Fresh in your mouth, beautiful in your heart-Lobster Grill tasting report

Fresh in your mouth, beautiful in your heart-Lobster Grill tasting report

Lobster Grill is a new seafood restaurant opened in August 2014. The boss was confident of the quality of the seafood and enjoyed the joy of sharing food with the eaters. He opened a restaurant selling grilled fish, grilled lobster, seafood platters, and the extremely popular Louisiana-style crayfish. Compared to Boiling Crab, which is lined up every day,Lobster Grill uses "steaming" method to retain the fresh and sweet taste of seafood. Not long ago, the team convened fans who also love seafood, came to Lobster Grill, tasted the super fresh lobster oysters, and tasted the new Cajun style seafood. Now I would like to present our tasting report to everyone who eats, share delicious, and share happiness.

New England Lobster Roll

The New England Lobster Sandwich is the most traditional member of the Lobster Roll family.The little girl from Jiangsu’s Bell Dang highly recommends this sandwich. “The peeled chunks of lobster are fresh and chewy, and paired with freshly baked bread in the restaurant, it’s so delicious that people even want to eat it.”Joyce from Shanghai feels a bit salty.

Philly Cheese Lobster Roll

The first time I ate Lobster Roll in my life was in Boston two years ago. Since then, I fell in love with Lobster Roll and like to call it Lobster Roll, not a sandwich. The Lobster Roll from Lobster Grill is as big as the Boston Lobster Sandwich I never forget!Joyce from Shanghai sister paper also praised this Lobster Roll, "It is full of delicious flavor, and the lobster meat is very generous, with a slightly sweet sauce, with a little milky flavor. It is particularly satisfying with a bite of bread."

Steamed Clams

There are two kinds of Steamed Clams, West Coast and East Coast, steamed with white wine, cream and garlic.The author weakly indicates that there is no difference between East and West Coast Clams.Joyce, a more professional Shanghai girl with seafood, made a difference.The east coast is relatively large,The meat is also tenderer; the smaller ones on the west coast are the clams we usually eat.” At the same time, Joyce also suggested, “This is a little bit overcooked, maybe half a minute less will be just right.”

At the same time, everyone who eats and eats applauds, Clams handles very clean, without any sand, it is moving.

Cajun Buckets

This is the restaurant’s new Cajun style delicacy.The serving size is as good as always. The whole lobster will bring such a basket of seafood to the market for only $27.95, and a large portion is more affordable at $34.95.I have to let the foodies to exclaim the conscience of the industry, "too great" and "exposed domineering".The seafood is as fresh as always, and the sauce is the chef’s exclusive secret recipe, but in terms of the Cajun flavor, everyone has different feelings.Hubei sister paper Cy thinks the spiciness is weak, Jiangsu sister paper commented that “the fragrance is spicy” is very good; Shanghai sister paper said, “the sauce is still very delicious, but unfortunately the seafood is not stewed, only the spicy taste is eaten, and the taste is not Sense of layering", and it is recommended that the foodie "peel the shell and dip the sauce underneath to eat."Little sister Ling Dang also likes the side dishes, corn and small potatoes, especially pointed out that "small potatoes are also crisp and delicious."

lobster entree menu (Flavor: Garlic Butter)

Shanghai sister Joyce loves Lobster Grill’s grilled lobsters (I can see it from her cute little intoxicated expression during her tasting). Later, Joyce wrote to the team in the review, “Grilled lobster can't be more delicious,Very fresh big lobster with tender and flexible meat,The lobster juice is perfectly preserved when roasted,The absence of garlic is even more icing on the cake"This dish comes from the Entree Menu, which can be freely matched by the store. The main course, taste, and two side dishes are optional. Each main course is also paired with Grilled Garlic Bread. Among the side dishes I have eaten, I think Garlic Bread The roasted is very fragrant, and the roasted potatoes are not very tasteful. Little sister Bell said that the rice is average.

Lobster Tostada

When this Lobster Tostada came up, the author saw the big love lobster meat in it at a glance, not the deep-fried flower-like bowl that was later found to be delicious. Before I repeat how fresh the lobster meat is, please allow me to repeat the industry conscience of the price, because such a bowl only costs $ 5.95! Bell Bell thinks that the cute bowls are very crispy. Joyce recommends that those who love Mexican dishes should not miss this dish.

Butterfly Shrimp

The well-behaved butterfly prawns can taste the umami taste of the prawns, and the cooked ones are not too greasy. Joyce specifically described the beautiful butterfly shrimp, "flexible and juicy".

Fish Taco

Lobster Grill has several Mexican-style foods, and Fish Taco is one of them.I think the fish tastes fresh and fragrant, and the taco itself is a bit hard.Little sister Ling Dang suggested that the store increase the portion of this Fish Taco. I also think the portion of Fish Taco is a bit embarrassing. The portion is a bit small for the main dish, and a bit more for the side dishes.To sum up, every seafood at Lobster Grill is fresh enough, and the price is very affordable. It is worth driving from "far away" places just to eat fresh seafood!The decoration of the store is simple and modern, embellished with seaside style. It is suitable for shopping at the mall in the east on weekends to stop and eat seafood. There are also free drinks and many large-screen TVs, which are also suitable for gatherings and watching games.

Lobster Grill
Address: 3210 Chino Ave, Ste A, Chino Hills, CA 91709
Phone: (909) 628-6580
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday 3:30 pm-9pm; Friday 3:30 pm-10pm; Saturday 12 pm-10pm; Sunday 12 pm-9pm; Monday closed

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