[Recruitment Order]-Eat lobster with the team!

[Recruitment Order]-Eat lobster with the team!

As soon as it is sunny, the temperature in Los Angeles will rise back to a pleasant temperature, and it will go back to summer all the way. Hello oysters and cold beer! So how about going to Lobster Grill with the squad for seafood! Fresh seafood carefully selected by the boss, delicious dipping sauce specially prepared by the chef, and spicy crayfish, which are beloved, will make you enjoy yourself!

Taste time: 12pm on December 16th Sample: Lobster Grill 3210 Chino Avenue, Suite #A Chino Hills, California 91709

Try the menu
Canjun Bucket Louisiana Seafood Basket
Lobster Entree (Garlic Butter Sauce)
Philly Cheese Roll Cheese Lobster Sandwich
New England Lobster Roll New England Lobster Sandwich
Fish Taco
Taco 2-3 Tapas Dish

Some dishes introduced New England Lobster Sandwich

lobster grill

Seafood platter Grilled lobster Fish Taco


If you like to eat seafood, have unique opinions on food, and like to eat food squads (cover your face ~), don't miss our activities!

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