Evaluation of 17 Sauces for the Super League in Seattle|Bibimbap for cooking...Which one should I pick?

The days of staying at home for half a year and not being able to eat out at will, even if it is a meal, can not lose the taste too much.
When the epidemic first started, the team went to the supermarket to search for various bibimbap and noodle sauce lying on the shelves, and came to a 360° big evaluation...

Rice sweeping series

 Spicy Sauerkraut 

The combination of sauerkraut and soybeans is considered a guarantee and tastes mediocre.Except for the spicy, the other flavors are not outstanding, there is no hope or disappointment.

 Wild fragrant fungus 

A single item that you can buy in a Chinese supermarket in a large rural area when you first came to the United States, is also accompanied by countless due nights. Pieces of wild mushrooms can pretend to be eating meat. It may be a blessing of feelings. I think it is the best rice sweeping series.


Wild bracken is refreshing, but not very crispy.With sauerkraut, the texture and taste buds will be richer.

 Crispy radish 

In the rice sweeping seriesBottom playerThe radish is not very crispy, only salty, and the taste is not layered. The team leader should not repurchase this sauce.

Haidilao Series


Hot and sour yellow pepper for serving sauce

This Haidilao’s hot and sour yellow pepper sauce is very spicy, it’s in all Haidilao saucesHottestYes, it not only tastes strong, but also smells like pickled peppers.Used toMake steamed vegetablesIt may be better than pure noodles and bibimbap.

Green pepper porcini mushroom sauce

This sauce tastes relatively fresh and sweet, with few additives. When you dig a spoon, you can see the porcini mushrooms with the naked eye. It can be used as a side dish when it is too late to cook. I think it is the best sauce for the Haidilao series. Up!

Shallot and Soy Serving Sauce

This sauce has a strong sour and salty taste and has a taste of Mexican beans. If you don’t like peas, choose it carefully.

Xinjiang sweet pepper sauce

This serving sauce is one of the most chicken ribs in Haidilao sauce. It has neither the aroma of chili, nor is it suitable for noodles and bibimbap, but it is used for instant noodles with some sausage.It is barely possible.

Oatmeal and Green Pepper Serving Sauce

This sauce is the saltiest among so many kinds of sauces from Haidilao. It doesn't taste oatmeal at all, and it's all covered by the taste of green pepper.


Crispy cowpea

Weijute’s crispy cowpea is very crunchy without being overly oily and salty.The combination of mustard greens and cowpea,The taste is very good,Served with rice crunchy.The taste is just right, and it is not too oily, it is very good for dinner.

Yellow Flower Assorted Sauce

This yellow flower assortment is sweet and spicy, and the sweetness mainly comes from oneThe sweetness of the radish is not as crispy as the cowpeas upstairs, but it is quite chewy. After coming to the United States, it is one of the regular dishes at home.Congee artifact!

Spicy beef sauce

This beef spicy sauce is not spicy or too salty, but it has no special taste.Smells tooIt is not fragrant and does not taste like beef cubes. It feels unsuitable for bibimbap.It feels mixed with plastic during processing.

Laoganma Mushroom Oil Chili

The taste of this sauce is lighter when you open the lid. The original taste of shiitake mushrooms is very salty, and the chewy taste is better. It is the kind of full meaty feeling of shiitake mushrooms, but not too hard. .You can taste the unique flavor of Lao Gan Ma oil chili series.It is really excellent as a side dish, it looks very oily, but it tastes not greasy at all.It is a sauce I like very much!

Japanese crunchy garlic

I have seen this Japanese hot sauce many times without paying too much attention to it. Since this is a test, you must try it!
The first bite after eating it feels like seeing you late~~~ I thought it would be very spicy, but it's not spicy at all.The garlic grains feel fried, fragrant and crispy.BombedGarlic, not spicy and fragrant, no irritating garlic flavor
It feels amazing!The flavor is also very rich.

Ning Kee Garlic Chili

Ning Kee’s garlic chili has a strong aroma and is spicy. Those who usually eat light and slightly spicy flavors may not hold it...but they are suitable for cooking.You can try it to make chicken feet with pickled peppers and fish head with chopped peppers.Used for seasoning.It is qualified as a cooking ingredient, if you are not having trouble with yourself, don’t bibimbap lol~

Final Thoughts
The sauce is relatively heavy and suitable for staple food. The taste of sauerkraut and wild fern is quite good, but it feels that the MSG taste is stronger.
Haidilao has a richer taste, but there are several flavors that are not very versatile and a bit tasteless.
Crunchy Garlic👉 is oily but not greasy. As a Japanese spicy oil, it is amazing.
Weijute Bibimbap and Congee, the taste is good, but the oil is too salty.

Which treasures of sauces have you discovered recently,

Welcome to comment and share~~~

On the way of lazy cooking, you must be accompanied by sauces.

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