Eat with the squadron | OC Food Noodles Conference is about to be held, come and taste the full-bodied Hunan braised noodles

Dear team members,

Head in this scorching sun, hot and unbearable July

Is your appetite okay?

AgainTime for the team to have dinner.

Let's take a routine oath ~

I am willing to join the event [Eat with the squad], "Let all foodstuffs hear the most authentic, neutral, and wonderful reviews" is our greatest honor, the highest responsibility and the loftiest ideal of each team member! [It ’s not for eating and drinking

The OC Food Noodles Conference will be held next week!

What should I eat when "Noodle-based" Of course it is noodles ~

The team is going to invite everyone this weekA small shopBig stuttering noodles and big stinging ice! We preparedBraised burdock king, secret Hunan stewed flour, and other pasta dishes, as well as skewered xiaolongbao with caramelized milk ice

(I want to eat, I want to eat!!...Wait, which shop do you say?)

A small shop | Kingfu Master

July 7th (Thursday) 7:7 pm

Pick 10 loyal fans

Eat with the squad for free

Registration link poke here:

Kingfu Master, you can imagine how powerful his noodles are. Come and see what the boss has prepared for us!

Zhendian braised sirloin king

Thick beef soup, vigorous noodles, and large pieces of meat, one bowl feels full of energy!

Hunan brine powder

The spicy pickles made in marinated powder are served with dried radish, and beef, marinated eggs, peanuts, and green onions have become a foil.

Dan dan noodles

The handmade noodles are accompanied by fresh ingredients, spicy and fragrant, and rich in flavor.

Gold Medal Soup with Lamb Noodles

The mutton soup has been boiled for 8 hours. It is mellow and fragrant but not greasy.
Of course, in this hot summer, don't forget to order a refreshing ice drink to cool off the heat.

Lemon green tea

Red bean ice

Caramel milk ice

In addition to these, there areXiao Long Bao and skewersYo.

Isn't it justified to stop for such a tempting event!

Registration link poke here:

Kingfu Master

Address: 18040 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92612 | (626) 623-0905

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 am-09:00pm

Written by Yuli

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