The Spring Festival countdown has officially started! Start with 6% off fragrant pot, grilled fish, hot pot and Hainanese chicken rice!


Sometimes I feel that the home stay is long but short

At the beginning, I was worried about what to eat at home

The year passed

The people who are going to eat are definitely not hungry~~


In a blink of an eye, the new year is over

The cook is about to startEat and drink every day

After all, I have to give myself alone in a foreign country

Make something fatterNew year atmosphere!

This week's guide to what to eat on the weekend💰

I'll arrange these New Year's Eve dinner options for everyone

It is said that there isMore than 200 discount shops!

Arrange it this week!Try dishes for New Year's Eve dinner!

(🙊 insist on seeing that there are benefits to be given at the end!!)

6% off for the New Year's Eve dinner!


Excellent discount restaurant in this issue

Also in

(I.e.Rice Ball Takeaway🍙

 Scented Pot Admiral 

💰 6% off💰

His family is super friendly to the fat friends who eat and drink at home

Can orderOne-person incense pot

Although it is one person, in factLarge amount of benefits

I think two bowls of rice will be enough for two people!

His family has20+Incense pot selection

The ingredients are very fresh

Every pot except meat

There are also seven or eight different side dishes, I was hooked

Stir fry in a large pot, evenly coat the aroma in every bite

The taste is very rich, not just salty and spicy

If you’re worried about not eating enough

It can also be added separately,Nearly 40 kinds of side dishes to choose from~

I like to order more at once

I can't finish eating noodles the next day

It's another warm and satisfying meal!

 Smiley House 

💰 Full reduction in the audience💰

Spend $15-$5, Spend $25-$10

Smile Mansion is definitely a canteen for the residents of Sunset District, right?

When I lived nearby

It’s no exaggeration to say that I go there at least once a week

Dishes are affordable and large, Suitable for student parties and workers

Served with a cup of frozen lemon tea and thick toast

I'm afraid you won't be full!

his homeHainan Chicken RiceMust try

The chicken is tender, bite down and there is super fresh juice

Served with special dipping sauce and chicken rice

Different tastes and textures bloom between the lips and teeth

Chewing isThe fragrance of chicken and the oily fragrance of rice

I choose this Hainanese chicken rice every time I can’t think of anything to eat

Affordable and good enough to eat~

Inside the dishes I tested

I also recommend the sizzling black pepper chicken steak and fried chicken wings

Stir-fried Niuhe with pork neck and Taiwanese beef noodles

Hungry late at night, there is a taste of home.


💰 6% off💰

The name of the store is very straightforward,There are Sichuan and Shandong dishes
signChuanlu Large Plate Chicken, You can eat it at his home

and alsoAssorted Mala Tang,Spicy grilled fish,Spicy Boiled Fish

They are the favorite flavors of northerners~

For the Sichuan cuisine that you like to "pronounce" everything

Secret roast duckIt seems to make sense?

The crispness of the sauce and roast duck is tender at the moment when it bursts in your mouth

Maybe it belongs to the memory of old Chengdu people

Other must-eat recommended dishesand also

Spicy Crispy Shrimp.Griddle pork hand

Fragrant Fatty Sheep.Mabo tofu,withYipin spicy pot

They are all classic and home-cooked dishes!

Don’t miss it

 Xinxingxiang Restaurant 

💰 6% off💰

As a familyA hundred years old.

 Xin Xingxiang stands tall in Chinatown,

There must be scenic spots that can stand the brand.

The traditional Chinese food here,

It can taste a little bit of cultural heritage.

Various snacksIt is simply the first choice for morning tea.

Four-color siu mai and fresh meat siu mai,

Wrapped in a thin, soft waxy skin,

It is a rich and juicy invagination.

Of course it’s not only delicious,

Sweet and sour cold noodles,

Shredded pork with Beijing sauce,

Not expensiveCan it satisfy the Chinese stomach?

6% off at a century-old shop, of course you must eat if you live in the city!

 Huoyange Chongqing Old Hot Pot 

💰 6% off💰

Huoyan Pavilion has two stores,

A family specializing in Chongqing Jianghu cuisine in the Peninsula,

This is one familyOld hot pot

It's too experienced in making hot pot.

His soup base is made of chicken bones and beef bones,

Stir fry, The aroma and spiciness are sufficient,

So the soup base is very strong,

When shabu-shabu, you don't need to dip it and you are satisfied.


The weather in the Bay Area has been really cold recently,

Homemade Butter Spicy Pot

Served with premium fresh hairy belly, nourishing lamb, fresh goose intestines...

It can't be better than this.

Best for winterIt's Chongqing Butter with Nourishing Original Flavor.

Order a mandarin duck hotpot shabu-shabu-shabu,

After eating something warm to the body, it is a good product to keep away the cold.

 Xing Kee Dessert Millbrae 

💰 6% off💰

Hing Kee Desserts Chain Hong Kong-style Dessert Shop

There are many branches in the United States,

There are always a few days a month wanting to eat sweets,

Poplar branch nectar, mango pancake,

Purple sweet potato and your sago!

 There is also the durian that Durian Stars must order!

Make your life sweet!

Don't forget that he still hasWinter limited hot sweet waterOh

Black sesame pasteMellow taste, smooth taste;
Glutinous rice balls with red bean paste, soft and sweet, sweet red beans,

Order a glutinous candy and don’t shake it,

Can also match sweetAlmond tea balls

Nourishing and delicious;

And my favorite sesame paste almond tea,

HotOfAlmond tea is really suitable for winter~

 Afternoon tea limited time full reduction collection 

💰 Full 15 minus 5, 25 minus 10 💰

The big problem of eating is solved

But our dessert stomach can't be delayed~

More than 200 discount restaurants

And these excellentDessert afternoon teaPlayer

Go down from 1 to 4 every day

Onigiri takeaway exclusive limited time full discount

Can eat happily all day, and save money~

   Fresh taro fairy (all stores)

The smooth and tender fairy grass is best for the afternoon when you want to refresh yourself. A big bowl will go down and the workers will be full of energy~

   Smith tea

Babies whose milk tea lasts for life, Brown Sugar Boba is an energy battery!

   Project Boba

A beverage shop with a very innovative menu, the internet celebrity black sesame taro milkshake must be tried!

   BB Tea Station

In addition to milk tea, classic soufflés and baked desserts must be ordered!

   Fragrant Cup

Signature hand-cranked ice tea, fruit tea, as well as all kinds of coffee and hot milk tea that are necessary for refreshing.

   Mr. Cafe

The menu is very classic, with all kinds of milk tea.If you want to eat ice in winter, remember to try his slush and smoothies!

   Boba Ninja

In addition to drinks, you can also order dry roasted pork ribs and fried squid/fried chicken wings!Afternoon tea must also be enriched~

   Royal Tea (Berkeley)

His milk cream, Oreo milk tea, and espresso cake milk caps are all popular, a paradise for milk cap lovers!

Congratulations on seeing this!

Do you get hungry as you watch?

Don't worry, there are more benefits!

Berkeley foodies don’t say they are in the food desert anymore

Onigiri takeaway special eventmove

5% off restaurants in rotation

Encounter a favorite restaurantHurry up and order

In case you missed it, the next discount might be another place~

(But...the dry fan said,Any discount is available!Eat it all! )


what?I heard someone say that is not enough?

Don't worry!

In addition to the above,

Onigiri also prepared 200 discount restaurants for everyone!

The army of wool, are you ready?

Come and pick your favorite store!


Gram Cafe

Baby Tea Notes

Hill fire

Qiao Long Xuan

Ace King

Wei Ding

West Barbara

King of Incense Pot

Beijing Museum


Wen Ge Chao Ting Congee

Lord Stove

Fresh Tea

Xi'an Restaurant

Allah Shanghai

Chicken Chop Specialty Store

Fourth sister ice flower fried dumplings

Century Food

Correct! You read that right!

 So many big-name merchants all have discounts!

There are more discount merchants,

How can you miss it!

Hurry up and log in to the app

See if your favorite restaurant also has a surprise discount!

💰💰💰Scan the code to download the rice ball takeaway APP💰💰💰

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