Costco walks through the food must-buy

Costco walks through the food must-buy

Costco is a well-known member-type warehouse shopping in the United States. The Chinese translation is Costco. The Kirkland brand is a must-have for home travel. In addition, Costco often has special products for other brands that are not available. Whether you are a member of Costco or not, as a foodie, you must know this supermarket. Today I will share with you 16 good things you have to buy! With one article in hand, it doesn't matter if Costco gets older.

Roast chicken $4.99/pc

Freshly baked chicken every day. After eating the chicken legs and wings, Chai Chai ’s chicken breasts can be used to tear chicken and drool chicken. The chicken rack can also be easily stewed into a milky white broth. Noodles and porridge are perfect. Eat more chicken for only $ 4.99, so good deal, I really can't miss passing by.


The fragrant butter flavor, with layers of meringue, can be compared to the best croissants in Los Angeles if it is baked out of the oven. $ 5.99 for a box of 12 is also very affordable.

Butterfly Bowl for Sugar Bowl

It's full of butter and it's good for breakfast or snacks. Crispy and lovely, the shape is also cute! Do n’t worry, it wo n’t make you feel too sweet.

Cut sweet corn

After the first love, sweet corn to no friends. Whether you are hungry to fill your stomach, cook soup or make a hot pot, you are worth having!

Lobster tail

Come back and put some beef fried or grilled on the grill, a seafood meal with a high difficulty of $ 0. Fresh ingredients are the most important ~


Like shellfish, it is absolutely right to buy mussels in winter, other times are not the season, and there is little expensive meat.

Butter / Cream Cheese

If you like to make dim sum at home and bake a cheesecake, it's still more affordable to buy these ingredients at Costco.

Balsamic Venigar

Costco bought this is a balsamic vinegar protected from origin, sweet and sour, and a good salad. Mom no longer has to worry about my high calorie intake.

Vitamins / Health Supplements

Costco's vitamins and other nutritional products have a guaranteed brand and are cheaper than GNC. They are definitely the best gifts for returning home.

Plastic canned mixed nuts

There are two types of salted and unsalted, healthy snacks, which are much more affordable than retail. Buy a can and eat for months

Truffle chocolate

Great value chocolates recommended by enthusiasts. Truffle chocolate melted in the mouth, suitable for gifts.

Ice cream puff

Season-limited popular products can be regarded as one of Costco's most iconic dim sum. You can enjoy the flavor of ice cream without thawing. If you leave it at room temperature for a while, you can also enjoy the sweetness of softened cream.


will get The cheese cakes sold by Cheescake Factory also have countless food items reflecting Costco's own Kirkland brand. !!

 Coconut water

The new favorite of Hollywood celebrities, after working on sports, it was a bottle, sweet and refreshing, and more natural and healthy than sports drinks.

Naked Juice $ 5.99 / bottle

All-natural comprehensive fruit juices, many flavors, each one is loved.Especially recommended mango and blueberry, save half the price than ordinary supermarkets.

Wine and other wines

Costco's head of wine procurement has been named the most influential wine buyer in the United States, and it can prove that the variety of wine is good when it appears on the Costco shelves. In addition, his family is the largest wine importer in the United States, and the price is much cheaper than ordinary supermarkets. If you are interested in Costco wines, don't miss this third party Costco wine tasting blog (, Recommend and taste all types of wine sold in Costco.

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There are countless people who love Costco, but there are also many people who think his family is cheating. The main reason is not that the food is bad. Generally, the quantity is large and the food/cannot be used up... Cheap is cheap, but waste is bad. Everyone can share together, which is more cost-effective.Many of my friends around me buy fruits, meat, custard and eggs from his home because of their good quality and low prices, while vegetables are bought from Chinese supermarkets because there are not many varieties of American stores.For those who love meat and seafood, Costco is truly your gourmet paradise.

membership fee: For $ 55 a year, members must enter with a membership card with photos. One card can usually be shared with another family member for free.

Costco address that everyone goes to:
The Happy
2901 Los Feliz Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90039-1502
(323) 644-5201

Culver City
13463 Washington Blvd Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5658
(310) 754-2003

2207 West Commonwealth Avenue Alhambra, CA 91803-1302
(626) 289-7164

1345 North Montebello Boulevard Montebello, CA 90640-2585
(323) 890-1904

3560 West Century Blvd Inglewood, CA 90303-1201
(310) 242-2777

1051 W Burbank Blvd Burbank, CA 91506-1421
(818) 557-3783

City Of Industry
17550 Castleton St City Of Industry, 91748-1701
(626) 839-3053

Chino hills
13111 Peyton Drive Chino Hills, 91709-6002
(909) 464-2900

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