The US.News National University Rankings were released, and this Ivy League school actually fell out of the top 10?

On September 2022, 9, US News officially released the2023 Best Colleges Ranking in America. U.S. News' Best Colleges in America ranking for 38 yearsThe most authoritative and influential university rankings.

Oursecond rowThe name mainly measures the following aspects:
Educational achievement 40%
Faculty 20%
Expert opinion 20%
Financial resources 10%
Student performance 7%
Alumni donate 3%

2023 National Comprehensive University Rankings

From the list, it is found that MIT and Harvard, the second oldest in the millennium, are no longer the second-ranked universities for the first time in 10 years.This time, MIT is second and Harvard is third.The two famous schools on the east coast can now bicker again.image
it's easy to see,The biggest change in the rankings this year isColumbia University.Ranked by last year'sNo. 2 plummets to No. 18, the reason, we have to say, may have been impacted by the fraud scandal.
Speaking of which, I have to play thisColumbia University Fraud Scandal....


The data is suspected of falsification, and Columbia withdraws from the circle

Parents who study and study in the United States know that,American universities have zero tolerance for academic fraud, paper fraud, and exam cheating.

Just a few months ago, major news in the United States broke out again. Columbia University intends to withdraw from the authoritative US. News rankings in the United States?



It is reported that Columbia University (Columbia University) said that the school will not participate in the "U.S. News & World Report" (US News & World Report) the next national college rankings,The reason is that a mathematics professor at the school, Michael Thaddeus, questioned the data submitted by the school, and there was data fraud..

A Columbia spokesman said the university needed more time to analyze the data and address criticism by Professor Michael Thaddeus.




Columbia University was exposed by its own professor, serious fraud

Speaking of Big Brother, everyone must be familiar with it.It is located in the bustling Manhattan, New York, Columbia University with a glorious history of more than XNUMX years.We are familiar with the milk tea sister of my brother's family, Li Jinglei who ripped Wang Leehom, and Li Yundi's ex-wife, all of whom are Columbia University alumni or exchange students.



In last year's USNEWS rankings,Columbia unexpectedly jumps from No. 2021 to No. 6 in 2, on par with super-top universities such as Harvard and MIT.


As the most authoritative university ranking with the widest coverage of indicators in the United States, US. News publishes the rankings every year.The list is ranked by comprehensive consideration of various aspects of the institutions.

howeverIn February of this year, a professor at Columbia University published a 2-page sharp comment, not only questioning whether the data behind the university rankings is accurate, but also questioning whether such rankings really accurately reflect the school’s value?
Low teacher-student ratio?school lie
In question, he said Columbia was lying when it reported that "82.5 percent of undergraduate programs have fewer than 20 students."According to his own teaching practice and estimation, this proportion should be only about 60%.


In addition to the class size, Prof. Thaddeus also questioned the ratio of teachers and students, the ratio of full-time teachers, and the graduation rate, saying that the data he calculated was very different from the data provided by the school.According to the professor's original words,The Columbia data is "inaccurate, false, and very misleading."
At the same time, many people also questioned, as an Ivy League university,Columbia is the only university that has not published the Common Data Set. The Common Data Set contains all of a university's admissions and operational data, usually public and accessible to anyone.


Special recruitment for water projectsinternational students

Speaking of which, many Chinese students also believe that Columbia's teaching quality is questionable.In recent years, there have been many water programs that do not require graduate school entrance exams at all, and they are already part of the study abroad circle."If you have money, you can read"The open secret.
Columbia SPS Academy = Chinese Student Night University?
It is reported that Columbia University has an SPS Vocational School (School of Professional Studies), which is dubbed "night school" or "vocational school" by domestic people.
There are many high-end consulting and investment banks in the world, and HR has made it clear that they are not looking for students from this college.
So, does this college really have such a bad reputation?
As a secondary college of Columbia University, the difficulty of SPS admission is relatively low, TOEFL only needs to be over XNUMX, GRE has or not.Less than half of the faculty at the college are full-time faculty.
An anonymous netizen who had studied in SPS complained on Zhihu. He was anxious to go to the United States to accompany his boyfriend, so he wrote an essay in a hurry, and was successfully admitted? ? ! !
When I went there, I found out that although SPS also selects courses in the Columbia system, many courses cannot be selected.For example, some MBA courses can be taken by other colleges of Columbia University, but SPS cannot.
Study well, let alone find a job.The entire SPS Academy has been excluded from job opportunities by Columbia University - Columbia University's job search system HandShake will release a lot of job postings, but SPS students cannot register; Career Fair does not have SPS students, and even Alumni Network does not allow SPS students join in.
Netizens on Reddit voted "SPS is set up for Columbia to make money"
Many Chinese students jokingly call this academy a night school.
He also shared that classes are basically in the evening, and only the graduation ceremony is in the daytime….
Or describe it as a net red academy....
Anyway, although I don't know if Brother is really not polite.But the dogs who study abroad should still pay attention~ After all, if Brother University withdraws from the circle or the ranking goes backwards, it will not have a small impact on themselves in the future.
And we came to the United States not only to learn more advanced knowledge, but also to learn that famous American universities strictly abide by professional ethics and zero tolerance for fraud in scientific research, academics, and work and life.
In the end, ranking is of course not everything, everyone's hard power and ability are the kingly way~

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