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I vaguely remember that Lanzhou ramen that I ate in Niu Jie as a child was a big bowl of 2 yuan (RMB), and that was a happy memory. Nowadays, needless to say 2 yuan of noodles, it is difficult to find a bowl of noodles with the word "authentic". Fortunately, the team found Maran Ramen at Hacienda Heights! Moms no longer have to worry that we can't eat authentic Lanzhou ramen. You should know that Malan Ramen is a Tian Chao Ramen fast food chain brand. Focusing on ramen for XNUMX years, the brand certification is worth a try.

It is said that there is no ramen in Lanzhou. The "Lanzhou ramen" we hang at our mouth is actually a local beef noodle. Anyway, say "face" first. Ramen is not only a craft, it is also an art. If you want to turn ramen into art, you have to be at your heart and be at your heart; Feeling the heartbeat of your noodles with your strength and giving them lifelike, continuous It is endless, moving like a stream of water; the spectacularness of the still waterfall requires time to practice and learn, to learn how to feel, the extensibility and contraction of the feeling surface. The master of the ramen noodles of the Ma Lan family can make 11 different kinds of ramen. The shop mainly sells 7 kinds of ramen. Among them, there are thin noodles, two thin noodles, buckwheat noodles (triangular noodles) and wide noodles. If you have other preferences, you can tell the pastry chef to make noodles outside the menu.

Let ’s talk about “soup”. The beef soup is a beef bone beef soup that is boiled every morning at five or six in the morning. It is stewed for one day at a time. The radish is burned separately and then put into the soup. Full, all ingredients continue the domestic flavor. AsAs described in China on the Tip of the Tongue,Lanzhou people start their daily life with a bowl of beef noodles in the morning.

In addition to being the first authentic Malan ramen in the U.S., it also has its own unique Northwest spice. Have some spicy seeds and add some coriander, OMG, childhood happiness is back.

In addition to ramen, Malan ramen also has other Northwestern specialties and snacks such asBig plate chicken,Maran crystal stuffed leather,Maran Preserved Egg Tofuand many more. For more food temptations, please pay attention to the article of the food team.[Malan Flowering Twenty-One | Remember the Beef Noodles of the Malan Family]

With so many food temptations and our childhood memories, how can we not go? Don't use the excuses of flat purses after Double Eleven to fool you, Maran ramen buy one get one free surprise!

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Malan Noodles | Malan Noodles
Address:2020 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights, CA
phone:(626) 369-5602
Business hours:Monday to Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm; 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday to Sunday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Closed on Tuesday
parking:Free parking in Plaza
Cash Only!

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