Hunan rice noodles vs Guilin rice noodles-rice noodles in Sanfan new noodle shop

Hunan rice noodles vs Guilin rice noodles-rice noodles in Sanfan new noodle shop

Fortune Hall
150 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 | (408) 685-2524

Spicy Beef Noodle

Come to eat during the trial business. The business is very good. At that time, the staff was not enough and the boss went to the battle. When ordering, I had only this choice, so I asked for a large bowl of beef noodles of normal size. Waited for almost half an hour before eating, meat is meat, flour is powder, soup is soup. The flavour of the meat is very authentic Hunan spicy, but the beef is made from hot pot meat, the meat is very poor and it is difficult to chew. The soup was boiled water, nothing delicious. The powder is round powder. Stirring the meat, soup, powder with chopsticks still feels bland. When I checked out, there was a feeling of being trapped at 26 yuan.

Last week I heard that there is flat noodles, and I made an appointment with the boss in advance to confirm that there is sugar and rice cakes. With another picky eater, I went to experience the Hunan rice noodle shop called "the most authentic in the Bay Area". This time I ordered braised beef flat powder, braised pork rib flat powder, sugar and oil cake, pig ears and pig hands.

Braised Pork Ribs with Rice

The flavor of braised pork ribs is authentic, but the raw pork ribs are not. In addition, you pay an extra dollar, add a portion of sour beans, add a piece of five and add an egg. Sour bean curd, a side dish that is added free of charge, actually only has a pinch of coins added. Flat noodles have a good taste and are shorter in width than Hunan tradition, but the taste of Hunan rice noodles is quite satisfying. The soup head continued to be stable and tasteless. Fortunately, the bean curd had a bit of flavor, and the sauce of braised pork ribs was mixed, and the taste was not bad.

Braised Beef Noodles: The teriyaki beef rice noodles ordered by a friend is miserable, or the meat is meat, the noodles are noodles, and the soups are soups. They cannot be blended together at all, as if they are living under the same roof, each with its own. Fortunately, this time the beef is a real piece of beef, not a hot pot piece of meat, but unfortunately it has not been stewed, and the sirloin that has not been boiled and tender has tested the bite of the teeth. The boss can't stew a pot of broth.

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles(Isn't it sour bean noodles ???? The sour beans is quite spicy and spicy)

Sugar oil: At first glance, there are 6 of each serving, but I also feel secretly happy. But she looked up and looked as small as Xue Mei Niang. . . The texture is very silky, it seems to be rubbed out of glutinous rice flour, unlike the authentic sugar oil, which has a chewing head and rice fragrance. The sugar oil was not thick enough, and the sugar taste was a bit strange. Although there is a gap with the authentic Fran flavored syrup, but I am very happy to eat in the Bay Area.

Crayfish: I ate noodles during the trial period because the boss waited too long to send a small dish to taste the taste, which was very authentic. You can choose 6, 10 or 20 on the menu after the official business, but the price is too expensive.

pig ear: The only surprise of this meal is that the spicy pork ear tastes very Hunan, which is very similar to the spicy and spicy stew bought in domestic vegetable markets. Pig ears are crispy and chewy, and the portion is worth the price.

Pig hand: It's a taste with pig ears, but unfortunately the pig's hands are too bulky and completely uninteresting. There are 3 pieces in one, and it is too big to bite.

Hewei Guilin Rice Noodle (The following comments and pictures are provided by Haha and Nana, the Bay Area Food Company)
261A 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607 | (510) 250-9333

This is the Guilin rice noodle branch of oakland. The indoor environment is very good and antique. Whether it is poems, leather chairs, paintings on the wall, and the corresponding TV introduction to the history of Guilin rice noodles, I can see that the boss is really attentive. The author invited Nina from Guilin and Haha from Nanjing to try it. I was not afraid of queuing for a full two hours and finally ate a bowl of noodles. In the rural area of ​​the American Emperor, it is the best comfort for Guangxi children's shoes to be able to come to such a bowl of rice noodles that can evoke nostalgia.

Guilin brine

The sour and salty marinade is moderate in intensity, and the flour has cowpeas, peanuts, and beef on it, which is slightly thin. The rice noodle itself is soft and hard, which is different from other rice noodles that have been eaten. The braised flour comes with three side dishes: peanuts, half-baked eggs, and coriander. Haha emphasized that peanuts are particularly delicious. They have the flavor of domestic fried peanuts. They have tasted Huang Feihong. A bowl of noodles served with side dishes makes up for the monotonous taste of noodles.

Guilin Bite

A mouthful of flour provides five different flavors of powder, each bowl is a small portion, the main difference is that the meat is different, there are crispy barbecued pork and pork, etc. The rest are basically filled with cowpea and peanuts, the taste is similar, there is a kind of I ate five bowls of powder in one breath. Very suitable for the first time friends, after waiting for two hours can not help but feel hungry and want to try any taste.


Marinated yuba is a side dish that authentic Guilin people eat when they eat rice noodles. In Guilin, rice noodle shops will also sell lo-mei snacks. Lo-Yu Bamboo is the same as Lo-Yam and Lo-Tofu Kelp. I was happy to see this snack at Hewei Guilin Rice Noodle. It is a pity that the yuba is too dry when it is fried and re-brown. The rich flavor of the marinade cannot penetrate into the yuba, and it also makes it difficult to chew. It is not recommended.

Butterfly shrimp

The name of the dish sounds fascinating, but everyone is stupid when it comes to the table. 6-7 shrimps were lying dry on the plate, they immediately extinguished the fire, and they were fried a little dry. The taste was average. Maybe I bought the fried shrimp semi-finished products from the supermarket and went home to fry them. Price is a bit low, not recommended.

Generally speaking, this shop is a bit cheaper, with too many people, and the service must be strengthened. The waiting area of ​​the store occupies almost half, which leads to prolonged waiting time. It is entirely possible to set up a few more tables to reduce the pressure of dining. The authentic Guilinese Nana's evaluation is that the shape of the powder is very good, but the taste is slightly inferior, and it is slightly thin and has no level. The authentic Guilin brine powder is mainly seasoned with brine. The brine is good and tastes better. Overall, the shape of Guilin rice noodles is very good, the taste is slightly thin, and the taste is a bit tangible. If the aroma of the brine is stronger, the ingredients are more surging, I believe that the little friends will line up even longer. Be willing. However, in the United States, it is still a good choice to solve the homesickness.

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