Eat with the squad | This time I'm calling you to eat vine pepper fish and big lobster!

Dear team members,

In this moment of turbulence, the exposure of the moment is unbearable, and the moment of cherishing other June, do you eat well?

AgainTime for the team to have dinner.

The first is a routine oath

I am willing to join the event [Eat with the squad], "Let all foodstuffs hear the most authentic, neutral, and wonderful reviews" is our greatest honor, the highest responsibility and the loftiest ideal of each team member! [It ’s not for eating and drinking

This week the squadron invited everyone to eat for free. The exquisite Chengdu feast dishes and snacks were moved to Los Angeles.Wide and narrow lanes(June 6). As well as quality Cantonese dishes for everyoneCooking(June 6).

what? !! Follow the squadron not only can eat Sichuan cuisine, but also lobster? What do you say

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Wide and narrow lanes

July 6th (Thursday) 16:7 pm

Pick 10 loyal fans

Eat with the squad for free

Wide and narrow lanes, the name alone evoke how many memories in Chengdu relied on not wanting to leave. "Government cuisine" is different from "jiangshui cuisine" that makes people feel so spicy that their tongues are unconscious. Each dish is decent and restrained, and each dish is a masterpiece of the boss. Can you compare the taste of Chengdu Jinchengli? Come and taste it ~

14-course super-long drooling menu

Pots of shrimp

Sichuan Tofu Brain

Black pepper

Bell dumpling

There are also hard-boiled pickle frogs, hot goose intestines, and golden sand crabs.

Xiaocai couple's lung slices, steamed beef, Sichuan jelly, red oil slap hands, brown sugar clams, Chongqing noodles

If you do n’t support you, it ’s the boss ’s meal.

Kuanzhai Lane Zheng's Fusion

Address: 17515-A Colima Rd, City of Industry, CA 91748 |

(626) 965-0733

Cooking | Henry's Crusine

Friday, June 6th at 24:7 pm

Pick 10 loyal fans

Eat with the squad for free

Another Cantonese restaurant, yes, I would like to invite everyone to eat lobster. This shop not only displays the dishes carefully, but also "cooking skills", the materials are also top-notch. The rice is Buddha rice. Needless to say, even the black vinegar fungus must use imported Italian balsamic vinegar. If you agree that eating is an art of pursuing details, the boss would like to talk about cooking with everyone who loves to eat, understands and can eat ~

Stop talking, lobster lobster! so excited!Come see what the boss wants us to eat

Interjection: You have heard of milk tea card, drink 10 cups for a cup, but have you heard that lobster can also be used for card?Culinary lobster point card, you can exchange 6 lobster when you collect 1!Come and get a lobster card!

Vietnamese Signature Lobster

Japanese beef fillet

Crispy and salty pork hand

Japanese Mushroom with Abalone Sauce

In addition, there are salmon head with chopped peppers, drunk chicken, secret pork neck, wild shrimp grilled with salt.

Cooking|Henry's cuisine

Address: 301 E Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91801

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 am-11: 00 pm

Official website:

Say it again

Registration link poke here 

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