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In the past few months, members of the team have enjoyed running to Rowland Heights. The location is at the junction of several major urban areas. The decoration of the restaurant is new and the quality of the dishes is not worse than that of the Liberated Area. Luolangang will soon become our second base!

There are too many delicious restaurants, and I feel you are not so good at Mark every time. So the editor-in-chief appointed soymilk to summarize a piece for everyoneRowland Heights Food AwardsAll the restaurants in this guide follow the wave, and you will definitely have a new understanding of Luolangang.

This guide is based onBreakfast, lunch, dinner and supperSorted. Of course, if you want to eat hot pot as soon as you open your eyes, I won't stop you!


1. Little King | Little Highness Bun

Before going to eat Xiao Wangye, the company ’s 16 classmate, Amway, said that in addition to the buns and pasta, their boss is also handsome. Sure enough, he looked at his boss a few more times while queuing up. Closer to home, Xiao Wang's family took a relatively fresh style. The decor is clean and simple.BunIn addition to the general pork and chicken stuffing, there are also some innovative steamed buns that are also worth trying.Cabbage vermicelli and shrimp skins, cabbage, mushrooms, dried sea rice, lobster and corn Cheese bag... Is it just appetite just to hear the name?In addition to buns, their family’sDumplingsYou can buy quick-frozen packages and go home and eat slowly.Beef burritoAlso praise!

Address: 18333 #A Colima RD Rowland Heights

Phone: (626) 363-4197

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 8 AM-3PM, 5 PM-9PM

2. Little Brother Bacon | XG Restaurant

Picture from Yelp

One week's regular meeting brought the classmates to the brother's houseBacon flatbread. At first I kind of disagreed. How delicious is the flatbread! But after eating, I will slap myself. The crust is so sweet that it feels soft even if it is eaten cold. Pinch the thinly sliced ​​bacon and side dishes, then dip them with their special sauce, the taste is really only understood by those who have eaten! In addition to the big cake, my brother'sVarious buns and other earlyIt's also delicious.Open till nightThere are also many other delicious home-cooked dishes for lunch and dinner.

Address: 18481 E. Colima Rd., Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 839-8288

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 8 AM-9PM


3. Old House | Old House Hot Pot

This Chengdu hot pot restaurant, favored by many members of the team, has such a good name-"After eating the old house, I don't want to wash away the hot pot smell from clothes!"Chengdu Butter Hotpotroute. The butter hot pot is excellent, and the clear soup pot cannot be ignored. Favorite soy milkBone soupThe clear soup pot has been serving some refreshing vegetables for hours. The taste of the soup base is delicious. Chengdu hot pot like to eat some viscera food, their homeSlap waistIt's the thinnest waistband I've ever seen. Suck a goose intestine or yellow throat in a spicy pot, and it's a satisfaction to eat.

With this article, if you go to the old house now, you can enjoy free desserts that are freely consumed from 12 noon to 4 pmwelfare.

Address: 18406 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: 626-988-4336

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 PM-11: 00PM

4. Little Chili | Stew House

The circle of friends in Los Angeles must be thisSpitfireBlack rice brushed across the screen. Some burnt black rice was burnt and thought it was delicious. But what they actually do isCreative Hunan cuisine, Delicious and steamed buns. The spicy degree is very intimate, you can choose from not spicy to extra spicy.Big Basin Series(Such as the favorite large pot of cauliflower) The meat is very thinFish head with chopped pepperAlso recommended. Daily Special is also very good value. With a drinkOnly $ 6You'll be full. This kind of boss who has a stomach and a heart must give a praise! I heard that there is a new dish recently ~

Address: 18888 Labin Ct Ste 111, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 716-7611

营业时间:周一-周五 11:30AM-2:30PM, 5:30-10:30PM; 周六周日 1:30-10:30PM

5. Xinjiekou | Mr Lamb Restaurant

Think of New Year's Eve last year, soy milk was ordered with a few friends at their homeBig plate chickenIt's simply a new year. The large plate of chicken is big enough, let alone how delicious the potatoes are in the soup. After eating the main course and side dishes, just roll the noodles in the soup, and then you can really eat this big plate of chicken. Now it ’s renamed Xinjiekou, and there are many hot foods in China that can be eaten at his house ~ Boiled shrimp with sauceIt's a new signature dish. Of course, there are also at nightSkewereat. Eating, maybe there is a kind of fiu that is skewered on the streets in China ~

Address: 17863 Colima Rd, City of Industry, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 839-2605

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12 PM-11PM; Friday and Saturday 12 PM-2AM; Sunday 12 PM-11PM

6. Shancheng Lameizi

The Shancheng hot girl, who has more than 40 branches in Beijing alone, has a long line of stores in just a few months. Shancheng hot girl has the taste of Chongqing hot pot, soSpicy taste will be more full.Of course, the characteristics of Sichuanese who love to eat offal are also preserved in this store.Pig brain, yellow throat, goose intestines... The hot pot is very delicious.I'm afraid you will be bored while waiting for the pot to start, the store specially prepared some for everyoneFree snacks. From shrimp slices, small twists, fried sesame balls, ice powder, white fungus, and brewed mariko. It seems that after eating a little bit of dim sum, the pot will open immediately.

Address: 18932 Gale Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 581-8808

Business hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30AM-10PM

7. Inside the pot and outside the pot | Spicy Moment

This is also a minimalist restaurant. The dishes of their home are the same as the decoration style, and they can be regarded as a stream in Luolangang area. The combination of new Sichuan cuisine and Yunnan cuisine creates a unique style inside and outside the pot. Students who like light taste must try their homeOsmanthus glutinous rice noodles and coriander cold pork neck. Pork neck meat perfectly replicates local practices in Yunnan, which is refreshing and delicious. Bottom leftChicken noodlesWhen I first saw this dish, I thought it was just a good-looking murder film. After tasting, I found that the red oil was not spicy but captured the crowd. His family has recently added new winter-friendly items.Instant Boiled Spicy Hot PotAnd hotClay pot.

In order to make up for the small heart that was eaten by the frostbite, the handsome boss also provided an exclusiveSquad discount: New winter dishes can be enjoyed when you spend 30 yuan or moreXNUMX% off~

Address: 1015 S Nogales St Rowland Heights (next to the second class every three years in Dahua Supermarket)

Phone: 626-581-4966

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM-10:00PM

8. 老 炎 家 | Yan House

If you want something simple at noon, you can come to Lao Yan's for a meal ~ Although simple, but a nutritious soup base like sheep scorpion is very satisfying in a bowl in winter. "Eating pigs is worse than cattle, and cattle is worse than sheep." Eat a bowl full of energySheep scorpion, In the afternoon must be very energetic. Their homeHot and sour powderIt is the taste that students from the southwest will praise when they eat it. The texture of the powder is soft and hard, the soup tastes delicious, and the ingredients must have crispy peanuts. After all this is done, what else can't make a bowl of delicious powder?

Address: 18311 B Colima Rd #B Rowland Heights CA 91748

Phone: (626) 964-8904

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM-11:00PM

9. Momo Paradise

Pictures from Instagram

SpecializeJapanese style Shabu Shabu, This shop started to eat soy milk in high school in China. After seeing the opening of Luolangang, I felt back to the feeling of reading ~ Japanese Shabu tastes a bit lighter. I like to beat a raw egg and dip it with freshly cooked meat. Whether their house is pork or beef, just look at the texture and know that the ingredients are very fresh. Drinks and side dishes on the bar tooUnlimited supplyof. On Weekday at noon 17.95, you can choose two meats and side dishes to eat. Weekend lunch and daily dinner cost 27.95 to fill up all meat and side dishes. Feeling such an affordable price, it is very cost-effective to add some physical strength.

Address: Puente Hills Town Center East, 17596 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (310) 694-3553

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11 AM–2PM, 5–9PM

10. Peony | Chef's China Kitchen

Picture from Yelp

After being accidentally cooked by a friend, the Amway Peony family, soy milk has fallen into their brain powder. Nothing to order is a must because every dish is very delicious. imageFried four treasuresIt's the kind of hodgepodge that prawns, meats have. But each of them is cut very finely and stir-fried. With a bowl of rice, every bite is a happy taste. othersHome cooking, Like fish-flavored shredded pork and vinegar fish fillets, they also have their own characteristics. Anyway, you can rest assured that there is absolutely no minefield for cooking and dim sum.

Address: 19762 E Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (909) 895-7745

Business hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM; Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11.Ishi Sushi

If you want to have a full range of Japanese food in Luolangang, Ishi Sushi may still be the place.Foie gras black truffle salmon sushiIt is the first of their family, so there is some gold leaf floating on the full sushi, and you feel that you are expensive after eating ~ Students who like to eat sashimi may be satisfied by ordering a sashimi platter. Sashimi insists on fresh salvage every day. With the chef who has more than XNUMX years of experience, each piece of sashimi looks so delicate! Of course, students who want to try everything are very suitable to order a copy of their homeOmakase: $60, $120, $180 points at different price points to satisfy everyone's different choices.

Address: 18888 Labin Ct c110, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (909) 990-1008

Business hours: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

12. Huashi Garden | Huashi Garden

In the legend, Huashi Garden is the one who can still call Mai in the lobby of their house after eating. Hua Shi Yuan home has a range of suitableGoing to dinnerFried dishes are best for filling our stomachs at lunch ~ Stir-fried chicken with minced pork and cucumber peel, Are sour and enjoyable. After eating, you have the strength to continue to indulge in work in the afternoon. Someone asked before which restaurants provideBoxFor dinner, Huashi Garden is a good choice. There is also a variety of wines available at Huashi Garden in the early morning.Beer skewersIt ’s enough to eat and drink to talk about life!

Address: 19240 E, Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 965-9193

营业时间:周一到周日无休 11:00AM—3:00PM;5:00PM—12:00AM

(After 9:30 pm for supper time, after cooking is closed there is no cooking, the main barbecue)

13. Shufeng Garden | Shufeng Garden

There are many Sichuan cuisine restaurants in Los Angeles, but each dish can have its own characteristics, and Shufeng Garden can be regarded as a family. The newly renovated Shu Feng Garden has tables and chairs with a strong Sichuan flavor. When the waiter and boss with Sichuan accent recommended the signature dishes to you, they really felt like eating in Sichuan. Their home cooking is delicious but not greasy, like thisGoose intestineNot every Sichuan restaurant can get it. If you want to judge whether a Chinese restaurant is well-trained, you can know a thing or two by eating their hot pot meat. ShufengyuanHot pot meatThe texture is clear and the taste is not too salty or oily. Yellow throat is also that kind of crunchy, and cucumbers with spicy oil taste particularly refreshing. After eating side dishes, drink a bowlKelp soupWarming the stomach can not be more satisfied.

There are many special lunches at their home during lunch time, the prices are affordable and the variety is very complete. Because I ’m the same owner as the old house, I ’m going to Shufeng Garden every Monday-Friday for dinner. With this article, I can get a giftFree hot and sour jelly or cold noodles. The snacks in their house are all in the heart of soy milk. See which one you can eat the day you go

Address: 18459 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 839-7589

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00 AM-9:30PM

Late Night:

14. Miss Tong's dishes | Miss Tong's Private Kitchen

To say that Luo Langang likes to go to a restaurant with a lot of feelings, Miss Tong's dishes can be regarded as a family.Open-air karaoke, wide-screen cinemaIt's all about the appetite of young people. Know young people likeDrinking skewersMs. Xun also specially applied for a liquor license and made our favorite skewered snacks. Lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, and chicken wings are all must-have. There are grilled pork belly and grilled pork ribs in other meats. After work or after school, about three or five friends come here to relax and feel that it is also a good choice.

Address: 18558 Gale Ave. # 272, City of Industry, CA 91748. (Place on the second floor of Four Seasons Plaza)

Phone: (626) 581-1298

Business hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00AM-9:00PM

15. Hongjihuang Three Sauce Shabu Shabu | HJH Sauce Simmer Pot

Hong Jihuang started selling supper?Spicy, barbecue + beer, No! Their kebabs are very similar to those in China. They are grilled on charcoal, and eating mutton skewers must have this kind of smokey fire that swells the oil. Of course, there is Hong Jihuang who has always liked to eat in ChinaShabu shabu, Secret sauce, covered with Gai Er, whether it is king crab, or cowboy bone chicken wings, fresh and delicious, it is also lively to eat. Recently launchedThanksgiving Package, A large pot of delicious plus grilled skewers or even spicy, only a dozen dollars per person (event ends on December 12)

Address: 310 N Time: Lemon Ave, Walnut, CA 91789 | (909) 595-0935
时间:周一至周四 11:30-15:00 17:00-00:00,周五11:30-15:00 17:00-凌晨2:00 (周一至周五下午营业到15:00,last call 14:30 );周六 上午11:30-凌晨2:00,周日 上午11:30-凌晨00:00

16. Uncle BBQ at Park's Convenience Store | EZ Grilled BBQ Bar

Convenience stores also sell barbecue, isn't it amazing? !! But look at this incenseGrilled lamb chops, char-grilled steak, You know how professional they are! Shish kebabs, chicken hearts, chicken skins, chicken buttocks, chicken cartilage, beef tendons, beef gluten, pork fat intestines, grilled prawns, and more are not to mention. There are large tables in the shop, and you can bring your own drinks, which is suitable for many people. get together.

Address: 18007 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748 | (626) 810-1688
Time: 10 am-2am every day

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