H-1B major reform, 100% of the high salary is signed, and the new students are "destined"? Is Silicon Valley still fragrant?

On Wednesday night, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a plan to make major changes to H-1B. If it takes effect, H-1B will change the previous lottery to,Prioritize high-paying applicants.

Cancel the H-1b lottery and get the work permit first for high salaries

Policy outline:H-1b may cancel the lottery next year and useWagesTo determine who has the opportunity to obtain 8.5 H-1B visas per year.
Effective process:The rule announced on Wednesday now requires a 30-day public comment period before it can be reviewed.Officials said they hope to take effect before the FY2022 H-1B draw.
purpose:Leave more job opportunities to locals in the United States.

According to Trump’s previous immigration policy proposals, the US government is taking action to reform the H-1B immigration plan with the MERIT-BASED IMMIGRATION SYSTEM:Choosing the best to accept immigrants is actually raising the threshold for immigrants in disguise.

DHS data shows that 2019% of H-60B jobs in the 1 fiscal year were in the two lowest salary standard ranges, and all were below the local median salary.Based on these reforms, the H-1B plan willGive priority to workers who provide the highest wage.To ensure that applicants with the highest skills are admitted.He also believes that the replacement of American workers by low-cost foreign workers by American employers is a loophole in the immigration system that needs to be filled.So the lottery reform proposal announced yesterday is actually in compliance with Trump's previous immigration policy.

If the new policy takes effect, what changes will it bring to applicants?

Under the requirements of the new regulations, H1B registration will be divided into four salary levels (Level 1, 2,3, 4, XNUMX),Applicants with the highest salary level have the right to apply for H1B first. After the applications of the highest salary level are completed, the process will move to the next level, and so on, until the H1B quota for that year is allotted.

Under the new policy,
Level 1 group destroyed?Applicants with the lowest salary standard will not be selected
Level 2 has the opportunity:Meet Level  II Only 75% of them will be selected.
Level 3 &4 are stable!The two highest levels will be selected first, with a selection rate of 100%.

Take the salary published by the LCA of Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley where technology giants gather, and the position of Software Developer as an example

In this way,Engineers under 12 have little chance of obtaining a work visa unless they can get a promotion and raise their salary before the end of the opt;If you want to be selected, the annual salary needs to be at least 12.The most affected are those with American degreesGraduates(new graduate), oran entry levelOfEmployee.

Moreover, this proposal does not satisfy the merits (merit-based) The starting point is to not rule out the abuse of H-1B, such as changing the Title application with a low salary standard, or applying with the lower standard County standard, etc.It can only be said that this policy has fulfilled Trump's wish for the sole purpose of combating foreign workers.




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