Udon is the main feature, the most memorable eel rice Sanuki No Sato

Udon is the main feature, the most memorable eel rice Sanuki No Sato

Today, I will introduce a variety of Japanese restaurants in Gardena. At first, I just wanted to find a Udon noodle restaurant and found that many other dishes are great. Went twice for lunch, although the second order was not as good as the first one, overall it is still highly recommended ~

At the entrance are all kinds of traditional objects and photos of celebrities.
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Menu section. You can find that pasta is mainly udon. Often in a lunch set you can choose miso soup or a small bowl of udon. Also includes a small plate of salad, and rice. Some lunch sets also include tea bowl steaming.


This is Sanuki Bento from a friend. The main feature is Tempura. The overall level is medium. The price is normal in the Torrance area ~


The matching udon can be considered as the finishing touch ~ After all, eating more miso comes to a bowl of real udon noodles, do you think it is particularly profitable? Compared to MSG's full ramen, Udon is a lot refreshed.


This is the Karubi Set I ordered, a Japanese BBQ set.In fact, my first reaction when it came to me was-I would not be full after it was served.


What disappoints me is that his meat is very old. Apart from the sweet and delicious Japanese barbecue sauce, there is nothing else I would recommend.


Finally talked about the great eel rice. The Una Ju set includes a small bowl of udon noodles, a small bowl of steamed tea, a small bowl of salad, a dish of pickles, and this eel rice in an antique square paint box. Eel rice is the oldest rice bowl among the top five rice bowls in Japan *, but it has rarely been recommended.


Two large pieces of crispy, rotten, sweet and juicy eel. I now see almost every bite of the good taste ~ The key is that the extremely chewy rice is perfect.


The Beef Nanbanyaki Set is also quite satisfactory. Homely, full and not amazing, it looks a bit like Korean bulgogi, but the sauce is Japanese and the vegetables are similar to the Chinese cabbage stir-fried cabbage.


Sanuki No Sato: 18206 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248
The parking lot is a bit small, and the noon parking struggles.

Attach a photo of the store's interior

The rest of the menu. In the middle row, there are various hot udon noodles and cold udon noodles ~


The Japanese menu on the back is unknown


* From "Edo Japan": Japan's top five rice bowls are "eel", "burdock", "parent-child soup" (chicken and eggs), "tenchu" (tempura), "katsudon" (tonkatsu) Among them, Eel is the oldest rice bowl.

Store Information:
Sanuki No Sato
Address: 18206 Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 324-9184


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