About a bowl of green bean curd noodles, served with skewers of cold beer? Yes, it's summer

Hello everyone, I am Ramen-kun, the chief advertising executive today.Yes, I was called by the editor-in-chief to introduce the ramen of "Yiwanxiang" because it was called Ramen King...

As a northern silver pinch, the status of pasta in my mind is very sublime! And considering that the editor-in-chief also took me to a bowl of incense to taste it at noon, I think it ’s good to write advertisements occasionally.

I still remember when Xiaobian wore a bar before being brought to school every day by my grandpa to eat a bowl of ramen

Later, Grandpa said that he vomited .. I still want one bowl after another.

It felt like the incarnation of Chen Peis at the time ...

(one more bowl!)

Later, the ramen jun came to the U.S .. I ordered a bowl of ramen in Koreatown.

This is really not instant noodles!

How can the noodles that are not pulled out by hand be called ramen! (Hey…)

Still goA bowl of incenseSeriously eat a large bowl of Lanzhou beef noodles!

Just thinking about the braised beef soup cauldron, with a large slice of beef and the glutinous noodles pulled by the chef, the whole person can't hold it ~

-you chooseFine noodles, chives, broad noodles or buckwheat shuttles?

-Master, what do you pull and what do I eat!

It looks like a small summer, in addition to ramen, a bowl of incense, there are many other cold noodles and mixed noodles to choose from :

Hemp Noodles

The flavor of hemp sauce cold noodles is quite special. It has both the sweetness and sourness of cold noodles, and the aroma of hemp sauce. It is also accompanied by a spicy oil stimulation and refreshing cucumber shreds.

Green bean noodles

The green bean paste noodles have not been served yet, and the fragrance can be smelled from far away. The green bean peas are soft and crumbled, and with the salty and mild noodles, the taste of mother is ~

More than thatCold skin, tomato and egg noodles, fish-flavored pork noodles...

Would you like to try it? Yes, it's summer

The lady also said, how can you eat noodles in summer? Summer artifactShish kebab and cold beerPrepare for it ~

Now that we have all the beer, we must have some cold dishes.

Preserved egg tofu

Saliva chicken

Spicy beef tendon

Sure enough, the summer of eating noodles, chopping skewers, and blowing beer is ginseng ..

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