New Store Few Knows | List of New Stores in December

New Store Few Knows | List of New Stores in December

In a blink of an eye, the city of Luo also cooled, and from time to time it came to rainy days. Although the end of the year is coming, there are still many new restaurants. The food lovers are on the list, with lobster, hot pot, skewers, and newly opened Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine restaurants. Go and explore the new store to warm your stomach.

Lobster Grill

Chino Hills eateries must not miss the recently opened Lobster Grill. Lobster Grill is a seafood restaurant specializing in grilled fish, grilled lobster, seafood sashimi and Louisiana-style crayfish. The boss stated that he was most confident in the quality of his seafood. He wanted to share food with everyone and opened a seafood restaurant, so the supply and quality were very guaranteed. Cheap and not to be missed, take a look at the teamdetail reportLet's go!

Address: 3210 Chino Ave. Chino Hills, CA 91709 | (909) 628-6580
Taste Guizhou

This newly-opened flavor of Guizhou is a newly opened restaurant specializing in Guizhou cuisine after the flash of Guizhou snacks. Guizhou dishes are hot and sour, and the taste is relatively heavy. Last time the team took two Guizhou food visits, and the feedback was very authentic. The special soup base is topped with fish and various vegetables, sour and spicy. In addition, there are many flavorful snacks to satisfy you.

Address: 17919 E Gale Ave. Rowland Heights CA | (626)-839-9969
Feng Ge Beer House

This Fengge beer house in Rowland Heights is a good place for supper. Various skewers on this beer made a late night chat time. Of course going out for supper, of course, spicy river fresh and seafood are essential. I heard that there is a very rare butter hotpot here, and I also do delivery.

Address: 18508 E. Gale Ave. City of Industry, CA 91748 | (626)-964-1328

Hello Shangpin cuisine  Ni-Hao Soup Garden

The fresh Cantonese cuisine "Hello Shangpin" is in the City of Industry. In addition to the Cantonese soup recommended by the team, the store is also quite confident in their traditional Cantonese cuisine.If you want to have a traditional Cantonese dry fried Niuhe or Sin Chew Fried Noodles, you might as well come here.

Address: 17501 Colima Rd City of Industry, CA 91748 | (626) 839-7868

Chuanbawang  Szechuan Taste

The recently opened Sichuan cuisine is in San Diego, and it is decorated in an atmosphere that is well received. In addition to the recommended Maoxuewang, there are various spicy hot pots and Meishan beef. Do a little research, and found that the cold garlic pork also has a very high click rate.

Address: 8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92111 | (858) 754-8888


Holy Crab

Located in the heart of Koreatown, Wilshire, Holy Crab is a paradise for lovers. The restaurant environment is good, the team does not have to wait in line when going at 8pm. It is worth mentioning that every day there is a half price of a different kind of oysters. Dip in Korean spicy sauce and taste unique, it is worth trying!

Address: 3250 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 | (213) 252-0058

Southern Gourmet

The raw materials for the Sichuan cuisine study in Luolangang just opened are very particular. I heard that I hope to restore the true Sichuan flavor. It is worth noting not only flavorful spicy dishes such as Qingcheng mother-in-law fish and beef layer tower spicy beef tenderloin, but also light and healthy brocade jade tofu and traditional home-made fish shredded pork.

Address: 18888 Labin Ct. Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | (626) 269-0511

Little Shenyang Shen Yang Restaurant

The small Shenyang restaurant in Luolangang specializes in Hebei snacks, but also makes Sichuan dishes. It is worth mentioning that there are beef plate noodles, ravioli and crockery pancakes that have been found in Los Angeles. Yes, he also cooks various Sichuan dishes.

Address: 1015 S Nogales St. Ste 130 Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | (626) 964-1188

No.1 charcoal BBQ

As soon as you see the name, the owner of the restaurant specializes in skewers. It is located in a prime area of ​​Monterey, but I heard that his home is in trial operation and many things are not stable. Yes, the team has visited privately ~

Address: 220 S Garfield Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91754 | (626) 280-0988

Milk-Silver lake new store

The special ice cream shop Milk on the Beverly boulevard opens a second branch in the heart of Silver Lake! The most special feature of this shop is the ice cream macarons, which are often lined up. There are also delicious sundaes and shakes. If you want to eat cool desserts on a cold day, come to Milk-Silver Lake to grab the autumn tail.

 Address: 1639 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 | (323) 913-9911

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