Los Angeles finally has a guidebook, which gathers all the skewers and hot dishes!

A few days ago the team sent out a little science,Sister Chuan said: Ask suicide again! Fake dishes, hot pot, skewers and bowls of chicken are not the same dish at all!

After the end of popular science, I didn't put a strategy for everyone, which caused everyone to drool for a long time.

The team blame themselves, so this article quickly came, the most complete in Los AngelesSpicy chicken and vegetablesRaiders! !!

The list has grown a bit. Let ’s share it in the circle of friends first.

PS: Some slightly ugly pictures are from Yelp

Bowl of chicken

Jinchengli / Szechuan Impression

Bowl of chickenMany people have heard of it, but probably few people know that it actually originated in Leshan, and has a history of hundreds of years. Bowl chicken is also divided into rattan pepper oil and red oil bowl chicken. Except for the chicken, wear all kinds of vegan vegetarian foods on the fine labels, and immerse them in vinegar oil or red oil.

Also in JinchengInstant Boiled Spicy Hot Pot. A variety of cooked dishes are served in the pot, and the colors are very beautiful. Because the soup base of butter pot is used, the taste is strong.

Address:13816 Red Hill Ave, Tustin, CA 92780 | (714) 505-9070

1900 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803 | (626) 283-4622

Business hours: Mon-Thur & Sun 11:30am-3pm; 5pm-10pm

Fri-Sat 11:30am-3pm; 5pm-10:30pm

Chengdu Taste

Taste of ChengduBowl of chickenThere are two options for red oil and rattan pepper. Chicken meat, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, chicken liver, scallions, fungus, kelp, etc. are skewered on bamboo skewers and cooked. Soak it in chicken soup, red pepper, pepper, refined salt, white sugar and other seasonings, and wait for you to draw it out.

Also taste Chengdu hasInstant Boiled Spicy Hot Pot, You can choose to take the vegetables and vegetarian vegetables or vegetarian vegetables mixed. You can eat large intestines, meat slices, beef chops, pork blood, lunch meat, ravioli, potatoes, etc. The bottom of the pot has fully absorbed the soup fans, and there is a kind of Easter eggs to catch the feet.

Address:8548 Valley Blvd Ste 108-109, Rosemead, CA 91770 | (626) 899-8886

828 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803 | (626) 588-2284

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11 am-3pm; 5 pm-10pm

Sat & Sun: 11am-10pm

Baiweixuan / Chuan Ren Bai Wei

His familyChuanwei SignedSimilar to a bowl of chicken. There are hair belly, kelp, tofu skin, various vegetables, meatballs and luncheon meat. You can find hemp and spicy in this dish ~

Their homeMao XuewangIsn't it also an appetite?

Address:6420 N Rosemead Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775 | (626) 286-5508

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11 am-11pm

Sichuan 1 / Sichuan No.1 Restaurant

Don't look at the window of Sichuan No. 1 elegant and tight, but madeBowl of chickenInstant Boiled Spicy Hot PotIt is not ambiguous at all, there are many kinds, and the weight is very real.

Address: 8772 E. Valley Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770 | (626) 427-2261

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am-10pm

Chuan Chuan Xiang


Hidden in the tavern in Koreatown, the team couldn't help but talk to everyone for many times.The name of the dish is Bobo Chicken, which is actually on the fire... Aside from the name, the skewers are all cooked especially delicious.Especially the proprietress also added Korean-style fish.When ordering, pay attention to saying "skewered, the kind recommended by the team", otherwise it may be cooked together in a pot.

Address:954 S Norton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019 | (323) 934-5677

Business hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm on weekdays, 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm on Sundays

Dezhuang Morals Village / Dezhuang Morals Village​

The mandarin duck bottom of the pot is really outdated. Nowadays, threesomes are popular... there must be my teacher.De Zhuang original"Three-color pot bottom", Both sides are similar to shabu-shabu, and a small grid in the middle puts skewers. Some dishes that are easy to lose will not need to be filled.

Address:529 E Valley Blvd Ste 108A, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 872-2728

Business hours: Mon-Wed & Fri: 12:30pm-2:30pm; 4:30pm-11pm

Thur: 12:30pm-2:30pm; 4:30pm-11:30pm

Sat & Sun: 12:30pm-11pm

Instant Boiled Spicy Hot Pot

Pakistan Commoner / Chuan's​

Pakistani commoner specializes in Sichuan cuisine, forgiving yelp for being ugly, in fact, their home is very tasteful in both decoration and dishes. The vegetables are spicy and fragrant. The mushrooms inside are super delicious.

In addition, Pakistani commoner has a Sichuan opera face changing performance. It's a magical experience to be able to change your face while eating in the United States.

Address:5807 Rosemead Blvd, Temple City, CA 91780 | (626) 677-6667

营业时间:Mon-Sun: 11:30am-2:30pm; 5pm-10pm

Snack generation / Tasty Zone

Counterfeit food is the source of happiness, and luncheon meat is the cherry on the cake. The hot pickled vegetables are sprinkled with a little sesame, which is more delicate with the spicy and fragrant.

Address:3930 S. Bristol Blvd., # 109, Santa Ana, CA 92704 | (657) 245-3469

Opening hours: Mon-Thur & Sun: 11am-9:30pm

Fri & Sat: 11am-10pm

Hot Pot Spicy Crab /Hip Hot

They sell a supper"Dried food"There is only supper! It's really up. There isn't so much soup in dried vegetables, it's a bit like mixed together, with chili noodles on it.

Address:500 N Atlantic Blvd, # 149, Monterey Park, CA 91754 (626) 782-7711

Business hours: Mon-Sun 11:30~22:30

Old Chengdu Restaurant​

Although Chengdu is a hot pot restaurant, there are alsoTakeout and skewers(Sorry did not find the picture)

But they still haveMao Xuewang.Maoxuewang should be equivalent to Chongqing people’s food... (Chongqing people said, refuse to accept and beat her) The indispensable part of Maoxuewang is pig blood. The outside is thinly stretched and the inside is bitten. The pork blood is tender and tasty.

Address:1220 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Unit D, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Business hours: Mon-Thur & Sun: 11am-3pm; 5pm-9:30pm

Fri & Sat: 11am-3pm; 5pm-10:30pm


5-Taste Kitchen

The shop is a hot and spicy mode of your choice. Although it doesn't look like so much red oil, you should never underestimate the enemy. In fact, it is very interesting!

Address: 17901 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701 | (562) 860-8555

Opening hours: Tue-Thur & Sun: 11am-11pm

Fri & Sat: 11am-12am

Bone Soup Mala Tang / HOT Spicy Kitchen

The soup can choose bone soup (not spicy), Chengdu red oil soup base (spicy),Now also launching Beijing's Mash Soup (Little Spicy), The taste is great and the amount is enough, the two people sharing a large bowl is basically no problem. In addition, his two knives and white noodles are very authentic.

Address: 132 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

Phone: (626) 300-9937

营业时间: Mon-Fri 11:30~15:00, 17:00~22:00 ;Sat,Sun 11:30~22:00

Meow not good / Sweet Lab

The spiciness of meow is not the same as that of other restaurants. The spice is more spicy with pickled peppers and vine peppers, and the millet has a less dry and spicy taste.

In addition, they sellLiquid nitrogen ice creamOh, after eating spicy food, ordering it with egg cubs is the highest enjoyment ~~

Address: 8526 Valley Blvd Ste 112, Rosemead, CA 91770

Phone: (626) 872-2908

Business hours:

Mon-Thu 11: 00 ~ 22: 00

Fri, Sat 11: 00 ~ 22: 30

Sun 11: 00 ~ 22: 00

Street / Street Party

A small shop in Taiwan that has both spicy and hot pots, as well as incense pots and other snacks. The bowl that looks red is actually not too spicy. In a hot and spicy hot soup, their soup is relatively light.

Address:1039 E Valley Blvd Ste B103, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 802-5985

营业时间:Mon-Thu 11:30~22:30 ;Fri,Sat 11:30~23:30 ; Sun 11:30~22:30

Guanglin Xiangfu/ Boiling Hot

You can also choose the hot and spicy bone soup, which is sold by the pound, regardless of whether it is meat or vegetables, all 9.99 / lb! Carnivore, do you hear the call of the soul?

Address:529 E Valley Bl #138B San Gabriel ca 91776 | 626-766-1590

Business hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am-11:00pm

Alright, do you have the confidence to finish this long list? Hurry forward the collection ~

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