I know you want to eat beautiful and unpretentious Cantonese food.

Cantonese cuisine, one of the eight major Chinese cuisines, is characterized by the combination of the original umami and processing methods of the ingredients.

As a Guangzhou native, Agnes has always had a deep-rooted love for Cantonese cuisine.


Just a few days ago, someone told me that they had eaten at a Cantonese restaurant in ChinatownMichelin-style private dishes.

Driven by the desire for home cooking and curiosity, I decisively pulled the team members to find out together.


Fuyao Xinpai Cantonese Restaurant

August Gatherings

266 Canal St,

New York, NY 10013

(212) 274-1535

Monday to Sunday 10 am – 10 pm


Unlike everyone's usual impression of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, there is a "very temperament" feeling when you enter.

In the bustling Chinatown, the dining environment here is quiet and comfortable.





Two-color pickles




Two-color pickles haveDouble taste, The ingredients areYellow mustard seedsPickledChinese cabbageSweet and Spicy Soy SauceImmersedCucumber.

OneSour and spicy,OneSweet and sour, With Korean dried red chilli shreds, beautiful and appetizing.



Salmon in olive oil

Fresh Salmon With Olive Oil



Agnes has also eaten a lot of dishes made with salmon in Cantonese restaurants, but once this oil-immersed salmon is on the table, he knows that the Cantonese cuisine here does not follow the tradition.



The way to eat salmon is special, fresh from New ZealandWild Emperor SalmonCut into pieces and immersed inolive oilWith a littlesoy sauce中,

suchCombination of Chinese and WesternThe taste is not very abrupt. With refreshingGreen pepper shreds, The entrance is just one word, fresh.


Sake Baked Eggplant with Black Bean Sauce

Eggplant with Black Bean Sake Sauce

$ 16


Eggplant has always been Agnes's favorite, but I used to eat the classic Chinese food: fish-flavored eggplant pot.

This baked eggplant is quite special, the material used isSakeTempeh.



Eggplant is a relatively difficult ingredient, so it is more necessary to use sauce to bring out the eggplant flavor. The outer layer is sprinkledRoasted garlic slices.

Served with six different saucesSpecial sauce.



Roasted eggplantOuter layer with focus, Inside is verySoft and hot fragrance, You can eat different textures in one bite, and the taste left in the mouth seems to have cheeseMilk flavor 

(However, I asked the chef that the response was that no cheese was added to this dish) Amazing!


 main course 


Vance Tofu Soup

Vince Tofu Soup

$ 28


This Huaiyang famous dish was named after a monk. It has a history of more than XNUMX years-it is said that during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a monk named Wen Si in Tianning Temple

Good useTender tofu,Golden Needle,FungusThe shredded tofu soup made of such raw materials gradually became more and more famous. Later, he was praised by Emperor Qianlong,

He even once included "Vance Sifu"Court menuin.



The Wensi tofu we eat today, the soup isOld duck,SilkywithOld chickenBoiled broth,

There is a tofu soup in a potMore than 4000 shredded tofu, Let this bowl of tofu soupBeany.



Tofu shreds are made by chefs who slice a whole piece of tender tofu into very thin pieces and then shred them.Very test knife.

Because the tofu is very thin, the soup is very soft, and if there is no tofu at the entrance,Light and tender.



In the soupFungus wireAdded to Tang TangCrisp and smooth, No other seasoning is needed at all. After drinking this bowl of soup, there is a very comfortable feeling.


Pan-fried Emperor Burke Pork with Grapefruit Spicy Sauce

Crispy Berkshire Pork with Tangy Yuzu Sauce

$ 15


As soon as the dish was served, the aroma made Agnes want to try it immediately.



Pork fat and thin layered, bite down, not onlyCrispy and refreshing, Fatty partJuicy but not greasy, The lean part is very soft and tender,

And it has the fresh sweetness that is rare in ordinary pork.


I asked the store to find out that this taste is all due to the selection of Berkshire pork, which is scarce and the price is higher.



The meat and fat are very tightly combined, probably the best pork that Agnes has eaten recently! There is no exaggeration!

This crispy pork belly is not served with barbecued sauce, but withGrapefruit sauce.



Specially tuned yuzu sauce, the grapefruit taste is very strong,CrispyOf pork bellySweetThe grapefruit sauce has a layered taste at the entrance,

The team is giving a recommended thumbs up here.yes


Roasted Angus Beef Ribs with Goose Oil

Oven Roasted Short Rib

$ 48


Agnes said with a conscience, this beef rib is a must order.Cook at low temperature for 48 hoursOfBeef ribs.Fleshy.Very tastyMeanwhile,

It also ensures that the nutrition of the protein will not be lost due to high temperature. The duration and temperature of slow cooking have been continuously improved by the chef,

Only reached the pleasant taste that people can't forget at the entrance.



ChoppedFoie grasThe oil is sautéed and the aroma of the oil highlights the meaty taste of the beef ribs. After grilling, the ribs becomeOutside crispy inside tender, An extra caramel,

Thick, fat pieces hung on big bones and soaked in oily sauce, which completely stimulated everyone's appetite.



The vegetables used are also usedOrganic ingredients. The organic lettuce is crispy and slightly sweet, and you can eat two slices after eating the oily steakVery refreshing.

I believe that if you order this dish, you will not stop one by one.


Ancient Baked Chicken with Salt

Chinese Traditional Salt-Baked Chicken

$ 38


I used to eat Cantonese food before and I ate white-cut chicken? Worried that the white-cut chicken is not good enough to satisfy your appetite? Come, this time we have salt baked chicken.



Don't think the native chicken in the United States is tasteless? How is it not delicious? Look here, this is probably the most chicken-flavored chicken you can eat in Manhattan.

Fuyao deliberately chose the famous New YorkGround chickens produced by Phoenix chicken penIt can be seen that the restaurant controls the quality of ingredients.



So-calledAncient Baked Chicken with SaltThe essence of is to useHot saltThe remaining temperature slowly cooks the chicken, the chickenCrispy skin tender and juicyThere is also the aroma of chicken oil mixed with minerals.



Salt-baked chicken prepared by Fuyao's ancient method, usingNew and old saltFry slowly into the pan. The new salt has fine particles and heavy salinity.Freshen;

Old salt is coarse and smoky, used toFragrant.



When the salt-baked chicken is on the table, you will see a hand-carved stone pot ... Pulling away the thick salt pile, you will find that the outermost oil paper has also been soaked by the hot roasted chicken oil

A scent of breath (Saliva)



The entrance of the chicken is full of flavorThe salty aroma of salty crispThe chicken roasted with salt and heat is fully simmered in a stone pot, and the moisture in the meat is not lost at all.



Sauce Spanish Wild Octopus

Wild Octopus w / Teriyaki Sauce

$ 28


Slow Cook 10 hoursOfSpanish wild octopus, Because the sealed bag is used during slow cooking, the meat quality can be directly retained in the seaNaturally salty.

Topped with specialJapanese Sauce, Sliced ​​into the mouth and taste soft.



But probably because of slow cooking, Agnes(A Guangzhouese with a very light taste)I feel the octopus tastes a bit salty(Although it is

Really the taste of the sea), So you will feel a little less sweet and sweet.



If you want to order this dish, you can eat it as a western-style dish.


Baked Fish with Black Truffle

Fish w / Black Truffle

$ 68


Yes, you read that right, yesTruffles. This black truffle baked cod fish uses allLocal live fish, The freshness of the ingredients is even more assured.



The taste of black truffle is very fragrant, The whole fish is covered with dense truffle sauce and half-deep truffle stripsolive oilWrapped, just see the materials to know full sincerity.



Fresh whole fish is fried and locked in water, and then baked slowly until the skin is crispy and crisp, with the aroma of truffle and olive oil, the meat is warm

With mushrooms, it is fresh and flavored, and every bite of fish tastes very full.



 Staple food 


Organic Mushroom Stone Baked Rice

Rice W. Assorted Organic Mushroom in Hot Stone Pot

$ 32


This hot stone-baked rice cooker can smell the unique aroma of mushrooms as soon as it comes up. Once stirred, the hot stone pot was filled with rice

The mushrooms are mixed with the braised rice grains, and they are full of freshness ~



This is a completely vegetarian diet, but because it is usedSix different organic mushroomsBraised, the smell of rice is very strong,

When you eat, you will temporarily forget that there is no meat in this meal.



Beef bone marrow wild octopus hand roll noodles

Fusilli w. Wild Octopus and Bone Marrow

$ 35


This hand rolled noodles did not add any extra oil at all, but used purely the beef bone marrowBone marrow oil.

Not only does it taste uniquely scented, it also makes it less greasy.



Because Asians are more sensitive to saltiness, they made the noodles deliberatelyHollow Curly HeartTo make it more flavorful.



Sprinkled with some raw chilli powder, with the aroma of foie gras and beef marrow, it tastes very distinct.



There is already a suspicion of "Am I really eating Cantonese food?"




Brushed Snow Swallow Osmanthus Cake

Goji Jelly



This sweet-scented osmanthus cake dessert uses goji berries from the Himalayas that ca n’t be bought elsewhere, the chef said,

Because Ningxia wolfberry is often smoked with sulfur, it will always have a bitter taste, so choose the special supplyHimalayan wolfberry.



XueyanLight and cold, The entrance is very moist and refreshing, coupled with the sweetness of large medlar, there is no trace of excess or excessive sweetness, it is very comfortable to eat, and it is also very nutritious.



After seeing this, you should also find that the tableware used in each dish of Fuyao is also very unique, very design, and the dining experience can be said to be very good.



 Chef Story 


Chef Kenny Leung of Fu Yao is a five-star chef from Guangzhou White Swan.The White Swan has always been an unshakable representative of high-end Cantonese cuisine in the minds of Guangzhou people.


Kenny has been a chef for thirty years and insists on bringing Cantonese cuisine to New York diners. Combining his innovative slow cooking concept with the fine processing of ingredients in Cantonese cuisine,

Use good ingredients, make the dishes look good but never dominate.



As one of the many Cantonese cuisines in Chinatown, I was able to finally make my own characteristics and stand out, relying on the fine work of Cantonese cuisine.

Word of mouth accumulated over time.


The chef wants Chinese food to trySay goodbye to "unhealthy" tags, Even more reluctant to Chinese food is equivalent to "cheap, simple and fast",I hope that Chinese food will gradually gain international respect.


Kenny also told us that as a chef, his greatest satisfaction comes from the process of gradually developing Cantonese cuisine to another level.

He hopes to present good dishes, he does not want to lose quality, and he doesn't want the products to become a priceless but high-flavor show that can't keep up.



consistentStick to Light CookingIn his philosophy, he chose heavy ingredients and taste. "Taste it out, let it in." Kenny said.

So hereAll dishes are zero MSG, They just want to bring good ingredients to show the best and most natural taste.


Recently, I went to the two "unusual" Chinese restaurants, Da Dong and Fu Yao, and saw more and more chefs and catering people begin to pay attention to the quality of ingredients

With more elaborate expressions, we strive to remove the label of "cheap" for Chinese food that has struggled in the mainstream US catering market for many years.


Every time he meets such a restaurant, Agnes always takes friends to support him a few times. Change itself is a very brave attempt,

What's more, the change is a well-established old shop that has already achieved fame and maintained its original status without worrying about customers.


With delicious food, exquisite visual effects, and an attitude of breaking through and striving for excellence, frankly speaking, Fuyao has become the base for my friends meeting recently.

I just made an appointment with the captain, and I will eat the chef's Tasting Menu again next week! If you meet us, remember to say hello!



Writer | Agnes

Photography / P | Harry

Edit | Uncle Mao Lizi

Typography | Momo

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