From fried rice to sushi--Ojiya

From fried rice to sushi - Ojiya


I used to not like Japanese food very much because I did n’t like cold food. Maybe the fish in my childhood gave me a very bad experience, which caused me to be young (in fact, still very young hahaha). Shadow. Instead, they came to the United States. Friends around them loved to eat sashimi and sushi. Sometimes as a customer, they forced themselves to eat something that they didn't eat too much, and suddenly found out that the stuff was still delicious.

Far away, Ojiya Ojiya, when a Japanese friend took me to lunch, I ate Takana fried rice with fluffy egg (Takana fried rice with fluffy egg) in the picture below, and fell in love with this friendly Japanese food shop in an instant – indeed, Japanese cuisine still has many similar but unique flavors-this high vegetable fried rice is similar to Chinese pickled vegetable fried rice/Korean kimchi fried rice!The scrambled eggs topped with oil are very fragrant. (Note: I checked and found that Chino Hills does not have this fried rice...)

In fact, there are many Ojiya, Hagang, Chino Hills, Torrance, each branch has its own characteristics-for example, Hagang actually specializes in skewers Yakitori, Chino hills, if I remember correctly, it should be a Sushi Bars, but Torrance has more days. Style home style.

This fish dish was eaten by me at the Xiao Qiangu branch in Hagang. The funny thing is that I now go back and see that I have forgotten whether this is Scallop or Orange Clam Sashimi. . . The impression is a little more Scallop, but the Japanese people who asked me yesterday said that they are like Orange Clam. The taste is not too amazing, but there are still raw and delicious fish.

Let's talk about Okonomiyaki.A friend of Okonomiyaki Kansai means that it is something that everyone can make-it can be seen how homely it is.But for me, it's more fun than delicious, and watching the bonito flakes dangling with the heat is really interesting.But I don’t feel the sauce on the okonomiyaki. The taste is sweet and sour mayonnaise with spicy soy sauce, which is too tender for me.


Finally, we talk about skewers. The skewer shop will give you a Yakitori Menu for you to tick. Compared with Chinese Yakitori, Japanese-style skewers are very fine. The heat and time are good. The delicious skewers are based on the original flavor and juicy. It is recommended to eat the original flavor, not like Chinese skewers. material.

Overall, it is a very popular but excellent Japanese restaurant. His public has a rich menu that ranges from fried rice, ramen all the way to Osaka, yakitori, sashimi, and sushi to meet the needs of different tastes; the outstanding thing is that his dishes are very good, do not compare with 200 The sushi bar is comparable, but the taste is good and the price is middle. It is a place worth visiting.

Three branches of Ojiya: 4183 Chino Hills Pkwy, Ste. J&K. Chino Hills, CA 91709 (mainly sushi)

15904 East Gale Ave. Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (mainly yakitori skewers)

21008 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503

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