This cute town in California pays to subsidize your meals!

I've been at home for a long time, and I want to go out and let the wind go

But I don't want to go to places with too many people

Is there any small town where people can relax?

Have a change of mood, breathe fresh air,

Take a relaxing holiday~


Today the team leader told you a good place to travel,

Where is it?

Come to spend, get your money back!

The United States' policies to stimulate tourism consumption can be said to be varied...

No, the small town in California is starting to play tricks again

A small town next to Highway XNUMX

San Luis Obispo

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The city rolled out an economic stimulus package:

Eat Local Bonus

To keep the restaurant open

Tourism keeps booming~

Source: San Luis Obispo Official Website


在2023年1/2~1/31内,每个人在当地食品或饮料店消费reach $100(Multiple invoices can be combined to make up $100), and you can getA $25 gift card, which can be spent in restaurants in small towns~

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Both local residents and tourists can participate in this Eat Local Bonus program, which lasts until the end of January this year (or until the city government subsidy funds are exhausted)!But be careful, everyone gets it before the event endsUp to 3 gift cards worth $25

To get a gift card, haveTwo methods :

Consumers must, before 1:31 p.m. PT on January 4,

1. Bring the receipt to the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center (San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center) for proofreading on the spot

👉895 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

🕐Monday~Wednesday, Sunday: 9:30am~5pm
Thursday~Saturday: 9:30am~6pm

2. Or pass the receipt throughE-mailSend it to,

3~5 working days to reply

After proofreading,

Each $25 gift card must be received by January 1st

personallyPick up at the Visitor Center

🚗From Bay Area: ~231 miles
🕘Drive: 3 and a half hours
San Luis Obispo (SLO for short) is known asThe happiest small town in America, there are all kinds of good wine, beautiful beaches, comfortable hiking routes, and various types of hot springs!It's a bit far from the Bay Area, so if you go back and forth on the same day, you need to "get up early and work late".

Source: winetraveler

Nearby"Bishop Hill"It is the most popular hiking destination in SLO. It only takes one and a half hours to reach the peak, and you can have a panoramic view of the town.

Source: Digital Journalism

SLO's cuisine is"Papi's Grill" Halibut Taco and ShrimpTaco, Some tourists said that it is the best seafood Taco among the Tacos they have eaten.

Source: Yelp

Every Saturday morning from 8am, there is also the Fresh Farmers Market (325 Madonna Rd).


Picture source:Downtown SLOs


If you want to make your journey more colorful, you can also choose Avila Hot Springs, a hot spring hotel located on the side of Avila Beach and Port-San Luis Harbor.


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There are not only natural hot soup with a history of more than 100 years, but also meet your various entertainment needs.Nostalgic game hall, picnic and barbecue areas, or take a bike tour to the nearby beach to enjoy the sea breeze, taste wine, and play golf! 


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