How did you spend the Mid-Autumn Festival | 50 moments when you suddenly wanted to go back to China

The Mid-Autumn Festival has passed this year,
Let's ask, how are you all doing?
Whenever you think twice about a holiday, it is never a routine.


I did n’t know until I went abroad.
You can feel homesick.

At what instant do you want to return home?

 We collected the words of the team members

    During the festival                     

It ’s going to be Mid-Autumn Festival, and I ’m also eating moon cakes. I drove to the supermarket and found that a box of moon cakes had four starts. I really want to enjoy moon cakes with my family.

@ 繁星

The first few Mid-Autumn Festival meals were just because I did n’t have many friends and I was busy going to school. Every time I swallowed a sandwich. I talked to my family about happy holidays. The moon cake scene is really too bad.
When I ca n’t eat dumplings made by my mother in the New Year.
@ 凡凡


During the National Day of the United States, standing in the yard and watching the fireworks blooming around and the children's fireworks in the neighbors' homes, I suddenly missed home, missed every lively Chinese New Year at home, and missed my parents.
@ 胖胖 儿
One year on the Spring Festival taxi ride home, I just met the New York Consulate General's ship setting off fireworks on the Hudson River. I thought of the day when I was a kid, and my sister was lying on the balcony to watch the fireworks every year. Suddenly I want to go home and spend the New Year with my family.
@ 文 佳


           When the stomach is homesick.       

I heard a new pancake shop opened downstairs. Giant wants to eat.
When I saw Lady m's domestic sweet-scented Osmanthus flavor ~
When I think of Hunan rice noodles Lanzhou ramen noodles with oil and bamboo shoots
@Captain Promoter
Wanted to eat supper and found nowhere to go, they were all closed.
Eat, want to eat all kinds of delicious, all kinds. After all, how does the United States feel that there is no domestic authentic, the most wanted is to eat rice dumplings, as an authentic Xi'an people, after looking for a long time, no one sells rice dumplings.imageIt's all dough or rolling dough.
@ xiaotiaoti.Liu
It's time for New Year's Eve. . . Look at that tableimage
@ 珊
I ca n’t eat fresh meat mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival. I made a few Pastry Sheets, and I miss the new ones that have just been released by domestic roadsides ~
@ 小 橙子

Miss the share: so dirty, messy and happy

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@ 多 村 黄 教 厨
Ordered takeaway can be delivered for more than an hour, and the food is already cold. The most expensive delivery! The slowest delivery!
@ 松松
I bought a new phone, but I did n’t find a good phone case after searching for a long time!
Last time, there was a screen shot of "What's Wuhan" in the circle of friends, and Wuhan fellows are turning around.
@ 阿布布
It was clear at 8 o'clock, but every day, the mall was closed.
@ 安迪
When I saw the new products of domestic hi-tea and the white rabbit also made milk tea... I wanted to drink it but couldn't drink it!
When you buy something on Taobao and find that Taobao Consolidation is not expensive due to category restrictions.
@ 费 思
The sisters went to see the shooting location of Aidou, but I could only brush on Weibo (the suffering of the star-seeking girl)
@ 阿秋秋 秋秋

Being sick became my biggest nightmare.

Acute gastroenteritis, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lying in bed, and finally got a little energy to eat something to replenish physical strength, crawled to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to find empty.
@ 松松
I just went for a minor dental surgery myself. Then I went home by taxi, went home to cook rice and porridge myself, and I was so sad. I would n’t mention the VIP treatment with my family when I ’m at home. At least there are shops selling purple rice porridge downstairs. Amoy rice and porridge, lost to burst.
@ 野 瑞
The final exam met a move, and after sleeping less than 20 hours a week, I rented uhaul and moved the entire apartment. My roommate had her fiance, her dad, her brother, and I would add a car by myself. Later, there was an acute drug allergy. I did n’t feel relieved to contact the doctor and pharmacist. I went to every 10 minutes to check the drug precautions. I knew that after work, I drove myself into an emergency, and also I had to convince the doctor that I wasn't really allergic to the drug. At that time, my airway was almost half blocked, and I would call an ambulance later. I do n’t dare to sleep after going home at night, my skin is a little yellow and I am afraid of sudden jaundice. I wake up myself with an alarm clock every half an hour, and go to the mirror to see if my eyes are yellow.
Gastroenteritis went to emergency in the evening, and after waiting for 4 hours, finally saw the doctor. As a result, the doctor gave me water to drink and let me lie down.

            Missing is always sudden        

On Friday night, I lived in a bar where I could n’t sleep peacefully. The walls followed the music beat. The boys who drank too much sang and sang and wanted to go home for a walk and listen to the sound of the waves.
@ 纪小宇
Later, my parents came here and planted a lot of vegetables. After they got home, they were deserted and they didn't have time to take care of them. But every time they looked outside, they would think of the way their parents were watering the vegetables here...
@ 大米

When I was in school in New York, I once saw a tall and middle-aged uncle sitting on a chair in a subway station. He looked a bit Asian and was hanging his hair down. His body was similar to my dad. At home, I want to see if my parents are all right at home.
When a warning of a shooting near was received, the siren screamed outside in the middle of the night.
Suddenly remembered what I had done, what was near my home, what was in the environment I was accustomed to, when these things were not here, I would never return if I wanted to return home.
@ co + 2fe
When I eat cabbage, I only eat the head, which is the part of the leaves. When I am at home, my mother will cut this part and make it for me. She and Dad solved the food problem of the food gang. After a person goes abroad, when no one eats food and has no choice but to eat it, he misses home, thinking about himself who can be accepted no matter how willful.
@ 姜子牙

We are absent from each other's time.

I have a dog that I brought home when I was in high school. I am 17 years old ~ I eat and sleep almost at home. Every time I watch Ma Ma video, I call him, watch his ears move, click ~ and then immediately turn around and walk away. Putting the video in front of him, he also deliberately turned his head to the other side ... At this time, he wanted to go home and hug him ~ told him that he did not intentionally separate.
@ 睿 宝
My mother madly sent me pictures of my cat and told me they insisted on sleeping in my bed. I called them by name in the video and they looked around to find where I was. Well, I want to go home.
@Sarah 吉 良


The best companion got married, but couldn't stand beside him and share his emotions.
Domestic classmates meet today. In the group photo of friends in the circle, there is no me.
@ 普林
Video chat with parents when parents feel old.
@ 鱼丸 面
Exotic male ticket on birthday
@Anyway you guys commented
Grandpa and grandma birthday relatives are gathered together to eat and eat, except when I am missing ~
@ ʏᴏɢᴀ
At the beginning, if you have anything to do, leave a message to your parents on WeChat. They always reply after a while.You know, they are all in the middle of the night and early morning... I mute them, and they don't listen.Now I remember to leave them a message in the evening and not disturb them to sleep.
@ 扑扑 酱
I saw my little friends in the circle of friends give their parents birthdays, take them on shopping trips, make snacks together ... and I can only say good night to my parents through my mobile phone and jet lag.
@ 嘿 克丝
When my mother posted my ugly picture in the circle of friends. I don't care how ugly this photo is and I don't think it will be embarrassing, but I knew it at a glance-she must have thought that I couldn't sleep again.
"Grandpa was ill at the time, and I really wanted to return to China.I think I'll go back as soon as this is done.My mother told me half a month later that Grandpa had left.This is the moment I want to return home.It turns out that whether I return home or time, I can't wait."
The city we used to live in changes every day.
The important people around us, their time is also passing away quietly.
Whenever I tell myself-I will go back when I have time.
You can't wait.
If you can go back, go back and check it out.
If temporarily not possible, remember to make a call and give it to your favorite person.
The 50th moment is for you.
What was the moment when you suddenly wanted to return to your country?How did you spend the Mid-Autumn Festival today?.Please leave us a message.
Let yourself eat well, let the stomachMust notI miss home so much~
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~
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