Simple and comfortable Japanese food to save your lost appetite | Orange County's private inventory

Simple and comfortable Japanese food to save your lost appetite | Orange County's private inventory

Coinciding with the summer vacation, although there is a lot of time and waves, but the explosive weather made me give up the idea of ​​leaving the house.

In the hot summer, chasing the popular Chinese drama "My First Half of Life" and digging a large bucket of ice cream is the right way to open it!

Speaking of this drama, I do n’t have a cold about the "inspiring" story of a good wife who retired and succeeded.

However, the sauce in a Japanese restaurant opened by Chen Daoming, the "big-name dragon set" in the play, has won my heart!

This Chen Daoming version of the late-night cafeteria not only sells the freshest bluefin tuna, sea urchin, black fish roe, but also ramen, sukiyaki, and more.

Every day I drool while chasing the drama, can't wait to find a few Japanese materials to satisfy my appetite!

Today, I will take stock of the Japanese restaurants near OC, and I hope that the light Japanese materials will save your summer appetite ~

Nana San

nana san Monk Fish Liver

(Picture from Yelp)

$ 50 per person. There is a great Omakase, and the Monk Fish Live (catfish liver) I ate here a year ago is still unforgettable!

Also recommend this Oyster, fresh! Not expensive! Kumamoto has 3 knives and it tastes so good that it makes people want to scream.

Sweet shrimp, sea urchin, Ootoro, this Sushi basically does not step on thunder ~

The only regret is that this place does not accept advance reservations and often has to wait for seats in the evening.

However, the service attitude of the front desk is particularly good, and the smile is very sweet. Even if they are waiting, customers can calmly wait.

 [3601 Jamboree Rd Ste 15B, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | (949) 474-7373]


Kaiten Sushi Bar

(Picture from Yelp)
$ 20 ~ ¥ 30 per person, a restaurant with a very high personality ratio. This is a good choice if you are hungry and want to eat sushi.

Every time you go, you need to line up. Hand scroll is the special feature here. Every day, there is a special hand scroll special.

This one has Tsubugai (a very crispy snail) which is not very common! Remember to try it!

However, mixed reviews were also criticized for the service attitude and quality of the ingredients.

[3855 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704 | (714) 444-2161]


(Picture from Yelp)

American Japanese restaurant, there are many kinds of Roll that the old American likes, but what is outstanding is his various salads.

Although this sushi is not outstanding, the Poke Bowl and crab salad are superb!

This store has fresh ingredients and low prices (it will be cheap during Happy Hour), which is a good choice! There is a lunch box at noon ~

Although it is not an authentic Japanese restaurant, it's great to have a Poke or something in summer ~

[14191 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92620 | (949) 786-9888]


(Picture from Yelp)
This is a restaurant with a super cute Chef. Not only is it enthusiastic, but the sushi in hand is quite delicious.

Strongly recommend Live Scallop, eat three scallops, you can eat sushi, sashimi and grilled scallops at one time

This Uni is also a perfect match with raw quail eggs, it is a hidden menu, just ask the chef directly.

From $ 50 to $ 60 per person, it is recommended to sit in the Bar, because you can directly watch the chefs' cooking skills!

[369 E 17th St, Ste 17, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | (949) 631-9854]


Ikko sushi
(Picture from Yelp)

Per capita is above $ 70. Compared to other stores mentioned here, Ikko is a lot higher in level.

It is not enough to use sushi to evaluate this restaurant. The chef does not specialize in sushi, but will cook a lot of innovative dishes. The menu changes according to the season.

This shop does not do Cut rolls, but only nigiri sushi. You can Omakase, but the content of Omakase is fixed and the price is also fixed.

Although Ikko can't be XNUMX% amazing for every dish, it is really amazing overall!

One Blue Fin Toro, one Uni, it's totally worth the big price to enjoy it!

Secretly here, the area of ​​this shop is really small, and the bathroom is super small. But it does not affect the pleasure of eating!

 [735 Baker St Ste C, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | (714) 556-7822]

Sushi Imari

(Picture from Yelp)

$ 30 per person. The chef is Korean and specializes in hot sushi with a strong taste.

The overall taste is slightly salty and spicy, and the taste is more Creamy. Students who like hot sushi must not miss it.

But from time to time during the meal, there will be a small dish of dumplings, an ice cream, a sweet orange and so on on the house.

There is a 5% Discount for cash payments.

[375 Bristol St, Ste 40, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | (714) 641-5654]


(Picture from Yelp)

$ 30 ~ ¥ 40 per person Half a restaurant makes teppanyaki and half a restaurant makes sushi.

If you want to eat sushi on a special trip, don't choose this one. They don't seem to specialize in sushi, and their style is more American.

I highly recommend Gotham Roll with fried lotus root slices. This dish is hidden in the Lounge Menu.

Teppanyaki has Special at noon, which is also delicious, and there is also a Lunch Boat to choose from.

However, the service at this restaurant is not as good as before. Orders are very slow, bills are taken very slowly, and they often do not take the initiative to refill. Students who are going to eat must be mentally prepared.

[4250 Birch St, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | (949) 955-0822]

Sushi island

(Picture from Yelp)

From $ 20 to ¥ 30 per person. Tuna Tataki is very delicious (please choose mushroom sauce.)

Fresh sea urchin, sweet shrimp, and grilled scallops taste good ~

The owner seems to be from Hawaii (there are too many stores, maybe I remember to confuse) the service is very enthusiastic.

[2574 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | (949) 631-8382]

 Sushi Wasabi

sushi wasabi-Tuna tatali 
(Picture from Yelp)

Above $ 50 per person. Omakase Only, there is only one chef in the shop, Japanese.

The English is not very good. I do n’t understand what he introduced to me, but he was very friendly.

Crab Handroll is the most amazing item in this family. It has a creamy taste and will be full of happiness when it is in your mouth.

If the chef didn't make it for you, remember to request it.

[14460 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780 | (714) 505-3496]


(Picture from Yelp)

I always eat their Daily Special set for lunch.

There is only one special offer per day, and the special content from Monday to Friday is different.

There are many people at lunch time. It is recommended to book one day in advance, otherwise you have to wait half an hour.

The interior decoration of the restaurant has a small amount of sentiment, and I think the dinners at restaurants with delicious special lunches will not be bad.

[101 Bayview Pl, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | (949) 771-1362]

Sushi Sankai

sushi sankai

(Picture from Yelp)


Everyone does n’t go to lunch, it ’s very cost-effective.

Recommend Tuna Tataki, very close to South Coast Plaza, you can go shopping after dinner ~

 [3940 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704 | (714) 241-7115]

Makino Sushi & Seafood Buffet

makino buffet
(Picture from Yelp)


Do you want to put it on for a long time? This is Buffet.

The taste is more average, but the students who are really hungry will go!

From Monday to Thursday at noon 16.95, it is a little more expensive on weekends and evenings.

By the way, Vegas also has a branch, which is better than Irvine.

Students who do n’t want to eat Hotel Buffet in Vegas can consider eating Makino, but also King Crab.  

[1818 Main St, Irvine, CA 92614 | (949) 724-1204]

Sushi Town

sushi boat
(Picture from Yelp)

From $ 20 to $ 30 per person, this shop tastes great and the portion is huge.

A slice of eel sushi felt a quarter of eel directly, and it was full of happiness.

If you go with two or three people, there is also an order called Sushi Boat on the menu. You can enjoy a hundred slices of sushi.

Students who complain about insufficient sushi can try this restaurant.

[2346 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | (949) 515-5183]


That ’s it for today ’s sharing. This time, the inventory is based on personal preferences to introduce some frequented shops.

There must be many good stores that are not mentioned. Students who have been to it please help to add them. Thank you all in advance ~


Written by 痞 dou lady doudou

Editing | Yin Cheng Ouba

CHIHUOOriginal, some pictures from the Internet, please contact for reprinting]

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