are all ABCs educated and raised in the United States since childhood. Although they are all in Western countries, their sons have a special interest in Chinese and Asian culture, history, and various foods. Therefore, the boss always prepares authentic Chinese dishes for the sons so that they can feel the Chinese culture from the tip of their tongues.

Baos store's environment design is neat and fresh. If you carefully look at it, you can see that it is based on"Family & Hope"Themed shop. The furnishings in the store are for their family to condense the atmosphere of the home.Do it yourselfYes, you can see their intentions in their own shop.(In-store video)

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It is not difficult for customers to find their family in Boas, because many timesbossWould make drinks outside,BossJust prepare food for guests in the kitchen. And recently, after the boss cut the package, she brought new ones for everyone.Tengjiao ChickenGarlic Secret Live FishMeals.

Tengjiao Chicken -The boss insisted on using only the best fresh chicken every day to make this dish. The fresh chicken was tenderly cooked by the boss, and then served with spicy Sichuan Tengjiao sauce and coriander.

Garlic Secret Live Fish -The sauce of this dish is inspired by a bit of sweet Vietnamese cuisine. The lady uses live catfish and raw garlic to prepare it.

In addition to the above two meals,halogenPilaf,Burdock with Black Pepper,Hainan Chicken RiceCut offWaiting is the proud work of the boss. It is worth mentioning that the yellow rice of Hainan chicken rice is made with chicken soup and other spicesboilThe soup is cooked, so even the rice is specialChicken flavor.

Baos by Night Owls Cafe

Address: 168 Las Tunas Dr, Ste 108, Arcadia, CA 91007 | (626) 294-9436

Opening hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 am-9:00pm

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