Pro test!This shipping company is so cool, I am no longer afraid of losing things!

Recently, I have considered moving back to the United States.
packing at home,Made nearly 100 kilograms of stuff, including various books, clothes and so on.
It is super unrealistic to pack all of them and bring them back to the United States, but how to move them back to the United States is also a headache.

However, how to send it to the United States safely and cheaply? Various online logistics lose goods, delays and bad reviews continue, and I dare not hand over things to any strange company.
After an urgent call for help from a friend, I contactedSoongooologistics company.Immediately experienced the "true fragrance"!
Send large, overweight, safe and cheap!So cool!
Let me share the whole process of my mailing:

Super fast order


After getting the customer service WeChat, the other party added it in seconds.
The subsequent response was fast and professional.
There is no nonsense at all, let me understand it in a few clicks
How to send and how much to estimate.
don't worry about anything,I just need to send them the packaged items, and I don't have to worry about the rest.
So I quickly divided more than 70 kilograms of stuff into 3 big boxes.



Packaged and estimated


Send the courier to the logistics company,Soongooo immediately told me that the order has been received.They told me that the package had arrived at their warehouse as soon as possible.Really professional and smooth communication!



Send me a picture immediately after receiving my goods


After logistics measurement,

The actual weight is exactly the same as when it was sent.

No floating price increases! ,

All clothes, cosmetics, medicines, snacks, all can be sent! 

Don't worry at all when I sendThe box is almost rotten, the customer service immediately told me,They will repackage.And send me the whole packing process!



Safe delivery at the speed of light



The last thing is transportation. During the sea transportation to the United States, because there is no tracking number, they will tell me the shipping schedule andestimate an approximate time.After arriving in the United States, the tracking number will be updated as soon as possible, so there is no worry that the goods will be lost!

I really didn't expect,A week later, I received a notice to repack the items!

In less than a month, I received the entire shipment!
This shipping is amazing!
Opening the box cured my obsessive-compulsive disorder.
interior itemsOrderly, clothingwrinkle free,foodunbroken.
The whole process took three weeks!Compared with domestic express delivery, it is not a few days slower. You must know that this isacross the ocean,to go throughpacking, boxing, customs clearanceah!Like Soongooo!



Look back at the time node of this express delivery

1 AprilI contactto Soongooo and place an order.

1 AprilItem arrived Soongooo,The dayJust complete the sorting, sorting and packaging of all commodities.Ready to go to sea.

february 2 seaShipped safe and intact!

That's right, only three nodes!To be precise, all I did was pack it up and send it over, and I didn't care about the rest!the whole processno surprisesappear,no cargo lost, there is no such scary extra charge that is said on the Internet!express speedQuick and timely.not damaged.accurate quantity.From the pre-sales consulting service to the entire commodity transportation service, the whole process is comfortable and smooth without any surprises!


If friends have relevant needs, believe me, it is a good choice to choose Soonooo.Finally, attach myPrice ListAs a reference for your friends:
soongooo Chinese New Year Event


     Fedex and Ups direct to the United States

Price as low as60 RMB/kg(from 21kg)

normal speed3-7 working days for delivery


   Sensitive cargo by air

(list of liquids, batteries, tea, etc.)

Price as low as75 RMB/kg(from 23kg)

(Express price depends on market supply and demand, fuel surcharges, etc.)

   Shipping to USA

The price of general cargo by sea is as low as14 RMB/kg(from 100kg)

The price of sensitive goods by sea is as low as21 RMB/kg(from 100kg)


No hidden costs~

Free collection, free storage, free packing

Free photos, free home delivery

Don't say anything, place an order now!

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