Visit this Sichuan restaurant in Luolangang | It's always delicious, but I don't know why the Shufeng Garden is not on fire

Last Thursday night, the team of five people visited the Shufeng Garden in Luolangang.

Because soy milk I have always liked to eat the Chengdu hot pot <Old House> opened by his boss, but I have never had time to visit this Sichuan restaurant.

There are so many Sichuan restaurants in Los Angeles, but unfortunately the first name I can think of is not "Shu Feng Yuan".The renovated "Shufeng Garden" has a new look.We visited this Sichuan restaurant in private when the boss was away.Look at the dishes that must be eaten or that you have thought about that taste.

Although they are all replaced with wooden tables and chairs, sitting on this wooden bench still has a taste like dining in the restaurant with the most familiar friends in China.

Because there is no guidance from the boss, the food we order is based on the personal preference of the team. Ordering is more objective.

Cold Dish | Millet Pepper Mixed Pork Hand

A team of meatless and unhappy stars gather to eat meat from cold dishes. Seeing the millet pepper mix on the menu, I ordered it without hesitation.I like the spicy taste of millet pepper that slowly penetrates, the layering of the skin of the pig's hand. Generally, pig hands are made into hot dishes, heavy oil and spicy. Although it tastes enjoyable, but do not want to eat anything else after eating.Refreshing appetizer of mixed pig hands made into cold dishes.Of course, the traditional cold dishes in Sichuan cuisine are also readily available.Husband and wife's lung slices, garlic white meat, garlic cucumber, spicy beef jerky... Soy milk next time I want to try his refreshing shredded radish, try to see how spicy shredded radish tastes.

Signature Dishes | Spicy Yellow Throat

"Fragrant...spicy...yellow..." Before I finished reading the name of the dish, the student Xiao Baojian next to him saiddot dot dot! Spicy yellow throat is their signature dish, and it is also their new dish. After eating yellow throat that is used for lo mei or shabu-shabu, I can’t help but feel the yellow throat after being friedKind and touching. The fried yellow throat tastes crispy. After adding a variety of cannabis hot peppers, it tastes very rich. This dishThe finishing touchMust be served as a side dishcucumberLa. As a vegetable, cucumber absorbs the soup that is the essence of this dish. But it tastes delicious again. There are fewer cucumbers in the pot of yellow throat.If the yellow throat and the cucumber are half, do you think this dish is expensive again?This is enough to show my great love for cucumbers in spicy yellow throat!

Signature Dishes | Tu Lao Fei

It may be that the tastes of the following dishes are quite amazing. The taste of this chicken with fat sausage is the expected taste. It looks like red hot sauce, but it tastes relatively mild.

Many classmates dare not try fat intestines. When eating dry pots, people who love to eat fat intestines dare not order fat intestines in front of students who refuse to eat them. But if this is the case, it is very suitable for ordering "Tao Lao Fei".Those who dare not eat fatty intestines eat a few pieces of chicken, and those who love fatty intestines can also get hooked. The ingredients are handled very well,Don't worry if any fishy smells will smell into other ingredients.

Taste Fish | Dried Fish

When I was still taking pictures of each dish, the new classmate from North CanadaI’ve eaten all this dried fish in silence. There is really no exaggeration. When I want to taste the taste, there will be the one in the last big group photo. The new classmate said that he usually feels that the fish species of Meidi Chinese Restaurant are worse than the fish quality and taste of domestic restaurants. Many masters cannot handle fish meat in the same way because of the fish species. But the chef of Shufengyuan skillfully decocts the fish before cooking,The fish is tender and tender.Although the seasoning looks red, it tastes quite intriguing. Suddenly remembering that in the old house, the boss told me with a strong Sichuan accent:"Sister, you must try our dried fish~" At that time, I didn't even have a cold for this common name, but I confessed after eating that this signature dish is definitely one of their must-order dishes.

Farm Stir-fried | Pork Brain Tofu

This brain flower tofu is also a very different dish.People who don't love don't want to try it all their lives, people who like to eat brains can't wait to be served every day.And I definitely belong to the latter.

Since the taste bud that eats the brain flower is opened, every time there is a brain flower in the hot pot, you will never let it go when you see it. Every time I go out for dinner with friends,If friends eat brains, they feel that their relationship is one step closer. Cook your own brains, always master bad. The cooking time is too short to be afraid of not being cooked and eating a bad belly. After cooking for too long, I am afraid that the brain flower will taste too old and lose the meaning of eating brain flower. With the experience of an experienced chef, the taste of this brain flower can't be wrong. It is eaten with tofu with similar taste.Happiness.

Pickled Chicken with Vegetables | Goose Sausage

Chengdu people love to eat fake food. "Making food is a person's hot pot, and hot pot is a group of people's cooking."

Take vegetarian dishes, take goose intestines, take yellow throat... Different from mala Tang or Chuan Chuan Xiang,The soup is very fresh. Even a few bites of soup will not be as greasy as the hot pot in hot pot. In addition to the main ingredient goose intestine, there are crisp lotus root and black fungus in this pot of roasted vegetables. Of course, lunch meats are common to all ages.

I used to eat goose intestines in the hot pot soup baseCan't help but lift it up slowly. The slightly rolled goose intestines also taste crispy. After I clipped one, I couldn't help but picked up another one.

Vegetarian Stir-Fried | Open Broad Beans

Even meat-eaters still have to place a vegetarian dish symbolically. After eating the shredded cabbage or dried green beans in the Chinese restaurant, this time we decided to turn over the brand of Kaiyang Broad Bean in Shufengyuan. Broad beans bought in supermarkets in the US are very old or hard to eat. So I could not help asking the waiter before ordering:"This dish is delicious?" After waiting for the food, after the first bite, it was still touching. In the past few yearsI have almost forgotten the very tender taste of broad beans in the season. It’s the same kind of chewSoft glutinous and sweet taste. It feels bitter, not addictive! I also specially took a large spoon to fill my bowl.

I have eaten the only restaurant without minefields these months.The palms and hands are meat, I don't know which ones are necessary. Because in the eyes of soy milkEvery point is a must.

It's so difficult to separate, it seems that you should try to tell us which one is your heart, and which one needs strong Amway to your friends and family~

The generous boss wants to give us someWelfare at the end of the article~ As long as you use this article to go to Shufeng Garden for any consumption during dinner, you can getHot and sour powder or cold noodlesA copy. Every piece of Chengdu Sichuan-flavored snack is the essence.

Shufeng Garden | Shufeng Garden

Address: 18459 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 839-7589

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00 AM-9:30PM

Shufeng Park now also supports Alipay and WeChat Pay. Does it feel convenient for hin!

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