McDonald’s New Toy! Happy Meal Returns for Adults

Last year, McDonald’s teamed up with trendy brand Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) to launch adult-only Happy Meals, which sparked a frenzy.

This year’s new “Happy Meal for Adults” is announced to be back!

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Do you still remember?Last year McDonald's partnered with fashion product line Cactus Plant Flea Market to launch Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, everyone affectionately calls it“Happy Meal for Adults”.Each box comes with one of four collectible figurines of beloved McDonald's characters.

But according to McDonald's employees, they caused chaos in drive-thru restaurants and triggered a wave of panic buying.Many scalpers even resell them on major websites.It is reported that a seller listed three unopened toys on eBay, with a starting price of 30 yuan!There are also many that cost thousands of dollars...

Although Happy Meals have gone through quite a few changes over the years, one thing has remained the same: kids and adults alike love them!

And just recently, McDonald's announced that it would be bringing back its popular "Happy Meal for Adults" in December.This time,McDonald's teams up with creative director and DJ Kerwin Frost, known for his epic street style.

This time the toy isThe McNugget Buddies, a popular McDonald's children's meal toy series in the 80s;

The toy first appeared in 1988, and has since appeared in 1992, 1994 and 1996.This is the return after 25 years.

Concept art for the 2023 McNugget Buddy toys and adult Happy Meals was designed by DJ and Creative Director Kerwin Frost.

Kerwin Frost is known for his versatility in the entertainment industry. In addition to being a part-time DJ, he is also a comedian and talk show host. Frost said that he“I’ve loved McDonald’s since I was a kid”.


What’s in the Adult Happy Meal🐥

This year's Adult Happy Meal (formally known as the Kerwin Frost Box) is filled with McDonald's classics and new McNugget toys.First, customers can choose between a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and a Big Mac.Both meals come with French fries, a soft drink and one of the Kerwin Frost-designed McNugget Buddy collectible toys.

When can I get an adult Happy Meal? ????


The Kerwin Frost Box will be available at participating McDonald's stores in the U.S. and other select markets around the world starting December 12, while supplies last.No need to wait too long!However, please note that this is only available while supplies last!If you like it, be sure to buy it in advance~


Who is the new Chicken McNuggets partner? ????

New partner——Kerwin Frost, Don Bernice, Uptown Moe, Waffutu, BRRRICK and Darla-Have mix-and-match outfits with unique stories.

Kerwin Frost was known as the "Mayor of Frost Way" for his love of the arts and helping to encourage other friends.Meanwhile, Uptown Moe is a pro-street neighborhood hero, Darla is a soft-spoken, confident singer, and Waffutu is a lovable optimist. BRRRICK, a.k.a. "The Cool Guy," is an adventurous, pun-loving electronic music fan, while Don Bernice is the "wise stylist," making the outfits for all the other friends.

Here is the complete list of McNugget Buddy collectibles

Kerwin Frost

Inspired by Kerwin Frost himself, Kerwin Frost becomes the mayor of Frost's Road.He was described as a "true champion of citizens, encouraging them to be themselves".He enjoys "adding art to his collection or fixing things around him."

Uptown Moe

Uptown Moe, also known as the "neighborhood hero," was described as a "no-nonsense, smart, helpful guy" who everyone "knew and loved."He is also known for giving "the best motivational speeches on a whim."


Described as a "curious optimist" who "was raised by the entire community of Frost Road". Waffutu is known for "spreading positivity wherever he goes and turning away frowns with a wave of his wand and a tilt of his crown."


BRRRICK is the "cool guy" in the band and "the most adventurous sidekick in Frost Way, who knows a lot about puns, likes to try new things and electronic music." He is described as "understatedly nervous, but always ready under pressure." Be calm”.


Darla has been described as the "dreamer" of the band, a "soft-spoken yet quietly confident singer" who pursues her dream of "becoming a superstar and the lead singer of 'The Frostettos'".This cool chick also runs a local McDonald's. Frost Way is Employee of the Month every month.

Don Bernice

Don Bernice's alter ego is "The Wise Stylist," who is described as "an experienced fashion designer who designed all of the costumes for the cast of Frost Way." She Also known for "delivering tough advice and words of wisdom."

I don’t know what kind of craze these toys will cause.

Are you excited?~


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