Tasting Report | Cantonese Dim Sum, Los Angeles' New Favorite——Shi Hai Restaurant

Tasting Report | Cantonese Dim Sum, Los Angeles' New Favorite——Shi Hai Restaurant

Shihai, built on the original site of Nanhai Fishing Village, has reached a big step in terms of its food design and interior decoration. The decoration is exquisite and the dishes are relatively novel.

As a Cantonese restaurant in Los Angeles, competition is fierce. This time, several food appraisers come from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Northeast China, Chaoshan, and Taiwan, but they also have their own experience and experience on dim sum, Cantonese cuisine, etc. (most of the foodies in Los Angeles are silly, you know~).

Let's take a look at the summary of the taste of Shihai Restaurant!

Popular snacks

【Portuguese egg tarts】

Mavis: The milk flavor is very strong, the custard crust is very crisp, it tastes very fragrant and satisfying

Christy: Too fragrant and delicious. I have never had such a delicious egg tart in la! I want to take out XD every day

Tao Ye: The skin can be crispy and the bottom should be thicker. It feels like it can't hold the filling.

[Baihua fried two intestines]

Mavis: I feel that the shrimp glue is a bit redundant. The fried dough sticks are hollowed out so that they don't have a crispy taste. It may also be a bit tired at the end.

Andy: Fried rice noodles are of a relatively high standard.

Gloria: The fried ghost is a bit soft, the shrimp glue inside is very elastic

Tao Ye: The rice skin is thick and tough, the dough sticks are crispy, the shrimp glue is delicious and elastic, and the layering is distinct.

[Steamed cowboy bone]

Mavis: I don't feel it at the end, but I don't feel the original taste of beef, which is a bit unrealistic.

Shihai Special Dim Sum

[Durian Pancake]

Mavis: It reminds me of the durian pancake of Hong Kong Honeymoon Dessert. It is delicious. Maybe because durian is one of my favorites, I don’t think the durian flavor is strong enough

Tao Ye: It highlights the sweetness and softness of durian, which makes people want to eat.

Hanamaki: Although it is a common dim sum, this banquet skin is more Q bomb than others.

[Crispy Fried Arrow Pig](Fried condensed milk)

Mavis: It’s very innovative. You don’t need to dip the condensed milk to make the condensed milk drips everywhere. Although it is fried, it is not greasy at all.

Andy: The shape is winning, the taste is good, it is worth trying.

Tao Ye: The shape is very cute, the outside is crispy, the inside is tender, the dough is dry and fragrant, and the custard filling is rich and a bit too sweet.

[Xue Mei Niang]

Mavis: It’s the first time I ate Xue Mei Niang in the United States. The skin and cream taste very good. The addition of strawberries is innovative, sweet and sour.

Melody: From the outside, it looks like glutinous rice cakes. It is white and soft. It tastes cold and creamy when you bite it. There is also a sandwich of strawberry fruit and cream. It is sour and sweet, sweet but not greasy, really. Can't stop talking!

Gloria: The first time I ate it. It feels okay. The cream inside is sweet but not greasy. It just happens to be hot and it tastes icy

Tao Ye: Cold, creative, and the fruit inside is delicious

[Piggy bag](Purple potato bag)

The cutest piglet bag in the audience received everyone's affection – Mavis, Melody and Christy all expressed "reluctant to say anything"~

Chaoshan native Andy said: The piglet-shaped purple potato bun is a steamed bun dim sum with good appearance and taste that is rare in Hong Kong-style tea restaurants in nearby areas. It is recommended!

Tao Ye and Hanamaki concluded that the skin is mixed with milk, which is very fragrant. The purple potato filling is sweet and not greasy. At the same time, the sweet potato flavor is not so sweet that the purple potato flavor and milk flavor are more obvious.

[Purple potato roll]

Mavis: The puff pastry on the outside will all fall apart when you bite into it

Gloria: It ’s so crispy, purple mashed potatoes can be said to be a quicksand of purple potatoes. I feel this one is sweeter than the others.

Tao Ye: The crust is crispy and the filling is crispy, but it is a bit sweeter than the piglets.

[Octopus Shrimp Dumpling]

Mavis: The appearance is a bit scary, but the shrimp is generously served, and the crystal skin is not sticky.

Gloria: Not as cute as the piglet bag, but the shrimp filling is a big one.

Tao Ye: The skin is thin but tough, and the whole shrimp is delicious. The styling makes people laugh~

Shihai Creative Cantonese Cuisine

[Sashimi Cold Cut]Salmon, tuna, white tuna, arctic shellfish, mackerel, squid

Six different kinds of sashimi are carefully matched in a huge corolla-shaped carved glass plate, namely salmon, tuna, white tuna, Arctic shellfish, vinegar mackerel, and cuttlefish. As the first dish on the table was the sashimi platter, which surprised some foodies.

The local Andy came and said: This is the order of serving traditional Cantonese cuisine, with the first serving first. (Get!)

I feel that the quality of the ingredients is mid-range. As Mavis said, the freshness is still a bit lacking compared to the sashimi of high-end Japanese restaurants.

Tao Yejun, who is sitting with him, is also a Japanese food expert: there are many kinds of sashimi, and the slices are very thick, including tuna fat, which is very impressive, and the oil is particularly good. The only drawback is that the store cuts the fish slices a bit too much. It's thick, and it's hard to fill a bite. But other people said that "the fish fillets are thick enough, sliced ​​equally by the knife, and full of portions".

[Crispy pork]

Friends generally feel that this dish is fat but not greasy, the skin is crispy, the meat is soft and juicy, and the fat part is very delicious.

Gloria, who doesn't like to eat with fat, says he loves it! Several pieces were clipped.

Mavis feels that although there is white sugar, it is a pity that there is no other traditional hoisin sauce.

Tao Ye: The crispy skin is well done, and it tastes full of sugar. It will be slightly salty after it has cooled down, so remember to eat it while it is hot.

But Hanamaki is just the opposite. "The crispy part is a bit thicker and it tastes better without sugar."

[Golden Soup Pomegranate Ball]

Thanks to Chaoshan's old-fashioned Andy for the popular science: in the middle of the white disc is a pomegranate ball-like dish called Cantonese, and then boiled pumpkin juice with the bottom, which is the so-called bottom soup This dish is a common dish in many Cantonese restaurants. Generally, shrimp is the main ingredient. However, Shihai's pomegranate ball is wrapped in medium-to-high-grade ingredients such as lobster meat. Banduo Golden Soup Pumpkin Juice has a sweet but not greasy taste, and this mouthfeel should be more popular with diners.

Melody: A very delicate dessert with thin skin and big traps. The steamed lobster meat is very soft and fresh in it. It is really delicious with the soup made from pumpkin broth!

Tao Ye: Chinese and Western dishes, top-notch style, rich tang with the unique sweetness of pumpkin, the skin is very tender and tender, the carrots, diced mushrooms, etc. are refreshing, the big lobster meat is particularly delicious, and the caviar is the finishing touch.

Hanamaki: There seems to be very little Chinese food for each person here. From the plate, the selection of materials, to the taste, these are the dishes that I think are the most amazing that day. The price is indeed not cheap, but the beautiful colors, crispy texture, and rich levels are still worthy of Xiaogui's worth.

[White Snow Hidden Dragon](Australian Lobster Fried Protein)

Andy: One of the main dishes-Baixue Hidden Dragon. It uses high-priced fresh Australian lobsters. Aolong's meat and egg white fried balls are used. This dish is delicious in terms of color, fragrance and taste. , Lobster meat is delicious, with a first-class texture with egg whites, and the presentation style highlights the high-end ingredients. Personal evaluation of this dish is excellent.

Tao Ye: The store carefully selected the vigorous Oolong. The meat is delicate and elastic enough to beat the Boston lobster that is usually eaten. The protein fried is very delicious. If it is more delicate, it will be perfect. Reflects the chef's excellent knife workmanship and aesthetics.

Melody: Shrimp meat is sweet and tender, and the protein melts in your mouth. There are refreshing cucumbers and tomatoes on the plate.

[Recruitment](Fried Pork with Vegetables)

Mavis: My favorite dish, the fish is very thin and tender. Compared to the other, this one is lighter, but unfortunately it ’s a little salty when it ’s cold.

Melody: Peel off the meat slices on the Turbot, then deep-fry the fish bones into a bowl shape as a lining, and then fry the fish and fresh vegetables together and place them in the fish bones. The shape is very beautiful, the fish is very tender and smooth, and it is served with vegetables, there are fungus, fresh mushrooms, cucumber, snow peas, it is also a combination of meat and vegetables, the color is beautiful, the fish bones underneath can also be broken and eaten, and the bite is very crisp .

Andy: A typical Cantonese fish ball with bones. The highlight of this dish is the Cantonese-style frying method of fish meat. It is accompanied by a variety of side dishes, including cloud ears, shredded green and red peppers, celery, lentils, and Hongxi Mushrooms, etc., have a fresh taste and good quality. The fish fillets are tender and smooth, with fresh mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. It is suitable for all ages. The fish bones are creatively fried into golden brown as a container and seasoned with salt and pepper.

【Peach Papaya】

Mavis: It's interesting to eat peach gum for the first time. The stewed papaya syrup feels very moist, and the throat feels comfortable. Love this dessert

Melody: The price of peach gum is not high, but the effect is not worse than that of shark's fin bird's nest. Fresh papaya is used as a bottom cup, and the papaya flesh is dug out in the middle to put peach gum. The taste of peach gum is smooth and the papaya is sweet and soft. The two are combined. One, it has a nourishing effect and satisfies the heart of a foodie!

Andy: The papaya seeds are hollowed out from the original fresh papaya. After being steamed in a timely manner, put the steamed peach gum (which tastes a bit like bird's nest) into the papaya. Papaya has a sweet taste and peach gum, which feels good.

Gloria: My favorite one. Eating it in such a dry weather can moisturize the body. And the first time I eat peach gum, I feel curious.

Tao Ye: Papaya is rich, peach gum is lubricated, perfect rest.

Remind everyone: Shihai Restaurant participates in the food map discount activity of the food squad, with XNUMX% off dim sum on weekdays and XNUMX% off on weekends. There are also special offers for cooking.


Address:1412 S. Garfield Ave., Alhambra, CA 91801

电话: (626) 282-3888

time:周一至周五 9:30am-10:30pm); 周六周日 9am-9:30pm

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