New Stores Little Know | Los Angeles March 15 List of New Stores

New Stores Little Know | Los Angeles March 15 List of New Stores

Yangchun March came quietly like this. The silky coolness of the scarf coat was needed a few days ago, but now it looks like a spring blossom. Of course, the newly opened restaurants and restaurants have sprung up in the streets of Luocheng. Hot pot, grilled skewers, tea with milk, bread, squadron will take you to explore the store to try something new and enjoy the spring!

[Cooking hot pot UNI-BOIL]

UNI-BOIL is located at Hong Kong Plaza in Rowland Heights. The restaurant specializes in hot pots using high-quality meats, including Angus beef, Boer lamb, and extremely dark pork. Even the rice here is carefully cooked with chicken soup. The team also has tasting introductions:Hot pot   
Address: 18406 Colima Rd, Ste C, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | (909) 378-0638

[Bamboo Garden Stall]

The food truck of Zhuyuan Food Stall has been back to USC for a while. Although there are also bamboo gardens that are not as good as the original UV, there will still be long lines in front of the lunch car every day. In addition to the classic beancurd fish, there are a variety of home-made rice bowls, small blunt noodles, and spring onion noodles. The team report is here:Ding Ding Ding Ding, Zhu Yuan Xiaoxi stalls back to USC!
Location: diagonally opposite USC Gate 5


How can a late-night chat be without beer kebabs, and provide unique flavors of ground peanuts, and classic bacon enoki mushrooms, honey chicken wings, grilled lamb chops, fried clams and crayfish. Spicy spicy everything, here is a rich supper.
Address: 8450 E Valley Blvd # 116, Rosemead, CA 91770 | (626) 940-5894

[Quarters Korean BBQ]

The quarters just to the east of Jiang Hu, have just been attracted by the crowd just after opening. At dinner time, the average queuing time is almost one hour or more. According to food friends, although the unit price is slightly more expensive than ginger per serving, but each serving is small, so you can taste more barbecued meat with different flavors for the same money. Compared with Jiang Hudong's party, the environment here is better, and it is more suitable for gathering of two or two friends.
Address: 3465 W 6th St, C-130, LA-90020 | (213) 365-8111

【Jia Pon Cafe&Bakery】

According to the introduction of Taiwanese food, the name of Jia pon is taken from the homophone of the word "eat bread" in Taiwanese. Warm service and excellent taste are the basis of good reputation. This dim sum shop full of rich Taiwan flavor has become popular in Taiwanese food circles, and even fans came to Chino Hill to buy bread.
Address: 12570 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710 | (909) 590-2388

[Hip Hot Spicy Crab Hip Hot]

Los Angeles, where Sichuan cuisine is blooming everywhere, has added new diners, and the newly opened handsome pot spicy crabs opposite Atlantic Square. In addition to the main spicy crabs, there are a variety of dishes popular with young people, such as pot-bowl chicken and brown sugar wonton.
Address: 500 N Atlantic Blvd, # 149, Monterey Park, 91754

【Jiuding Jiugongge Hot Pot】 9ding

Los Angeles will always be the first stop to introduce the flavor of heaven, and the Jiugongge hot pot is also here. Unlike the traditional round or gossip-shaped Jiugongge hot pot, Jiuding's Jiugongge hot pot is square. You need to make an appointment just to open the business. Now you can go directly and get ready to line up.
Address: 2101 San Gabriel Blvd, Rosemead, CA91770 | (626) 307-5671


A month ago, I opened a new tea shop on Hoover quietly called Rewts. The interior is simple and artistic, and the tea tastes more innovative. The waiter will fine-tune the tea according to your taste. Therefore, the students near USC are blessed. They no longer need to go to Chinatown for a cup of tea with rich milk. The team also introduced:Strong, mellow, fragrant, small fresh tea shop airborne USC
Address: 2321 S Hoover St, LA-90007 | (213) 748-1619


The large and small restaurants in Chinatown are always ups and downs. The recently opened Kaioo ramen has replaced the Dandan Guilin rice noodles here. The sesame ramen, a fusion of Chinese and Japanese flavors, is their signature product. In addition to dipping noodles, there are also Chinese flavors such as dullness.
Address: 1261 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801 | (626) 940-5541

[Some pictures in the article are from Yelp and the Internet]

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