Three uncles cooked "hot spring chicken" in Yellowstone National Park? The result...

It’s not wrong that people love to eat, it’s a virtue to love cooking!

But I'm afraid you areMeet the wrong person at the wrong time, And that delicious and juicy chicken!

Speaking of this, you may still be at a loss, let’s take everyone to restore the hot spring feast in Yellowstone Park...

According to the New York Times, three uncles from Iowa and Utah packed two chickens last week.
After 8 hours of canoeing and hiking, I came to the Shoshone Geyser Basin in Yellowstone Park (the Shoshone Geyser Basin)
Guess what they are doing?To appreciate the beauty of nature?Or posing for a fashion blockbuster?

The purpose of their trip is to treat the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park as a XNUMX% natural soup base.
Cook chicken in it for dinner

One of them goes out camping almost every month, and his most enjoyable part is cooking in the wild.
To make it easier to eat, I also brought cooking pots and other utensils,
It has turned Yellowstone Park into its own big kitchen.
They also picked raspberries to make milkshakes on the road, and put hot dogs on a rope to heat them in a hot spring.

Not only that, the uncles are also quite "environmentally aware"
Because I was worried about the water source of the hot spring being polluted,
Two layers of barbecue bags were put on the chicken, and another layer of hemp bags.

To say that this series of operations can't be done without a level of food.If a chicken is alive and knows that he will receive this treatment in his lifetime, it is estimated that the "chicken" will have no regrets~~

(If you shoot an outdoor reality show, it is estimated that the ratings will burst!)

However, this series of operations allowed the park managersCaught a current...

The uncles are blacklisted in Yellowstone Park
They are no longer allowed to enter the park for at least two years
The court also sentenced these three uncles to misdemeanors,
According to court documents,They were sentenced to two years probation and fined up to 1200 yuan.

The park management alsoSpecially emphasized,
Leaving the designated trail in the park isVery dangerous
Moreover, Yellowstone Park is full of geothermal attractions, and the hot spring water generally exceeds 400 degrees Fahrenheit.Can cause severe or fatal burns

Before that, it was not uncommon for tourists to die without following the rules.
Last month, a three-year-old child accidentally fell into the hot spring water and was severely burned.

The worst thing was that in 2016, when a young man came to Yellowstone Park to travel, he suddenly wanted to find a place to swim.
Looking at the bubbling hot springs, the young man became interested,
But after going down, the young man never came up again.
PlusHot springs are also highly corrosive
When the corpse was salvaged on the second day of the accident, only a wallet and a pair of slippers were recovered.
The rest have been corroded by the hot springs...

This time the three uncles were not injured in this process, it is already a blessing!

Finally, after this slightly absurd reality event, the captain was less preaching, and here is a warm reminder:
Holiday Season travels, especially pay attention to the warning signs around the attractions, safety first.
Everyone has a happy holiday and goes home in peace~~~

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