The mellow chicken noodle soup comes with 10 small dishes, this authentic Yunnan rice noodle is finally in Dallas! |


People's desire for soup, water and water,

It seems to be inscribed in the genes.

especially the southernAssorted rice noodles.

The rice noodles are smooth, the soup base is mellow,

When it's cold, let's have a bowl to ward off the cold,

When the weather is hot, a bowl of sweat comes,

There seems to be no inappropriate time.

Last month, a shop that satisfies your rice noodle cravings at any time

"Ten Seconds to Yunnan Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles"

Has landed in Dallas!

(near Carrollton 99 Dahua)


This flagshipAuthentic Yunnan flavorchain store,

From domestic to overseas,

There are now more than 120 stores.


The interior decoration goes wellmodern minimaliststyle

suitable for feeding alone,

Also suitable for friendspeople gathering~


Ten seconds to cross the bridge rice noodles in YunnanFollowing the traditional way of eating,

Soup, rice noodles, and side dishes are packed separately.

Put it together when you eat.


According to legend, the rice noodles across the bridge originated in southern Yunnan.

A wise and hardworking lady

In order to allow her husband to study abroad

Eat steaming rice noodles, 

She will be covered in thick chicken fatchicken soup

Packed separately from rice noodles,

The oil film formed on the surface of the soup blocks the heat,

Has the effect of thermal insulation;

 The soup and the main food are packaged separately to prevent the main food from being soaked.


This good wife's invention not only makes her husband

Enjoyed the food, the title of the gold list,

It leaves behind a traditional dish for future generations.

(Of course this is just one of many theories as to where the name came from)

The soup that was just served was very hot.

still bubbling,

Be careful not to get hot~

Hot and Sour Golden Soup Rice Noodles

A set is dazzling10 side dishes,

and every serving will be deliveredFat cow.

Generally according toMeat firstOrder,

First lay raw meat, quail eggs, etc.

Stir a little,

This will cook more evenly.

Then put the side dishes into it one by one,

Finally add the rice noodles.

noodlegood texture.

Not easy to break, the entrance is super smooth,

With the hot and sour flavor of the golden soup, it stimulates the taste buds.

The level of spiciness is just right.

The sour aftertaste isThe fragrance of the soup base,

Can't stop sucking.


The temperature gradually warms up,

Hot and sour food is also very suitable for appetizers~

Rice Noodles with Fish Fillet with Green Pepper

The fillets are thick and tender,

Eat with the soup base dipped in green peppercorns,

more fishylight and tender.

The taste of green peppercorns is mild but there is a sense of presence,

can feelfaintly numb.

It belongs to the more and more addictive money~


Original Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles

Friends who don't want to eat spicy and sour,

This basic model is really just right.

The soup base is made from multiple bone broths.

Not onlyThe smell of chicken.

more bonyStrong aroma nutrition.

The fresh soup base is very healing,

At this time, another oily bean soaked with the soup,

Every bite is a delicious bomb~

Lettuce with garnish,Double nutrition.

AndFull of weight.

Eating alone is absolutely enoughenough~


Healthy Mushroom Rice Noodles

Mushrooms need to be cooked thoroughly to be safe,

So this healthy mushroom rice noodle

after cookingdirectly to the dinersOf ~

The emphasis is on chickenvery!tender!slip!

The chicken is first de-oiled and deboned.

marinated in advance and then steamed,

It not only guarantees a rich taste, but also has a tender taste~



Spicy Tripe

This side dish is also a surprise on the menu!

TripeResilient, chewsuper tasty.


It's delicious to eat alone.

Or put it in rice noodles as a toppingall fit~

Salted Chicken

Look at the scales of this shell, you can see how manyCrispy and deliciousLa!

Eat it with sweet and sour sauce,

Ah, fried food is super satisfying~


In general,

Rice noodles in this shopvariety,

stable quality,The soup base is mellow,

The quality of the side dishes is also very good.

(especiallyactuallycrunchy peanutsIncense

And in addition to the taste of this visit to the store,

Tomato soup, kimchi, maocho series

It's also known to be delicious!

Get some friends

Let's start the spring tonic together~


Store information card


🏠 shop
Ten seconds to cross the bridge rice noodles in Yunnan
Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles

📍 Address

2528 Old Denton Rd Ste 190

Carrollton, TX 75006

☎️ Phone

+972 810 0118

🕒 Business hours

Sun-Thur 11am-9:30pm

Fri-Sat 11 am-11pm

✍️ Wenflaming pigeon
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