How can North American Cantonese realize the freedom of rice rolls at home?

As a Cantonese in America
Never eaten a dish after the epidemic
Freshly baked and steamedRice roll
Order tea house takeaway, buy quick-frozen rice rolls
It's not the same thing at all

I want to have a bite of fresh and authentic rice rolls

it's time toDo it yourself

Realize the freedom of rice roll at home

Actually, there are not many ingredients

Only need rice roll powder, water,
And marinated meat
But where is there such a big steamer at home?
Can quickly SAIC
Can the noodles be spread out and heated evenly?

You need one at this time
Multi-function rice noodles machine

Easy to operate, just one pull and one pull,
2 minutesYou can steam a dish!
I remember queuing at the rice roll store when I was young,
Watching the store owner's drawer pull and pull,
Now I can finallyEnjoyableLah ~
As if I am a seasoned rice roll expert

Compared to other steamer
ThisThe steaming pan is much bigger
Enough to spread the noodles and evenly heat
And it's not sticky
Not too difficult for us
No technology will not easily break the rice rolls
Clean after finishing

Steam a plate for breakfast and you’ll be full
Don't worry about adding what you loveIngredients
Don't worry about not letting it go!

In addition to steaming rice noodles,
Daily steamed buns, steamed fish with various steamed vegetables
No pressure
SAIC is fast, steam is big
What kind of vibratoReduced fat steamed vegetables
Baby's nutritious breakfast
Get it done for you easily!

With rice rolls
Easy and fast cooking every day.
Eat three meals a day healthy and save worry and effort!

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Except for rice rolls
There are various surprises
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I didn't say it for a long time

I hurried to place an order

You can make rice rolls at home on weekends!

Don’t forget the exclusive benefits of the team

The important thing is repeated:

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