Reveal those tricks that Vegas Casino has to know, don't be fooled again!

Want to go high for the holidays? The night city Las Vegas is definitely the first choice for many people.

When you come to the famous gambling city, many friends will be infected by the atmosphere and can't help but play a few. Not to mention Wang Toutiao, even our always low-key talent, Xu Jinglei, was photographed at Christmas last year with the scandal boyfriend Huang Lixing at Vegas gaming table.

Why do casinos in Las Vegas have so much magic? Next, Xiaobian takes everyone into science,Reveal some common Las Vegas casino tricks to attract players,The lucky friends who are going to try it out must listen carefully! (Knock on the blackboard)

What does the hotel say is good and cheap?

Hotels in Las Vegas are notoriously cheap. Many high-end hotels can be booked for around $ 100 during the low season, and the prices are very good. When I was there for the first time, I felt that I had picked up a bargain, and the price of 140 dollars a night was booked in the MGM suite. But when I finally checked out, I was stunned by the bill. The hotel charged me a small resort fee every day. After asking, I know that most casino hotels in Las Vegas will charge an additional resort fee. The resort fee is different for each hotel, some good hotelsResort fees such as Bellagio, MGM, Venetian, etc. are up to daily32 USD.

In addition to the resort fee, some restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip will charge customers a Concession & Franchise Fee (CNF).These restaurants will be at the end of your dinner bill (and after tax!)Add a 4.7% CNF, And the reason for charging this pit fee is only because they are located in the most prosperous and golden location.

Vegas drinks are free! But do you want to drink?

I still remember when Xiaobian first played a slot machine in Vegas, just a few minutes after sitting down, a pretty girl came over and asked me what to drink. At that time, I was aching, afraid of being pitted, and said No, thank you, and sent people away. A long-field friend next to him rolled his eyes silently and said, "You don't scatter!" No free drinks! Xiaobian just knew this,It turns out that as long as you sit down and play the game, you can enjoy unlimited unlimited drinks.

But is it all free? Driven by alcohol and atmosphere, many people will find it harder to make their own and play longer and longer. The more they play, the more money the casino wins. It was originally intended to play for only an hour, but the result has been to play overtime all night long. This situation is no stranger in the casino. (Not my personal experience)

Isolated from the world

The interior design of the Las Vegas casino is also very careful. Every time I walk into a new casino, I feel like I've entered another fantasy world.

Luxurious decor, dizzying carpet patterns, lively music, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls. And most casinos areWithout windows and bells,There are few and few exits to set up. It's easy to get lost in this small world, forgetting time, playing day and night.

Good good study, day day up?

To attract as many people as possible to gamble, most casinos offer free introductory courses for novices. This editor did not experience it personally, but it is said that the game rules and gameplay taught by these courses are still very practical for novices. But if everyone really decides to try it, it is best to do their homework first and use the strategies taught by the casino carefully. After all, the purpose of casinos to provide this type of education is to make you spend money, not to win money.

Can the winning chips be exchanged for money?

In casinos, it is easy to exchange cash for chips. Once I booked a small hotelGave me $ 20 in chips for free. When placing bets with multicolored chips, people are often not as cautious as spending cash, and some people take the chips home as souvenirs. This popular psychology of not taking chips as real gold makes casinos profitable.

The editor personally saw a South Korean uncle playing the numbers and he didn't take the chips seriously. He lost $ 2000 in chips in one round. In the end, the uncle dumped the last $ 5 in chips in his hand and left the dealer as a tip, leaving a handsome back to the crowd.

However, it is not so convenient when you want to exchange chips for cash. It is not possible to exchange chips for cash at the gaming table and hotel front desk, you must go to a special exchange office to redeem it. These exchange offices are usually a short distance from the gaming table area and are not conspicuous. The most bad thing is that even at the peak of crowds, the exchange offices of many casinosOnly one window is open to the public. At one point, the editor had to trade for 10 knives. As a result, he had to line up for almost 45 minutes. He gave up decisively and continued to play. (So ​​silently into the pit)

This is the last bottom line!

In Las Vegas casinos, the last thing to worry about is finding nowhere to withdraw money. These ATMs allow you to withdraw cash from your credit card as a gamble, which is definitely the next best thing. The casino's ATM not only charges a 1% handling fee to credit card withdrawal users, but you also owe the bank a high interest rate debt.

Most importantly, if you already have the idea of ​​using the money in your credit card, that means1. Your cash and savings have been spent, 2. Even if you still want to bet, you are on the verge of poisoning. At this point, you should learn from the Korean uncle in the front, wave your sleeves smartly, and immediately evacuate the scene.

Finally, a warm reminder from the editor: small gambling, big gambling. Just have fun, but don't be emotional!

Written by Yuli

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