The delicious incense pot is hard to buy, and the new brother Tian Tian will choose one

Hello everyone, I'm Brother Tian

New member of Food Squad

Join the team day 7

I can't eat anymore ...

For a long time, I was the same as the fan of the squad

Don't understand how the team writes so many recommended articles

And I ’m also recommended to “Foo” to go to some restaurants

Today, it ’s my turn to go out with the captain to try something, and write my own article

I just realized that the so-called gourmet food has its own eyes.

Naturally the taste will be different

I said it ’s delicious, but you do n’t find it delicious

You can't kill me

You said it was delicious, but I ate and wanted to vomit

I can't treat you

It's that simple

but! The attitude of making food is very important

Today's article, while recommending

Let me tell you about the origin of this store

This time, the king of Sanfan's incense pot

Friends in Nanwan are no stranger to the King of Incense Pot

But Sanfan ’s classmates want to eat once

How to drive back and forth in 2 hours

The owner of Sanfandian long ago

I'm not afraid that I always go south to eat

It ’s been a long time, think about many little friends in the city

(Ah, hey, haven't you ordered x number? What buddy, I just want to eat every day ...)

I invested in the king of incense pots in this Sanfan city

Entering the store, it is definitely not the feeling of ordinary Chinese restaurants

Clean and refreshing

Of course, delicious is the best.

Highly recommended, grilled fish

The material used is about 2 pounds of Wu Guoyu, the meat is very tender

It is marinated before roasting in the wok.

Do you think there is only fish in this pot?

Open the grilled fish, and konjac and scallions

Placed under the open fish, will not affect the taste of grilled fish

At the same time prevent the pot from burning dry fish sticks

Don't brag, don't brag, this dish must be ordered

I ordered the incense pot bullfrog

Actually sold out? Do something?

Forgive me for work the first week

I thought I ate everything in the banner of the team

Actually. . . This lady with personality. . .

No special care was given to the team. . . Say

No, nothing. . .

If there is no bullfrog, change the beef tendon incense pot recommended by the boss

There is a cow. . . Make up. . .

With louvers, luncheon meat, shrimp and scallions

To be honest, the weight is OK,

For lunch at noon, two people are served with rice.

This beef tendon was processed before

It ’s so tender.

Do n’t bother to bite it, it ’s more interesting

The cymbals are great and crispy! !! !!

I'm not inexplicably excited

Crispy ravioli, indicating that it is freshly fried

Freshly fried instructions are fresh

This is a knowledge point! remember!

Finally, spicy crayfish

Brother Tian is from Nanjing, Jiangsu

Crayfish grew up watching me

Never eat crayfish in the United States

Because this level is in Nanjing, nobody even eats it for free.

King's Crayfish

Let ’s not talk about the taste first, it ’s okay

open to take a look

The shrimp yellow on the head is golden yellow

What does this mean?

This shows that this lobster is clean!

This is another point of knowledge! remember!

The shrimp line is also clean on the back

The taste ... one by one ...

Not salty enough

Less soy sauce

Overall impartiality

The owner gave me plum soup and pumpkin pie made in her shop

I really do n’t like ordering plum soup at American restaurants

Most are sore kidney pain ...

King Xiangxiang is very sweet

Mainly also sprinkled with fresh osmanthus!

For a Nanjinger

Do you know what it means?

Sweet-scented osmanthus duck, sweet-scented osmanthus wine, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, steamed bear's paw, steamed deer tail, roasted duck, roasted chicken ...

Sorry's off the topic, we'll come back when we come back,

Good one, two, three, go

Ah, this is a live broadcast ...


Pumpkin pie, really not sweet nor greasy

As a dessert after such a big meal

Ok, no problem

Finally, I showed my true identity

Yes, I am the only male in the Bay Area

The most beautiful boys in the Bay Area

The mysterious tasting hand of the team

She also reminded the boss

Our true love has a high degree of trust in us

Our recommendation may bring many professional food with high expectations

I hope the boss will take everyone ’s opinions during this time

If there are mistakes, change them, and you should continue to improve when you receive praise.

The wine is not afraid of the alleys. The delicious restaurants will naturally endless customers.

Blow here today

Don't forget the food festival on March 3

Brother Tian and you are here

This article only represents the position of the broken brother, not the food.

Although he is a foodie, the editor of this article and the boss are not shy.

This sentence was also written by Brother Tian, ​​goodbye.

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