Is the newly opened Chengdu "Quan Narrow Alley" delicious? After trying with the team, everyone said this

Last week, the weather in Los Angeles was a bit overwhelming. The high temperature of 111 degrees Fahrenheit was like a fire dragon crossing the border suddenly.

Higher than the temperature is the enthusiasm of everyone to "eat with the team". We came to Kuanzhai Alley with a ticket buddy last Thursday. The Sichuan restaurant, which is famous for its name, was particularly hot as soon as it opened, but is it delicious? The task of the team is to collect the true comments of fans ~

What was the first experience being drawn to the "Squad" event?

Let ’s introduce the lineup. Our team of eight people came from all over the world: Mr. Xie, a native from Chengdu, Sichuan, amy from Hunan, and her mother, Liu Lu from Hubei and her boyfriend from Taiwan, Benz from Guangdong, and Invited guest Irine ..

Let's take a look at what dishes we are going to taste in our "combat missions":

Come together on the old boardGolden crabSuddenly, everyone woken up the maggots in their stomachs: "Wow! So fragrant ~ hurry up and taste it".

"It looks golden and crisp, and the crab meat is very fresh." Student Liu of Hubei couldn't hold it at a glance.

AsideCouple lungsIt was not long before I was swept away.

Pots of shrimpAt the beginning, everyone was a little mumbling, it seems that there are a lot of peppers, and the results are all shrimps. The friends can still find many shrimps from the bottom.

Brother Xie from Sichuan is a connoisseur, and he did not forget to introduce us as he ate, "This shrimp is only fragrant with the skin, because the aroma of the pepper has penetrated into the crispy skin."

When serving, the boss introduced that "the crispy and crispy duck gut is the hottest dish we have here, and young people especially like the crunchy taste of duck gut."

Even Benz, who never eats spicy food, commented, "It's crunchy when eating, it tastes good, and it tastes spicy and aftertaste."

The front is just warming up, and the spicy taste makes people drool.Pickled Pepper Mouth FrogAs soon as I came up, I was surrounded by everyone. The little friends showed a "comfortable smile" while eating, and Mr. Xie from Sichuan said straightly "This can be regarded as a training before returning to China ~"

Everyone because of the spicy, the tea did not work at all, and later drank the sour soup fish to relieve the spicy.

Kuanzhai Lane not only has exquisite feast dishes, but also affordable three steamed and nine buckles. The boss (super beautiful) also came to accompany us to eat and explained each dish to us one by one.

Afraid that we were spicy until we ended up with ice powder and brown sugar, so don't be too intimate.

There are two kinds of steamed and fried brown sugar. Generally, people eat more fried, but the whole wonton is very warm and tastes good.

Finally, let's summarize everyone's evaluation of Kuanzhai Lane:

  • Hunan girl AMY said, "The golden sand crab is very fresh and sweet. The appetite is wide open, and the spicy pots and shrimps are also very spicy. The most tempting thing is chopsticks, the sourness of kimchi and the spicy spicy of millet. It's almost impossible to stop; the fish in sour soup fish is also very tender and spicy, and those who do not eat spicy food are recognized as delicious ~
  • "Sichuan Xie said," It tastes very authentic, so let's be a preview before returning home. " "
  • In the circle of friends, the beautiful Liu Fei from the Hubei Province commented eloquently: "The taste is very authentic, and the dishes are very bold. Thanks to the beautiful boss lady for explaining one by one, I know that every dish is not easy."

Thank you friends for your serious evaluation. I have eaten so many things personally, everyone has worked hard!

Do n’t worry if you do n’t participate, there will be waves of activities, maybe we can meet next time ~

Are the Golden Sand Crab and Potted Shrimp just mentioned attractive?

Then let's put a small team welfare at the end ~

6 / 18-6 / 25 is the first week of wide and narrow lanes officially opened

The boss said, during this period

Free with purchase of $ 100Golden Sand Crab(Worth $ 35.99)

Free with purchase of $ 70Pots of shrimp(Worth $ 19.99)

Free with purchase of $ 50Hentai Stir Chicken(Worth $ 12.99)

Kuanzhai Alley|Zheng's Fusion

Address: 17515-A Colima Rd, City of Industry, CA 91748 | (626) 965-0733

Business hours: Monday to Thursday 11:00am-22:00pm

Friday Saturday 11:00 am-23:00pm

Sunday 11:00am-22:00pm

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