[Thanksgiving Guide] New Ramen Challenge

[Thanksgiving Guide] New Ramen Challenge

[Chihuo-org抢先报]面霸们!证明自己的时候到了,新撰组拉面在感恩节那天举办拉面挑战赛!(ps其实他们经常搞这玩意儿)Shin-Sen-Gumi于11月28日上午11点-晚上10点举行Extra Noodle Challenge,参赛费用10刀,男同志如果在规定时间内连吃6碗或以上/女同志连吃4碗或以上就可以得到新撰组免费T恤一件~比赛的冠军将得到$50的gift card。大家快召唤你身边的面王! ramen challenge1

Time limit: 30 minutes; you can’t leave your seat during the game; you don’t need to drink soup (the soup is delicious); another thing to note is that the extra noodle challenge means that the first bowl of noodles is not counted-only the first bowl of noodles is eaten Any extra face will be settled afterwards.

ramen challenge

Venues: Little Tokyo, Fountain Valley, Rosemead, and Gardena.
See the first poster for the specific address ~

Source: Shin-Sen-Gumi Facebook

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