The color-glazed copper pot of this self-service hot pot evokes all my memories of the old Beijing shabu-shabu.

In Lenka's mind, Los Angeles never lacked delicious hot pot.

And in the past, Lenka has always had a prejudice against hot pot.

That's because lenka always thinks that All U Can Eat's self-service hot pot is often inferior to those that can be ordered.I always feel that the hot pot ingredients that can be ordered individually are better, so the taste is also good.

Occasionally I went with the pheasant to try Arcadia's hot lighter. Lenka decided to retract this prejudice.

"The expensive ones are not necessarily good, and the cheap ones are not necessarily bad."

Although the city of Los Angeles is not large, there are many restaurants. Therefore, there is always a chance to meet some good shops that are affordable and close to the people.

Honestly, I refused to have been invited by the pheasant brother to eat at this hot pot restaurant.

After all, it was also a small team member who lost their way at his home and drove the Dongguan Xiaokai.It’s okay to bring me to eat any affordable all you can eat hot pot... Could it be that the last steak dinner made him bleed and his wallet hasn’t recovered his energy?

Just as he was deeply troubled by this problem, Lenka's attention instantly focused on the colorful glazed copper pot covered with the door...

These colorful-glazed copper pots are really too accentuated, evoking my infinite longing and memories of the old Beijing mutton lamb.

In this way, the mysterious smile accompanied by the pheasant was tricked into it.

I went in and found out that this is the branch opened by the Rosemead hotspot before, although I still hope to eat [pit] a good meal.

But based on the impression of the old shop before, I still sat down and ordered.

When Lenka went, it was about 5 o'clock, and there were not many people.

There are 7 kinds of bottom in the shop, you can choose any three or four. This is great for choice phobias like Lenka who want to eat.

In addition to eating Cantonese food, the pheasant brother also usually enjoys hot pot. All members of the team send the nickname "hot pot tyrant", after all, he can eat and can eat.

Looking at the pheasant brother confidently in the bottom of the pot, he directly selected the shop's signature "BMW pot" soup base.

The four soup bases of the "BMW pot" are Luzhou-flavored tonic pot, spicy red oil pot, Japanese curry coconut milk pot and special tomato vegan pot.

Luzhou-flavored nourishing pot, although the list is not short. Spicy red oil is a favorite of spicy stars. A vegan tomato pot, you must know that many people eat hot pot, without tomatoes is not enough.

In short, each soup base meets the taste buds of different people.

Among them, Lenka likes Japanese style curry coconut milk pot very much. The faint milky flavor is accompanied by the faint coconut flavor, which is slightly spicy and sweet with a slight flavor, and has a special taste level.

Let me tell you that the vegetables and fungi at the bottom of the pot are delicious ~

Since it is all you can eat, the hot pot ingredients here are naturally self-service.

There are many types of small material tables. Vegetables, meat, meatballs and seafood.

Different from the old shop, this new shop has a lot of lo-mei and cold cuts. A dozen appetizers with different styles and tastes are included in the buffet price.

What impressed me was the pig ears here. The taste was tough and the sauce was already melted in the pig ears. So it tastes very delicious, right?

I found out, oh! string! child! The boss's intentions are also terrific. I feel like I've caught a lot, and the spicy taste reminds me of the street stalls I had eaten in school years, which are both kind and familiar.

After talking about these various appetizers, naturally I have to talk about the meat in the shabu-shabu. As mentioned above, Lenka always had such a slight distrust of the meat of all you can eat.

As the meat treasure said, "After all, eating hot pot, no matter the quality of the meat or the type is not enough, it is enough to disappoint."

When he saw the hot pot meat on the plate, Lenka's anxiety lightened. No matter the smell or appearance, it is full of freshness.

The red and white meat is my favorite. Just like kebabs, only the fat and lean mutton can be eaten without getting tired and not the best.

The hot pot is the same, and the meat here is the same. A thin piece of fat and thin beef was panned out, covered with spicy peppers and steaming soup, and instantly satisfied.

In general,If the full score is 100 points, Lenka personally will give the meat counterfeit about 80 points.

Regarding the type of meat, it is quite complete here in the buffet hot pot.

Spicy beef, fat beef, lamb, pork belly, tripe, luncheon meat, beef balls, even pig brain! [Squad girls in Chongqing are boiling]

I highly recommend this handmade spicy beef. must! rinse! hemp! hot! pot! Eat, two different kinds of spicy fusion in the extremely tender meat, it is impressive.

The variety of vegetables is also very rich, corn, bean skin, fungi, and sepals are standard. Lenka's favorite shiitake mushrooms, quail eggs, and konjac shreds are also available here.

Regarding the seafood part, we took Longli fish fillet, shrimp and Qingkou, QingkouRelatively fresh. The others are quite satisfactory, not good or bad. To put it plainly, it is the type of white shrimp and fish fillet bought in the supermarket. But as a hot pot counterfeit, I think it is enough.

Although the food is a bit supportive, it must have a portion of handmade noodles, no matter whether it is hot pot or in love, you must take a good end hahaha.

In fact, it is just that lenka has a special liking for hot pot noodles. The essence of the soup is received in the noodles and it tastes really delicious, so it has become my hot pot must-order.

In the end, Pheasant Brother and I did not support the wall to enter this hot pot restaurant, but we were born together to support the wall...

If I knew today, why bother to be like I was so afraid of being seen by Honam...

Overall, this store is good.

The decoration has characteristics and the price is high.

Personally I think it is very suitable for students to come to eat or friends to gather.

And I heard that when I come to eat on weekends, it only costs $ 17.99, which is enough for the people. Friends who like hot pot or all you can eat must remember to try it.

At the end of winter, give yourself a reason to gain weight, grab the tail of the winter, and eat a hot pot that says to go!

<Hot Point Hot Pot> Arcadia Store

Location: 168 Las Tunas Dr Ste 101-102, Arcadia, CA 91007
Phone: (626) 381-8816
Business hours: Sunday to Thursday 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Friday and Saturday 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Writing | Lenka
Shooting | Emma
Editing | Supernye

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