The Internet celebrities of the milk tea class are here in Dallas!Here comes a OneZo pill that will fill you with energy


Pearl milk tea was rated by CNN

One of the best drinks in the world. 

Evaluate the quality of a cup of bubble tea,

In addition to real good raw materials,

In addition to the balance of tea, milk and sugar,

The most important thing is the pearl.


OneZo pill tea comes from Taiwan, the hometown of milk tea.

Because no pearls are added,Sell ​​now

"Redefined the Pearl"

And become a global Internet celebrity milk tea brand.

Even NBA star Kyrie.Kyrie Irving

I also did it in the Taipei branchOne day store manager.



Recently OneZo came to Texas,

The new store is in Carrollton, next to Highway 121.

In order to witness the pearl making process,

With a senior milk tea controller, we came to the scene.

(PS: Pearl, pink circle, and boba are all the same thing).

We witnessed in the store

The growth of a little pearl

From kneading, mixing, kneading, cutting,

Simmer, water bath until the finished product is completed.



In this little pearl

We see that eating is not tired of eating, and eating is not tired of eating.

This is also the cool Onezo craftsman,

Give the greatest respect to the ingredients and customers.

Because it is made and used now, without any additives,

The shelf life of pearls is relatively short,

The boiled pearls need to be used up within 4 hours,

Even use it up

Must also be thrown away.


The pearls here have different flavors,

Sesame, brown sugar, matcha,

Mango, fairy fruit, etc.,

Colored by the colors of various natural foods,

Five colorsSix colors,Very cute,

Understand why it is called "Art of Boba"


We tried freshly made pearls,

The powder is very delicate,

The chewy and elasticity are just right,

Compared toeatFrozen dumplingsDumplingsDifference

Good taste and healthy

Finally can be fair and honest,

Without guilt,Unscrupulous

Open the milk tea free.


01 Pill made dirty tea

Flaming Brown sugar dirty milk

(Brown sugar dirty milk)


This is a big red internet celebrity product,

Looking at the tempting brown sugar

And the chubby cup immediately filled with appetite,

Take a sip,

Rich and mellow.

Can taste at the same time

The mellowness of fresh milk and the rich aroma of brown sugar

The pearls are soft and chewy,

It seems really different

Eat in your mouth together, happiness is bursting

It's really double online for its beauty and taste.

Those who like sweet toothSuper loving.

 (PS: Remember to shake it before drinking!)



02 Pill made fruit tea

fruit tea





The fruit itself contains a lot of sugar,

Choosing 25% sugar is the best experience,

Fruit tea is fragrant and delicious,

It’s from those "milk sugar intolerance" friends

The best drink,

Passion fruit, pineapple, orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc.

A variety of fruits mixed,

The connotation is very rich.

The base of green tea

Served with sweet and sour fruits,

One sip fills your mouth with natural fruit fragrance.

03 Jasmine Milk Green Latte Milk

Jasmine Green Tea Latte



Jasmine teaFor the tea base,

Light jasmine fragrance

Fresh and slightly sweet taste

Plus fresh pomegranate pearls.

A few drinks are not enough.

This is the favorite of my milk tea control friends.


We also tried

The most classic black milk tea, awesome.

The sugar content here (except brown sugar)

You can choose the ice content,

daily珍珠The taste is rotating,

Only brown sugar is fixed every day,

The other two will be in:

Matcha/Sesame/Honey and Honey/Mango/Pomegranate

Rotate between.

If you don’t know how to choose.

The classic default version in the store will not disappoint you at all.

If you are still not sure, please ask the handsome guy in the store,

Give a fewPearl of the day, Taste it,

You will certainly not be rejected.


Pills are divided into classics, original tea, milk tea,

Special,Several series of fruit tea and latte.

I heard that there will be around Valentine's Day

Limited edition pearls with new flavors. 


Onezo Maruzaku can be called

The most artisan milk tea shop.

As Li Zongsheng said,

"The world is noisy

The craftsman’s heart is absolutely quiet

Manual people often mean

Stubborn, slow, small, and hardworking.

But what is behind these is

Focus on skills, the pursuit of perfection"


Chew for a drink

Health, color QbombHand made pearl milk tea,

Work hard to make our 2021 colorful!


Store information card

🏠 shop

OneZo pills for tea


4060 TX-121 #128, Carrollton, TX 75010

☎️ Phone

(469) 900-8049


🕒Business hours

Monday-Thursday: 12am-8:00pm

Friday-Sunday: 12am-9:00pm


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It is only for transmission and reference, and does not constitute any behavioral suggestions
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