East Fresh Seafood Bar- Lobster Grill

East Fresh Seafood Bar- Lobster Grill

The fresh seafood at the fish market is of course delicious, but if we live in Luolangang, do we have to drive for 90 minutes to have a bite of oysters? Nothing! Nothing! Chino Hills also has delicious seafood. Lobster Grill, which opened in August this year, is a seafood restaurant that sells grilled fish, grilled lobster, seafood platters, and the extremely popular Louisiana style crayfish.

Lobster Grill Address: 3210 Chino Avenue, Suite #A Chino Hills, California 91709 (Next to Starbucks)

Seafood platter The sweetness of lobster, the seawater taste of East Coast oysters, the creamy taste of West Coast oysters, the thick mussels, soft shrimps...the whole ocean is delicious, all in one go!

Grilled lobster Lobster Grill's signature dish. From ingredients, sauces, and side dishes, you can mix and match freely.

Steamed clams Use "steaming" this cooking method to restore the umami taste of the ingredients themselves

Cheese Lobster Sandwich Fresh lobster with creamy cheese and crunchy green peppers.

New England Lobster Sandwich

The long bread is stuffed with seasoned fresh lobster. In addition to the sweetness of the seafood, the chopped celery brings a refreshing feeling that is subtle and cannot be ignored.

Taco Tuesday Special Fish Taco

Cajun Seafood Basket

Suitable for winter seafood dishes, the hot and fragrant Louisiana style seafood basket, lobster, snow crab, fresh shrimp, all kinds of clams, sweet corn, potatoes... Make an appointment with a few teammates, take advantage of the moon and black wind. Right!Like many American restaurants, there areHappy Hour, Late at nightLate Night Menu. The liquor license and big screen ensure that during the game, you can watch the ball, chew lobster, and drink beer. Many of the dishes are large, and they are worried about the boss's need to make ends meet. The most particular thing about eating seafood is a fresh word. The raw and cooked seafood can be eaten in one bite. Lobster Grill's shrimp is tender and sweet, and the green mouth can be broken, especially the oysters. It has a fresh and smooth texture. The owner stated that he was most confident in the quality of seafood. He opened this seafood restaurant because he wanted to share the food with everyone. Children's shoes that love seafood, turn your back to the sea and head for Chino Hills.


Lobster Grill
3210 Chino Avenue, Suite #A Chino Hills, California 91709 (Next to Starbucks)
P: (909) 628-6580
Opening hours Monday-Thursday: 3:30 PM to 10PM Friday: 3:30 PM to 11PM Saturday: 12PM to 11PM Sunday: 12PM to 10PM
Lobster Grill official website stampHere

Part of the picture is from the official website of Lobster Grill

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