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USC has always been a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. At the beginning of the new semester, new students come to explore the campus food, old students come to see the unknown secrets in familiar places!
[The ingredients around] comeUSCIf you have n’t even eaten these places, then… What more bikes then!

TCC (Ronald Tutor Center)

Located near the center of the USC near TCC, the number of Trojans looking for food here is also extremely dense. Every time at noon, Trojans just came to this small open area, and Yuguan entered the TCC canteen on the west side of the building to find delicious food.
As a foodie, you should be proud: Although TCC is crowded, it quietly owns Habit Burger, one of the best burgers in California! (For details, please moveHabit Burger, the best burger in California
In addition, there are California Pizza Kitchen, the famous American Chinese Panda Express, and Verde, a Mexican fast food comparable to Chipotle.

Although seeds are small, they are all essences. Mango Smoothie, freshly made salads, sushi, and salmon and grilled chicken drumsticks are all good choices in a rush lunch. Compared to other foods in many schools, Seeds tastes good and the price is relatively reasonable. Of course, the price is that the choices here are not so sufficient, and the waiting time will be a little long.
Business hours: 7 AM-11PM (MON-THU) 7 AM-8PM (FRI) 9 AM-5PM (SAT-SUN)

I have to say that Lemonade, which is located upstairs from Seeds, is just love. Lemonade actually sells some salads and desserts, but the real signature is lemonade! The Watermelon Rosemary flavor is highly recommended, and it's simply addictive. Of course, the traditional original flavor and Bloody Mary are also good. If you like to try new ones, you can have a cup of cucumber mint.
Opening hours: 11 AM-7PM (MON-THU) 11 AM-5PM (FRI) CLOSED (SAT-SUN)

Residential Dining

As the name suggests, it is the cafe closest to the dormitory.There are three, Everybodody' Kitchen, Cafe 84 and Parkside. The unlimited swipes in Meal plan are in these three places.Fortunately, the cafe on campus is convenient, and the types of food will also change (refer to the weekly updateMenu), The most common is the simple American style, such as burger, fries, pizza, pasta, etc., followed by various Mexican styles, and sometimes American Chinese food and American Japanese food, often this time American friends Extremely excited (such as seeing orange chicken). If you buy a meal plan, the most anticipated estimate is theme nights. See you every month, there will be unexpected surprises.


On the side of Leavy Library, it is a helpless choice to go to the library on weekends and not to go too far.If you have purchased the school’s Meal Plan, you might think EVK is pretty good at first. Toast, salads, and fruits are available all day, and there will be brunch on weekends (Cafe84 and Parkside cafe also provide brunch). EVK's "free" fresh fruits are quite attractive, and they are the most among the three cafes.Compared to Ralph's or Fresh & Easy, you can take some apples and bananas after you are full... It seems to be very good value... I once had a friend who did this almost every day... Dinner time, the grill bar will open, in EVK Outdoors, if you see smoking, the grill bar menu will be placed in the place where you enter the card. The occasional steak is good.Oh, yes, EVK's ribs and salmon are still very good, of course, not always.
Opening hours: 7 AM-10:30AM, 11 AM-10PM (MON-FRI) 10 AM-10PM (SAT-SUN)
Location: Behind Starbucks, near Gate 3

If you haven't lived in a dormitory on the USC campus, I'm afraid it's hard to hear about it. Is the first choice to live IRC and Arts and Humanity, and Viterbi recently, but it is also a real cafeteria! Personally, the environment is the best of the three cafes. It is bright and spacious. When there is no class in the afternoon, I will write my homework by the floor-to-ceiling window. If you are tired, look at the lawn. From lunch to dinner. Because Parkside's reputation is getting more and more, there are more and more people. During the peak time of 12 to 1 o'clock, queues can be really scary, and even seats are hard to find. As for food, it is the number one residential cafe in many people's minds. The breakfast omlette at Bar is very good, and sometimes there is a sushi bowl for lunch and dinner.

Business hours: 7 AM-10:30AM, 11 AM-10PM (MON-FRI) 10 AM-10PM (SAT-SUN)
Location: 3771 McClintock Ave, near PSA

Cafe84 is very popular on campus, and there is also the Jamba Juice that everyone loves.And Cafe84 has plenty of choices, such as American food, Asian food, Taco and Burrito.Everyone's concern for Cafe 84 is nothing more than its unique crepes, various toppings and ice cream balls, and you can also choose salvory crepe (that is, meat and cheese).And it was only discovered after a semester that Cafe 84 can ask him to make grilled sandwich for you at the salad bar.
Opening hours: 7 AM-10:30AM, 11 AM-10PM (MON-FRI) CLOSED (SAT-SUN)
Location: 1025 W 34th St

[Gift of Time] You must have dreamed about leisure time reading books and drinking coffee, so please let these places fulfill your fantasy.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero is a rare place to read in schools, and Smoothie here is also very good: the ingredients are solid and the milk is rich in flavor. Ground Zero is also a good place for small shows and parties, but remember to make an appointment in advance.
Business hours: 8:30 AM-12AM (MON-THU) 1 PM-12PM (SAT-SUN)
Location: 615 Childs Wy, opposite Popovich Hall

Popovich Café
At lunch time, be prepared to line up! The food level here is a little above the overall level of the campus. Many people love the Jamba Juice machine and the Macaroni salad is very good. However, the price is slightly more expensive and the preparation time is slightly slower, which is not suitable for people in a hurry. However, the outdoor seats here are very comfortable ~
Business hours: 7 AM-8:30PM (MON-THUR) 7 AM-3PM (FRI) 8:00 AM-3:00PM (SAT) CLOSED (SUN)
Location: 611 Exposition Blvd

Many people say Literatea is one of their favorite places at USC. The environment is comfortable and relatively quiet, but the choice of food is not much different from other coffee bars. Recommend yogurt parfait.
Business hours: 7:30 AM-6PM (MON-THURS) 7:30 AM-5PM (FRI) CLOSED (SAT-SUN)
Location: Nazarian Pavilion, Doheny Library 3550 Trousdale Pkwy

For this newly opened fresh fruit and vegetable juice bar, although Nekter is famous, everyone's comments have been mixed. Some friends report that it is often worth a long line here, but others have said that the juice here is disappointing. However, the location of this store is not easy to find, which is indeed a big problem.
Opening hours: 7:30 AM-8PM (MON-THUR) 7:30 AM-6PM (FRI) CLOSED (SAT-SUN)
Location: 850 W 37th St

[Landlord's Site] No matter what the taste is, at least it looks like they are a tyrant.

The USC University Club
Behind the leafy library, the whole building looks very historic, especially the sun shining on the lawn in front of the door, it is beautiful. There are halls and private rooms for dining. The food provided is similar to that of ordinary western restaurants, which is suitable for friends.

Business hours: MON-FRI Breakfast- 7:30 am -10:00 am Lunch -11:30 am-2:00 pm Dinner -4:30 pm- 7:30 pm Afternoons and Bar- 2:00 pm until Close

Moreton Fig
Opening hours: 11 AM-8PM (MON-FRI) CLOSED (SAT-SUN)

Town & Gown

On campus, the status of these restaurants is almost equivalent to the "professional restaurant" of domestic universities. The decoration is relatively exquisite and the food is more particular about their commonality. It is suitable for talking with professors in the school or taking parents to visit tall universities Moved out on campus. If the community wants to host a reception event that is not very large, these places are also good choices.

Traditions (Tommy's Place)
Traditions is special here, it is a bar club on campus. If you want a little drink and don't bother to leave school, then bring your ID to Tradition. After the last course at the end of the semester, it is an unwritten tradition for students from the same course to come here to meet.
Opening hours: MON – WED 3PM – 11PM THUR 3PM – 12AM Closed on Saturday & Sunday unless there is a USC football game. Game day hours will vary.
Location: 3607 Trousdale Pkwy, underground

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