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According to legend, there are four major artifacts for people to eat: Wuhan hot noodles, Xi'an meat dumplings, and Tianjin pancake fruit. What seems to be missing? Yes, Lanzhou ramen!

However, there is no ramen in Lanzhou! No Lanzhou ramen!

First of all, Lanzhou only has Lanzhou beef noodles. Lanzhou people call itBeef noodle or beef bowl, But out of Gansu, it is called Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant.

Secondly, beef noodles are special aboutOne clear, two white, three red, four green, five yellow. Tang Qing, white noodles, oily spicy red, parsley green onions, yellow noodles. Beef soup is a beef bone beef soup that is boiled every morning at five or six in the morning. It is clear and full of flavor, so you should get up early and eat a bowl. As"China's tongue"It was said that the daily life of Lanzhou people starts with a bowl of beef noodles in the morning.

Moreover, the thickness of the noodles is also an important mark of beef noodles, either thick or thin,Capillary, slender, triangular, wide, leek, largeIs the most representative. Wool, this noodle is as thin as rabbit hair, gentle and soft. It is a thin noodle in Lanzhou beef noodles, which is very popular with seniors. Fine surface, as thin as a refill, suitable thickness, most easy-going. Two thin, slightly thicker than thin noodles, full of elasticity, chewy and lively. Wide noodles, wide noodles, is a manifestation of the bold style of the Northwest. The diners are mostly masculine men, as wide as narrow. Large width. In Lanzhou, some people often enter the noodle shop and yell "Noodles with the same width as a bowl and trousers". Leek leaves, as wide as fresh leek leaves, are the narrowest wide noodles in Lanzhou beef noodles, with moderate thickness. Many people love this noodles.

So, how did such a delicious snack be invented?

Someone in the Qing Dynasty praised the beef noodles as "Entrance race fairyIt can be seen that beef noodles already existed in the Qing Dynasty. It first appeared in the late Qing Dynasty. Lanzhou people like to eat pasta, and there are many Hui people in Lanzhou. The shape and the low yield rate of sheep, finally decided to abandon the "sheep" and "cow" to have beef noodles. Later, after many attempts and many generations of inheritance, the raw materials and methods of beef noodles are in Ma Baozi's grandson Ma. Jie San's generation is basically stereotyped.

Malan Ramen officially opened a store in Lanzhou in 1993, and is highly sought after by local diners. Since relocating to Beijing in 1996 and creating the "Malan Ramen" brand, it has been out of control, and the stores in various cities are enough to prove its taste and quality.

Surprisingly, Maran ramen can also be found in the United States. Los Angeles is the first and only company in the United States. It has been open for 15 years. The location is quiet, but the wine is not afraid of the alleys. Many professional noodles say It is quite authentic and delicious, and it is really moving to eat in the United States.

Maran Ramen

This bowl of soup is boiled with beef bones and stewed for one day at a time. The radishes are also cooked separately and then put into the soup. All the ingredients continue the domestic flavor. The only difference is that no MSG is added to any dishes in this branch, which is healthier to eat than domestic. Secondly, there are 7 types of noodles on the menu, but the pastry chef can pull out 11 types of noodles! Among the popular ones, there are thin noodles, two thin noodles, soba noodles (triangular noodles), and wide noodles. But let me know, if you have other preferences, you can tell the pastry chef to make noodles other than the menu!


This spicy sauce is also made exclusively. It is not as spicy as Hunan or Sichuan. Even the soup with spicy seeds is more fragrant.Northwestern SpiceIt is the most memorable Lanzhou people who go south and north. The good chili noodles are poured into hot oil and poured into oily spicy seeds. The aroma of the sky makes the index finger move. Hot noodles in each noodle shop may be one of the important reasons to attract customers. If you want a plate of beef noodles with beef, sprinkle with spicy seeds and cilantro, it is one of the most Northwest-style side dishes.

Big plate chicken

In addition to ramen, his large plate of chicken is also a famous Northwest dish. The author is a loyal fan of Northwestern cuisine. When I was reading a book, I developed a large plate of chicken, and I felt a bit like it, but the belt noodles were never up to the level. It is believed that the noodles pulled out by this pastry chef will make the big chicken even better.

Maran crystal stuffed leather

It is also a snack that the author misses very much. Unlike Liangpi, it is opaque, but it has chewy muscles, and with gluten, sesame sauce, and hot sauce, it has almost no resistance. It ’s not so easy to eat it, only周末onlysupplyThen, we must remember it.

Maran Preserved Egg Tofu

The tender inside fat tofu is melted in the mouth, with raw materials such as preserved eggs, sesame oil, soy sauce, spring onion, coriander and so on. It is a big pheasant in summer all year round. This mouthfeel is refreshing.

Malan Noodles

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