If every cuisine is a personality, then Cantonese cuisine may be Gemini: it is always familiar and surprising

Little Henry and his father-in-law’s family ate Cantonese food in Guangzhou once,

Speaking of being from Shenzhen;

The father-in-law and other relatives said with a smirk:

"There is no authentic Cantonese food in Shenzhen? They are all mixed together!"

Well, how should I answer this?

Blindly affirming and negating are not quite right;

So the little Henry of Gemini instantly had a fight in his head.

A nod of praise:

Ok! The taste of Guangzhou is the most positive! Rarely caters to improvements!

The other villain murmured:

Compared to other cuisines, Cantonese cuisine is the most mashup!

Finally, how little Henry responded to his father-in-law, I don’t remember anymore;

But the topic of Cantonese cuisine is not authentic and the standard is not standard is very interesting.

Little Henry’s many years of experience in Guangdong tells me that Cantonese cuisine is complicated and changeable in taking care of different tastes and tastes under different ingredients:

There are some sweet anti-sand yam, but also the "bitter melon fried xx" combination that is difficult for people from other provinces to accept;

There are salty to concentrated salted fish, as well as old hot soup where oil and salt are not in your eyes;

There are also sour lotus roots that are so sour, and the shrimp paste that seems "fishy as rotten seafood";

So gradually, little Henry and domestic friends were never surprised by the endless fresh and weird recipes and classic adaptations of Cantonese restaurants;

To sum it up with the words of Little Henry’s mother, a person who immigrated to Guangdong after eating Hunan cuisine for 30 years: Even if you add or change a little bit of Cantonese cuisine, you can eat differently. Then you and the restaurant I feel that I have earned it.

When he arrived in Los Angeles, Henry was more aware of the flexibility and changeability of Cantonese cuisine.

No live fish in Guangzhou? Replaced with deep-sea lobster;

Not so much lean and durable pork? Get fat and lean meat to make one;

No fresh pork feet with its own fragrance? Intensify processing;

As a result, Cantonese cuisine in Los Angeles has become more unruly.

While other local dishes are trying to find the taste of home, Cantonese dishes seem to work harder"Give you some surprises from the familiar taste."

Of course, some stores are not very successful. Either they only find it unfamiliar, so everyone says it is not authentic; or they want to be loyal to the familiar, so everyone says that they don’t know how to use the advantages of local materials;

It is never easy to keep the store balanced under the concept of "classic and changeable". Little Henry went recentlyCooking | Henry's Cuisine, Has been doing such an attempt. Whether it is delicious or not is aside for now, but that innovative idea is worth checking out.

Secret pork neck

Very familiar: neatly arranged and exquisite, each slice is cut into just a small bite. The edges of the meat are slightly burnt and crisp, but the meat itself is quite elastic. The sparkling and bright pork slices look shiny and greasy, but they don’t feel greasy in the mouth because the proportions of fat and thin are very harmonious.

Little surprise: the lean meat part is quite solid, while the fat part has been treated with oil absorption; and the store further considered losing weight and reducing greasiness, so it was served with Western-style salad vegetables. Little Henry personally liked this pairing: a piece of pork neck meat Served with a piece of vegetable leaf, it is both fragrant and sweet in the mouth, both crispy and soft, which complement each other.

Crispy Salty Pork Hands

Very familiar: Salted pork knuckle is a famous (tu) dish (cao) brought to the people of the whole country in Guangdong. What you want is the mixed taste of salty, dry pork skin and soft pork inside. The salty taste is more appropriate and moderate, and it will not be missed if you eat pig skin dry.

Little surprise: The oil under the skin is really removed. The pig skin is as crisp as potato chips; the taste of the meat is weak, so the store provides a sweet and sour sauce for dipping the meat. Some people like to think it is very flavorful, and some people think that the salty dipping sauce is better. At the same time, the store also served with Western-style salad vegetables to further help relieve the greasy pork.

Stir-fried pine nuts with special cod fillet (with crispy tube)

Very familiar: Fried assorted dishes with a light taste. Little Henry’s friend said it was very Cantonese; the beans, pine nuts, corn, and celery were just ripe, not particularly soft and rotten, and the pieces were distinct. Little Henry’s friend said that Guangdong Green vegetables are made in this original form, but they can’t be fried beyond recognition;

Little surprise: see the crispy tube on the side? Fan Bingbing, a small partner from the northeast, said that it is hard to imagine that you can eat such a crisp spring roll in a Cantonese restaurant. With the light assortment, it will be crispy after a bite; even the crispy tube is delicious. . Of course, the fragrance of spring rolls will definitely bring a little oil in the hand.

Vietnamese Fried Lobster

Very familiar: seafood in Cantonese cuisine is especially prominent in the word "fresh", and I am most afraid that the seasoning will cover the taste of seafood. Although this dish contains various seasonings such as black pepper, pepper, green onion, ginger, garlic, but one bite, the shrimp meat inside is still white, the shrimp flavor is relatively strong, and the shrimp meat is also very elastic, so the shrimp shell sauce The material is more used to assist and embellish.

Small surprise: The fresh Maine/Boston lobster is a choice that is tailored to local conditions, not to mention that the store specifically selects female lobsters with seeds. The small red dots in the picture are all lobster seeds, which greatly increases the unique fragrance of shrimp.

Fresh duck stewed with salted lemon

A surprise rarely seen in Los Angeles: there are not many shops selling the classic salted lemon duck in Guangxi. This dish balances the duck’s own mutton flavor with sour scallions and sour lemon. With other supplements, the duck meat becomes very chewy, not just a piece of meat with a salty taste. And the store is more willing to choose those fresh ducks with more bones, so abating and chewing bones has become a major feature of eating this dish.

Little Henry is not sure his father-in-law will come to a restaurant like cooking next time

I think it has found the authentic Cantonese cuisine in Guangzhou

I still think it has too many other elements;

But Henry and his friends are not the old taste of Cantonese food after XNUMX to XNUMX years.

I always want to see restaurants

While maintaining the original shape and taste of classic dishes,

Make big or small innovations.

The feeling of deja vu but with constant surprises,

Perhaps it is the greatest charm of Cantonese cuisine.

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