Ha Gang's Shanghai Restaurant: Taste the Noodle House

Ha Gang's Shanghai Restaurant: Taste the Noodle House

This time I was invited by a friend to come to the taste noodle house on the east side. At first glance, the menu is a bit like a mix of Shanghai + Taiwan, and it is estimated that it takes care of the local population. A group of five people, we mainly ordered some dishes with Shanghai characteristics.

Shanghai people's comment: It was the first dish to come up. At first, I looked at the skin of the skin and thought it would be very thick. After eating, it was quite thin, but it lacked a toughness and was easy to break. The meat and broth were quite good and greatly satisfied our hungry stomachs.

Drunk chicken
Shanghainese comment: In theory, the rice wine should have a strong flavor, but it tastes more like marinated chicken. The taste is delicious, you can add more flavor.
Author's comment: The taste of distiller's grains is still quite strong.

Carassius auratus
Is a special dish of old Shanghai.
Author: Although the skin is a bit too fluffy, it is crispy and soft. The small yellow croaker inside is not strong and the fish is tender.

Stinky Tofu
Shanghai people's comment: The taste is called smelly, haha ​​~ The taste is very good, the fried is very crispy, and it is very tasty, it is not Shanghai style.
Author: Compared to the stinky tofu which is not smelly at all in Taiwan stores, this taste is very heavy. And the seasoning is enough, so the onions and garlic are also included ~

Paste noodle soup
Shanghai people comment: The friends who go there generally report that it is very delicious. I think the soup is delicious and the soup is light. Guessing is similar to covering the noodles, that is, pouring the burned toppings into the clear noodle soup.
Author: The friend who went with me is me haha. I think this noodle has a tough texture, and the paste is very delicious. The only deficiency is that the soup is not fresh. But according to my understanding of Shanghai noodles, many of them are really soy sauce noodles with toppings, and some such as duck noodles will have broth.

Tasting Shanghai fried rice cakes, pork chops + noodles are very homely.



Final Thoughts
Food in Shanghai: I feel that if this store is near my school or company, I will often go for light meals because it tastes good and the price is affordable. However, it is not necessary to make a special trip, so I recommend it to those around you.
Author: Recommended for food lovers and pasta lovers nearby.


Tasty Noodle House
1611A S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
$ 15 per person in cash.


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