What do you have for dinner in 2021?Dallas people eat this? !


The Spring Festival of 2021 is here,Return home for the new yearbecomeLost,

I used to envy my friends in China,

But I heard that the Spring Festival travel this year has also slowed down.

Most of them also chose "Chinese New Year in situ"

People often say that the taste of the year is getting weaker and weaker,

Actually the taste of the year,

Is a little ritualistic action


For example, watch the Spring Festival Gala and play New Year’s music.

Dress up the home,Make dumplings with your family.

Or prepare a hearty mealNew Year's Eve Dinner...

Don't like trouble

Or not good at cooking.

Then try order Chinese foodRight.

If this year’s Spring Festival is unforgettable,

When I recall next year,

Maybe I think this year's Spring Festival is very festive.


Speaking of Chinese restaurant Plano, there are many good ones.

More catering brands in the past year or two

To Dallas from California, New York and even Houston,

Brought to the foodies here

Higher quality and richer choices.

No matter which province you are from,

May be found here

ChildhoodThe purest taste of hometown.



Let's take a look at the existing local cuisine in Dallas,

There are many more to be discovered, please continue to recommend it,

Let us make up together!



Sichuan cuisine


Sichuan cuisine is undoubtedly the most fans of foodies.

 It is also the most homely.

When it comes to serious Sichuan cuisine,

Will immediately come to mind

Many Sichuan restaurants,

Sichuan Cuisine, Sichuan Impression, Old Xiong Sichuan Cuisine,

Bashu people, Taizong,

Old Sichuan, Yuweifang, etc.

The dishes cooked here are authentic Sichuan dishes.

Boiled fish, hairy blood,

Twice-cooked pork, spicy bean curd, husband and wife lung slices, etc.,

Come to a table for a reunion dinner and celebrate the New Year!

Even if the elderly and children who don’t like spicy food,

It can also be a variety of classic Sichuan dishes,

Find your true love.


Hunan cuisine



In my impression, Hunan cuisine is not spicy or unpleasant.

Not incisive and unhappy!

This stimulating and exciting taste

People can't stop.

The smoky Hunan bacon,

Air-dried fat,

Without the soft oiliness,

Only the smell of lard and the chewy texture are left,

Served with dried bamboo shoots, capers, garlic sprouts or green onions,

Fragrant but not greasy.

Hunan small fried foods are also highly sought after by foodies.

Fish head, dry pot, crock series

After eating, it makes the whole body transparent and refreshing.

Sweaty-like enjoyment.


If there are meatless foodies at home,

Come to Tan Mao's braised pork,

The taste is mellow and juicy, sweet but not greasy,

Especially the thick collagen of pigskin,

Take a bite like jelly,

Very fatty and fragrant.

And the glutinous rice glutinous rice cakes fried in the frying pan until golden brown and topped with brown sugar sauce...








If you are from Guangdong,

First, let’s have a simple siu-mei platter,

There are soy sauce chicken, roast duck, and barbecued pork.

Authentic morning tea, chicken feet in black bean sauce,

For a big meal, come to Sichuan Yuehui Typhoon Shelter Crab Rice,


Steamed longli fish,

One more royal chicken,

Sixi meatballs lion head,

Served with a few bean sprouts in the soup……

Good luck with chicken and fish!






There are not many restaurants in Yucai.

Yushan Room from Uncle Zhou

After coming to Dallas from New York,

Give us another place to go.

Yu cuisine originated in the Central Plains,

Just like its geographic location,

Melting sweet, salty, spicy, and sour.

very unique.

Kaifeng boy chicken,Fish Baked Noodles, Wu Liuyu,

Eggplant Dragon, Buckle bowl, etc.

Of course Henan's pasta is also commendable.

His family was once known as one of the best pastries in New York.

It was also recognized by the Michelin BibGourmand list.


Hot Pot



Some SichuanThe restaurant offers Sichuan cuisine as well as hot pot.

The main hot pot brands are mainly,

Happy lamb with "delicious food without dipping sauce, lamb daring to make no face"

Authentic Chongqing Butter Hot Pot with Jiugongge.


Of course, if you want to eat Haidilao, you have to wait.



Other characteristics


Dallas also has delicious specialties from various places,

BBQ everywhere,

Shaanxi's Liangpi and Roujiamo.

Peking duck,

Chongqing noodles, Guizhou rice noodles,

Tianjin pancake fruit, northern dumplings,

Pan fried in Shanghai, duck in Hubei, etc.

We have so many choices this Spring Festival. 

Let’s eat delicious food from the first to the fifteenth day,

Happy new year!

Food SquadHappy New Year to everyone,

We will continue to recommend to everyone in the Year of the Ox

More delicious places,

Thank you foodies for your continued attention.


Happy Chinese New Year and a smooth year of the Ox!


With the sound of firecrackers a year old, the spring breeze sent warmth to Tusu.

Thousands of families always exchange new peaches for old symbols!

--Wang Anshi "Yuan Ri"

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