Girls' Date | Count down the best things to do with your girlfriends in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a fascinating city. It doesn't look greasy with palm trees that divide the city's skyline. It listens to the wind and birds singing and rolls the waves to beat the beach.

Los Angeles is even more interesting, with a dazzling calendar of city events, a plethora of fusion cuisines from all over the world, endless small theaters and countless shopping bases.

In such charming and interesting Los Angeles, the shows dating girlfriends can also be refurbished monthly, season by season.

Pictures from Yunzhu

In addition to the classic "walking and eating": eating, blowing, taking selfies, and chatting gossip, the author summarizes the diary of the time playing with my girlfriend @花卷儿: riding a bicycle by the beach, going to the studio to draw plates, visiting the flea market gardening shop, and watching Supper in a small theater drama...for you foodies and friends and friends, I hope you can study hard and work hard to make money in Los Angeles, but also have fun hard.

1. Eat brunch in the Los Feliz art district, visit the retro shops and garden shops

There are two brunch authors in Los Feliz.Alcove Cafe& Bakeryand Sqirl. Alcove is the oldest house in Los Feliz, with a warm and retro interior, as friendly as coming to an old friend's house; the brunch menu is very rich, and the dining space is relatively spacious, even if the line is within 20 minutes, it is suitable for chatting.

In contrast,SqirlThe food is very delicious and delicious, but the queue sometimes takes a long time. The restaurant is not suitable for sitting and chatting for a long time. There are not many kinds of menus, which is more suitable for foodies.

After you are full on the weekend, you can visit the nearby shops to eat and bask in the sun, and enjoy the gardening shop.Sunset NurseryHe recognized the flowers and plants and chose a potted tomato to go home. The tomatoes that @ 花卷 儿 买 have recently bear fruit.

Alcove Cafe& Bakery 1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 | (323) 644-0100
Sqirl 720 N Virgil Ave, Ste 4, Los Angeles, CA 90029 | (323) 284-8147
Sunset Nursery 4368 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029 | (323) 661-1642

2. Go cycling by the sea and eat Australian rosemary pie

I do n’t know how to ride a bicycle by myself, so I especially enjoy ridingTandem bicycleThe speed and tenderness of the sea breeze Buddha face. The coastline from Santa Monica to Marina Del Rey has a dedicated Biking Trail. The comfort and safety of cycling is good, and the scenery along the way is also breathtaking. Especially with the sisters, if it is not 100 degrees, the bike ride in June will not be very hot and hot, and it will be OK to wear a sunscreen and a hat. In addition, Santa Monica has many friends walking their dogs on the weekends at the beach, and various cute dogs appear; the market selling gadgets around Venice Beach is also very interesting. The Santa Monica area is also very delicious, I like to eat a shop selling Australian meat pieAussie Pie Kitchen.

Aussie Pie Kitchen 2510 Main St, Suite B, Santa Monica, CA 90405 | (310) 399-0743
Perry's Cafe and Rentals 2600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(There are many places to rent bicycles by the sea. You can find them near the parking lot.)

3. Learn to roast taro roll cake, dumplings, dumplings, boiled beef noodles with your girlfriends, or take cooking class together

Since @花卷儿 is an omnipotent chef, in addition to home cooking, there are cloud-leg moon cakes, fried rice cakes, steamed buns, various dim sum cakes... there is nothing that can't be made at home.The author is not only fully enjoying the chef’s amazing delicacies, but also working hard to learn from the chef.If you are too busy studying and working, or if the cost of preparing some cooking materials at home is relatively high, good friends can also sign up for cooking classes together. There are often discounts for some classes on Groupon.

4. Go to the pink wall to take pictures, eat Fig&Olive Spanish paella; go to The Broad to sign in, eat Otium Napoleon, and then put us all together

With a background in media marketing, @ 花卷 儿, he was born with a variety of fun prophets. Before I had heard of Yayoi Kusama, my girlfriend had already reserved The Broad's ticket. It is only between the sisters that they can understand why it is 100 degrees weather to pat on a pink wall; just after lunch, why are you hungry and eat ice cream? It is also the girlfriends who will not complain. "This pot of grass" is good-looking but a bit insatiable. The most important thing is that after the girlfriend took a "2 meter long leg", she was also responsible for the post-dimming! Recommend two restaurants that the author likes are high in value and delicious:

Otium 222 S Hope, Los Angeles, CA 90012 | (213) 935-8500

Fig & Olive 8490 Melrose Pl, West Hollywood, CA 90069 | (310) 360-9100

The squad has an article"Internet Red Wall, Cafe, Retro Market | Melrose Internet Red Street Ultimate Shopping Guide", Introduced the shopping essence in the area of ​​Melrose in detail, you can refer to it.

5. Go to Pasadena Theater to watch "Treasure Island Village" and drink beef soup in Huzi; go to The Ivy Substation to watch "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and eat a lobster sandwich at EMC Seafood

In the Greater Los Angeles area, every city has a theater, and there are some interesting repertoires. E-mails pay attention to some theaters, which is an effective channel for understanding the repertoire information. When buying tickets, you don't have to buy them on the official website of the theater. You can check if there are any discounts on Goldstar. Both the author and @ 花卷 儿 prefer to watch dramas, and there are more dramas to watch together. Girlfriends go to watch ballet shows, concerts, and small fresh art movies are also good activities. Food mate, you must have supper after watching the show. For more supper places, please see the teamMap of Afternoon at Koreatown.

Hodori 1001 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006|(213) 383-3554
EMC Seafood& Raw Bar 3500 W 6th, Ste101, Los Angeles, CA 90020 | (213) 351-9988

6. Go to Hiking to climb the sunless mountains and give yourself a good reason to eat a barbecue

Outdoor master friends often organize everyone to climb some less difficult entry-level routes together, and also take care of the girls, and choose some trails that are not so dry along the way. I think Santa Anita Canyon Loop and Mt. Wilson are the more shaded (> 85%) routes along the way. Please refer to the food squad for detailsTop XNUMX climbing routes in Los Angeles / Southern California. Barbecue guideLos Angeles Korean BBQ Guide.

Especially recommended Korean barbecue restaurant with grilled large intestine in the pictureAhgassi Gopchang.

After the barbecue, I have to go againSul&BeansEating a serving of soy bean ice is even more satisfying.

Ahgassi Gopchang 3744 W 6th, Los Angeles, CA 90005 | (213) 249-9678

Sul&Beans 621 S Western Ave, Ste 208 A, Los Angeles, CA 90005 | (213) 385-5510

7. Draw a plate at Color Me Mine and go to Philz Coffee for Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

In Color Me Mine you can choose a variety of blank porcelain products, such as plates, bowls, cups and other tableware, and jewelry boxes, piggy banks, vases and other home furnishings. Then I DIY myself, design my own patterns, and paint on porcelain. Finally, the shop will help you to glaze the porcelain products. After two weeks, you can bring your own works home. Color Me Mine has several branches. The author went to the Santa Monica branch; drawing plates usually takes about 3 hours. Even if you are not a master of painting, as long as you are patient, you will not find it difficult, and the process of drawing is very relaxing. Color Me Mine sometimes has discounts on some discount websites. I want to check the deal before going. Special thanks for the photos taken by @ 雪 桥.

Color Me Mine Santa Monica 1335 4th Street, Santa Monica, California 90401|(310) 393-0069
Philz Coffee 525 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 100, Santa Monica, CA 90401|(213) 213-2616

8. Take a walk to Wi Spa in Koreatown to experience Korean sauna and celebrate "Girls' Day" on March XNUMX

(Picture fromitsmilkandhoney)

There are a lot of SPAs in Shanji Village. I have n’t done any homework in this area. I have only been to Wi Spa in Koreatown. I feel that the Korean style is warm, with bath, wet and dry sauna, and food. Go relax and chat. It is recommended to wear a mask. In addition to various interesting saunas, the three-story lounge area also has WiFi, a small dining area, and a mini library to watch comics. The food in Wi Spa is average, and it is a little far from the restaurants in Ktown.

Wi Spa 2700 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057|(213) 487-2700

9. Soak up the morning dew from Nanca and go to the flea market in Rose Bowl, Pasadena.

The Rose Bowl flea market is held on the second Sunday of every month, from 9:4 am to 30:XNUMX pm.The scale is very large, and it will take half a day to visit carefully.Because it is outdoors, it is still relatively dry, so it is recommended to go early.There are some personal jewelry stores with a strong sense of design and various styles, which are worth picking.There are also many stalls selling furniture.

@花Scroller spent 5 yuan to buy a small plate as small as a pickle appetizer, with a very beautiful landscape painting in the middle of the plate.Later, I went home and checked the brand on the back of the plate, and it said that it sold for 105 yuan on the official website.Although it may not be possible to find any treasures in the flea market, it is good to choose your favorite gadgets, find surprises, and find happiness.

Rose Bowl Flea Market 1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Pasadena, CA 91103 | (626) 577-3100
10. Is this Saturday going to play badminton or bowling, morning tea or lamb skewers?

Although the New Year ’s wishes at the beginning of each year are "not fat to eat," they still have to be achieved through regular exercise. If you feel that the climbing time is too long or consumes too much, going to play badminton or bowling together is a happy and effective exercise. The author went to the San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club to play badminton. The venue needs to be booked online in advance. The racket can be rented at the venue (don't overestimate your strength when renting the venue, one hour is long enough; rookie players play for fifteen minutes Feeling tired after playing all morning). If you eat breakfast before playing badminton, you can consider Guangdong morning tea, or a table early. When hesitating to get up early on the weekend, think about dear shrimp dumplings, handsome beef and sauerkraut rice balls, and shy radish cakes. If you are bowling at Shatto 39 Lanes on Ktown XNUMXth Street, you can have beef soup for breakfast. After the event, you can eat lamb skewers at Fengmao or smoked pork belly with Mister Bossam.

San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club 9255 Telstar Ave, El Monte, CA 91731 | (626) 307-4650
Mister Bossam 338 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020 | (213) 388-5379
Shatto 39 Lanes 3255 W 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020 | (213) 385-9475

11. Go to Speed ​​Zone to drive karts and electric, and eat lamb stewed chicken or beef ramen at Rowland Heights?

(Picture fromSpeedZone)

Speed ​​Zone is next to Highway No. 60 in the Eastern District, and you will often notice when you drive by.Outdoors is a place where you can drive four kinds of racing cars, such as karting and bumper cars. The speed and passion in the sun and "hit a white bump".There are various electric amusement facilities indoors.Tickets can be bought separately or in packages.The price has fluctuated recently. It is recommended to check and confirm directly on the Speed ​​Zone official website. Speed ​​Zone is in the City of Industry. If you live in the west, you don't often go to the east side to eat children's shoes. This is also an opportunity to eat East District food.Xinjiang cuisine has Shencai Feiyang and Tianshan cuisine, Qingdao cuisine has Qingdao people, Taiwanese cuisine has the second class of three years, and Xi'an cuisine has Xi'an restaurant...Oh, don't choose too many.

Speed ​​Zone 17871 Castleton St, City Of Industry, CA 91748|(626) 913-9663

Chun Yuer Birthday @ 花卷 儿 的 Homemade Cake

This article is for the charming and interesting @ 花卷 儿.

Thanks for meeting you in Los Angeles. May the years pass, we will always be young and we will always be in tears.

Single young men who read this article, if you want to meet beautiful and generous, independent and progressive, funny @ 花卷 儿, quickly add WeChat, our food boss, for contact information ~

Written by: Chunyuer

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